Argentina Side of the Iguazu Falls

The Argentina side of the Iguazu Falls is absolutely massive which is why it takes one full day to explore.  After you get into the park most of the trails are elevated wooden walkways that are broken up into three sections; the Lower Trail, Upper Trail, and Devil’s Throat.

At the first station when you enter the park they will try to sell you a boat trip and a 4×4 truck tour through the jungle (to the boat tour).  The boat trip is more than worth it but I didn’t find the truck trip worth it unless you are going early in the morning you aren’t going to see many animals.  You can buy just the boat trip and board at the lower trail.

The hours for Iguazu Falls park on the Argentina side are 8am to 6pm. You need an entire day to see everything at the Argentina side of Iguazu falls.  Make sure you bring clothes that you want to get wet!

Cost to Enter the Argentina Side

  • 100 Argentinean Pesos (no other currency)
    • Entering the day after is half off if you keep your receipt and get it stamped before you leave

Getting To the Argentina Side

  • From Puerto Iguazu to Iguazu Falls

There are buses that leave every half hour from the bus terminal in Puerto Iguazu called El Practico Bus Service.  The buses cost 15 Arg Pesos round trip, 7.50 Arg pesos each way, make sure to buy a ticket there and back.  The buses run from 7.15am to 7.15pm.  It takes about 15 minutes to get there from the bus terminal.

We were confused where to purchase the actual tickets, make sure to go on the other side of the bridge opposite the bus terminal with all interior stores (away from the gas station across the street).  The first stand on the corner nearest the bridge at the bus station is the easiest stand where you can purchase the tickets.

  • From Puerto Iguazu to Brazil Side

You can take a bus from the bus terminal in Puerto Iguazu to the Brazil side of the falls, it costs 7 Arg pesos.  I haven’t personally taken the bus but a friend that did got left at the border.  There is a bus station at the round about that will take you to the falls.  The Brazil side is the only place where you can find the helicopter rides over the Iguazu Falls.

If you plan on doing the helicopter ride I would recommend just negotiating a taxi.  I paid 100 pesos for a taxi driver that waited for me the entire day and took me back after I was done with both the helicopter ride on the Brazil side of the falls.


The only place that you pay for a visa in Argentina is when you enter the country via the Buenos Aires International airport (more info coming soon).

Once Inside the Argentinean Side

Once you enter the park you can either take the free train to the lower and upper trails or continue all the way to the Garganta Del Diablo (Devil’s Throat).  There are concession stands that are near the first train train station that leads to both the upper and lower trails.  They do check bags at the gate and you are allowed to bring food and drinks into the park if you want to save money and bring your lunch.
  • Circuito Inferior (Lower Trail)
The lower trail is where you can access the boat trip into the falls (literally) and also the island in the middle of the park.  Near the end of one of the trails there is a walkway that leads right under one of the smaller falls.  Once you start walking down the stairs keep to your right and you will find it.  There is also a great panoramic picture on the lower trail as well.
  • Circuito Superior (Upper Trail)
The upper trail is where you walk on top of most of the falls.  You can still get some good pictures here but the best pictures are on the lower trail and at the Devil’s Throat.
  • Isla San Martin (Island in the middle)
The free boat service into the island depends on the water levels of the falls.  The island was closed both times that I visited the park since the water levels were too high.  You can see on the map though that there are two good view points of the falls on the island.
  • Garganta Del Diablo (Devil’s Throat)
The Devil’s Throat is absolutely incredible and the one thing that you should not miss before leaving the park.  After walking what seems like miles over the water you arrive on a deck that stands over the waterfall.  You can get great pictures here (click here to see video).  There are waves of mist so make sure to watch your camera.