The Unhotel Concept

When you are traveling to a destination such as London, while you expect quite a bit of the unknown, you would still like to have some of the comforts and the knowledge a long time resident can offer.  You want to know where the best restaurants are, what adventures you can find or just what the heck to do while you are there and no brochure can provide that information like a local can.  You also do not want to be stuck in some stuffy hotel with tons of other travelers that may not have the same sleep schedule as you.  There is nothing worse than the neighbors thinking it is still time to party when you just want to sleep.

Apartments in NYC

The awesome thing is, onefinestay vacation apartments has come up with a splendid solution to these problems.  They have crafted a way to give you the unique experience by giving you all the advantages of a hotel even though you would be staying in someone’s home while they are out of town.  They have found some of the most beautiful and original homes where you can book your stay in an “unhotel.”

As a guest, you will still have all the perks of the services you would receive staying in an actual hotel like proper cleaning, bathroom necessities, and a maid service.  Also, another amazing benefit is that each and every home will come with unique and personalized recommendations from the actual people that live in the home.

They will suggest places for you to go eat and things you do not want to miss that you would never know about if a resident had not let you in on them.  Remember, if you are a local to the area and you believe your home and expert advice could serve this program well, then you can feel free to get yourself and your home signed up

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