Escape to Asia

When I think of traveling to an exotic destination such as China, I would want nothing less than to get the full sense of what life is like as a local.  Travel Indochina offers China Tours that give you the opportunity for an absolutely unique and authentic experience.

You will have the opportunity to participate in everything from an early morning Thi Chi lesson in The Temple of Heaven to an overnight train ride to Xian.  You can walk the Wangujing Night Market trying a variety of new and interesting foods as well as meet with a local family to enjoy a traditional meal they have cooked and prepared for you in their own home.  They will open their own doors to you so you can see and understand how they live.

While you may spend the day discovering Ancient Chinese history such as the Terracotta Warriors or exploring iconic locations like the Forbidden City or the Great Wall of China, you can also enjoy the modern luxuries once you walk into your hotel room.  Typically you will see three to four-star hotels with conveniences such as air conditioning, phones and TVs.

When you travel on the road, other than walking and some bike riding, due to the fact that they cater to groups smaller than 16, you will be able to enjoy comfortable minibuses or even a mid-sized coach.  Even though English is not widely spoken and when you visit some of the market places and villages, each location you explore will provide you with an English speaking guide whose knowledge of the land can offer you some hidden local gems of the country. This can be the key to your enjoyment and will offer you a unique perspective that other tour companies just might overlook.

If you’re looking for a real taste of Thailand, then Thailand holidays with Travel Indochina is truly the way to enjoy your vacation.  You can fully experience the hustle and bustle of Bangkok followed by a riverside Thai cooking class.  If the idea of spending the night on a jungle raft flotel suites your fancy then you have absolutely come to the right place.

From museums in Phitsanulok to temples in Si Satchanalai, it seems there are an endless variety of culturally rich and absolutely amazing historic sights to see in the absolutely spectacular country of Thailand.  You’ll be in awe as you watch the sun rise while guided on a torch lit tour and you will feel at complete peace as you receive a water blessing from a Buddhist monk.  There is no other way to experience and understand Thailand then the opportunities offered here for you to dive right in and become one with the culture.

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