Brazil Visa for the Iguazu Falls

You have to get a Brazil visa in order to enter Brazil and see the Brazil side of the Iguazu Falls.  There was a time when you were able to just slip across the border but you are not able to do that anymore.  I spoke to a Brazilian official at the border and he said that since the economic situation in Argentina has gotten much worse they have tightened security at the borders.

I am sure it has nothing to do with the revenue they generate when you purchase the visa.

Process: Brazil Visa for Iguazu Falls

The process is simple and painless, you drop your visa off first thing in the morning when the consulate opens at 9.30am and you pick up your passport that afternoon between the hours of 11am and 12pm.  It works out great because you can contract a taxi and head straight to the Brazil side of the falls.  Don’t think you will

The visa they issue at Puerto Iguazu is only supposed to last for 30 days.  I say supposedly because they issued me a 10 year visa at the Brazilian consulate in Puerto Iguazu.  I only told them that I will be traveling to Brazil and they gave me the 10 year visa when others that went the same day only were issued a 30 day visa.

Iguazu Falls Brazil Visa Form

Link for visa form: https://scedv.serpro.gov.br/frscedv/

Brazilian Consulate at Puerto Iguazu

In order to get the visa you have to fill out a form and submit it with your passport and passport pictures to the Brazilian consulate in Puerto Iguazu.  The consulate can be found a few houses down from the bus terminal in Puerto Iguazu.  At the corner of the bus terminal you will see a gas station and bakery.

There will be a road that goes downhill and uphill and another that is flat.  You want to walk away from bus terminal towards the gas station on the flat road and you will see the Brazilian consulate on your right.