Brazil Side of the Iguazu Falls

The Brazil side of the Iguazu Falls is the only place where you can find the helicopter ride over the Iguazu Falls (Click here for more info on the helicopter ride).  You can negotiate a price for a taxi to take you to the falls which should be about 100 Argentinean pesos for the day.  There is rampant inflation in Argentina at the moment so I wouldn’t be surprised if 120/130 pesos was the going rate (always remember to negotiate).  There are also buses that go from the bus terminal at Puerto Iguazu to the main entrance of the Brazil side of the falls.

Cost to Enter the Brazil Side

  • Roughly 41 Brazilian Reals

Is It Worth Going to the Brazil Side?

If you just want to see the falls and do nothing else, then no the Brazil side isn’t necessary.  If you want to get amazing aerial views of the falls with a helicopter ride then hell yes its necessary!  The Brazil side of the falls is nowhere near as big as the Argentina side of the falls but you do get more panoramic views of the falls.

Getting To the Brazil Side

  • From Puerto Iguazu (city on Argentina side)

You can take a bus from the bus terminal in Puerto Iguazu to the Brazil side of the falls, it costs 7 Arg pesos.  I haven’t personally taken the bus but a friend that did got left at the border.  There is a bus station at the round about that will take you to the falls.  The Brazil side is the only place where you can find the helicopter rides over the Iguazu Falls.

If you plan on doing the helicopter ride I would recommend just negotiating a taxi.  I paid 100 pesos for a taxi driver that waited for me the entire day and took me back after I was done with both the helicopter ride on the Brazil side of the falls.

  • From Foz De Iguassu (city on Brazil Side)
Take bus number 120 (Parque Nacional) which costs about 2.20 Brazil Reals from the bus terminal at Foz De Iguassu.  It will take about 40 minutes to get the main entrance and another 15-20 minutes to get to the entrance of the walking trail.

Visas for Brazil side of Iguazu Falls

Before you were able to enter the Brazil side without a visa but that has now changed.  In order to go to the Brazil side you have to get a visa which can be done either at a Brazilian Embassy in your home country or at the Brazilian consulate in Puerto Iguazu (Argentina side).  Click here for detailed information on how to get the visa for the Brazil side of the falls.

Is it

Once Inside the Brazil Side

Once you arrive at the Brazil side of the falls you will take a massive bus from the main entrance to the beginning of the Iguazu Falls trail.  The buses run regularly and take roughly 15-20 minutes to get from the main entrance to the beginning of the trail.  The trail will take about 4-5 hours to complete but it really depends if you sit down for a while or if you keep walking.

I only stopped to take pictures and it took me roughly 5 hours to walk the entire trail,  6 hours total with the helicopter ride.  At the end of trail there will be a wooden walkway where you can walk into the bottom section of the Devil’s Throat.  It’s very wet and misty so make sure that you protect your electronics.  I used a zip lock sandwich bag to cover my camera.