Living in Chile: First Impressions

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Best things to do in Chile

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There is nothing like paying a good $140  to have the right to enter a country.  I mean who wouldn’t want to dish out the cost of a full ipod nano to see a fantastic country side? But I digress.  Many consider Chile to be the Switzerland of the south minus the blonde hair and blue eyes of course.

If you have never been to Switzerland I can sum it up in three words for you; picturesque, prosperous, and very tidy.  Everything is in its place and after living in Argentina I was ready to get a little efficiency back in my life.

I arrived and got settled in my 3 bedroom condo near the center of the city.  After one day of living in Chile I consider the country to be American Switzerland because it resembles the states more than it does Europe.  Everything is new and they have new high rises going up by the minute.  I also figured that the country would be extremely clean like Switzerland, unfortunately I forgot I was in South America.

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Performing typical Tourist Actions in Chile

When living in Chile (in the summer) the first thing you notice is the gorgeous weather.  There is a dry heat during the day that hardly reaches 80 degrees (26 C) and there is a constant breeze throughout the valley that keeps you cool.  The people are unfortunately food addicts and the name of their addiction is ice cream.  Either they are eating it or lined up to buy it, they love ice cream.


Ugly Jeans in Chile!

Next observation is the cheap housing prices and the exorbiant prices of food.  I was use to buying 4 prime beef steaks in Argentina for $10.  In Chile I can’t get half that amount of steak for even $15.  Its a bit ironic because the fruits and vegetables that we buy in the United States (Florida specifically) come from Chile and they are cheaper than what they cost in Chile!  The cost of food while living in Chile does balance out with the cost of housing so in the end everything comes out about even.

And one battle that I have taken against the women of Chile are the ugly jeans they wear.  I mean, it is the 21st century.  I have seen very attractive women and ugly jeans is just a deal breaker. Wouldn’t you agree? No? Maybe I am going overboard but I still wont talk to women with ugly jeans.

Greetings from Chile!


  1. Mate, that’s what you get for being American 🙂 Seriously though, I felt bad for the Americans lining up at border crossings for 30 minutes to pay their $140, when the rest of us breezed through like we were lining up for cheeseburgers at McD’s. You’re right, $140 isn’t that much in the scheme of things, but it feels like you’ve saved 1000s when you don’t actually have to pay it.

    1. LOL cuz i used the American passport! Its the Americans own undoing, they shouldn’t charged Chile $140 to come into the United States to begin with. The only 1st world, efficient, country in S. America. Their not going to want to come to the United States. thanks for the comment

  2. The jeans are horrible here. Women don’t get the concept of dressing for their bodies rather than dressing based on what’s trendy, and your average Chilena does not have the build for skinny jeans.

    Are you buying your produce at the ferias? It’s cheaper and usually better quality than the supermarkets.

      1. The vega is the biggest feria (feria just means open-air market), but most neighborhoods have their own as well. If you’re shopping at la vega then you’re getting great quality and selection, especially this time of year – enjoy it!

        1. Im living near the center, corner of carmen and santa isabel, do you know how close a feria would be from my house? I went to la vega but thats quite a ways out of range.. thanks for the help!

          1. 4 streets South of St. Isabel (Coquimbo) between San Diego and San Francisco there is a big market every Wednesday.

  3. I’m from Chile, living in the states for ten years now and I have to say that you may be right about the jeans on girls, of course, in some parts of the city; low class neighborhoods, which is where I think you were most of the time, because I recently went to Chile and the city in general is really clean. I saw no trash on the streets. Where I lived in the states before (which is Houston) there would trash and bums all over the place, so it really depends on which part of town you’ve lived. Next time (that’s if you do go back), make sure you have some sort of guide to show you all the nice areas the country has, and yes, the stupid united states OF America culture is plaguing my country. It’s a shame.

    P.S.: “I have scene very attractive women”.. SCENE? Really?

    1. I traveled to many of barrios in the city and lived in centro in an upcoming area where most things were newly built. I am not saying that places in Santiago or Chile aren’t clean but when you have the moniker of being the “Switzerland of the South” which implies being absolutely spotless. Santiago is not the cleanest of cities and I can say that considering that I did visit almost all the barrios including upper, middle, and lower classes.

      I didn’t live in a low class neighborhood, I didn’t party in a low class neighborhood. Overall the women in Chile have a very bad fashion sense and this has been confirmed to me by Chilean women. I understand you may be defensive but those are the facts since I saw that every day I went outside no matter what barrio I was in.

      I did have some guides that showed me around the city so being shown around the proper areas isn’t the issue. Thanks for the spell check 🙂

    2. Don’t worry, the writer is American, what can you expect. I’ve been living in the US since I’m 13 years old (now I’m 27) and believe me, Americans are way over their head. They are the first to find faults in other countries when they travel, which is rude, but yet they get so offended if someone criticizes them. Of course, being an article written through American eyes, it is shallow, and it really tells you so little about Chile and its culture. The most we have learned is that women wear ugly jeans, and that the food is expensive but the housing is cheap (very profound).

      I’m not Chilean by the way, but I’m sure it is a beautiful country, just like England, Brasil, France, Switzerland, Peru, Colombia, and the Netherlands (some of the countries I’ve visited). My cousin also happens to live in Chile since her husband was transferred there about 10 years ago, and although I’m not close to her I hear she is very happy. Besides beautiful, its culture is probably rich and a lot more interesting than the American shallow culture. I too, get really sad when I see so many countries in South America (and other parts of the world) automatically adopting the American culture.

      I really hope that Americans instead of getting so caught up in ugly jeans and expensive bananas, would look at their own country and culture. Other things I’ve read from expats living in the US is that it is hard to make friends here (completely true), that people are ignorant, that people are distant, that people are unfriendly and lack curiosity, and I would say that all those assertions are very true for the most part.

      In fact, although some people think that I look “white”, when Americans hear my accent many make rude remarks. For instance, when I went to Brasil for a month with my ex (who is half-Brazilian and half-Italian), our white American neighbor said that he was very worried about us because no one goes away for a month, and he thought we were either drug dealers and had been arrested or that we were illegal Mexicans who had been deported (of course this man was part of the HOA board and we owned the house where we lived, so I’m not sure how this man concluded that we were illegal, and of course Americans pretty much assume everything out there must be Mexico).

      I’m sorry but I have no sympathy for this people or their culture. As individuals, you can find some really nice people (most of the times still very ignorant), but as a nation… well, at least they do have a good economy and it is a safe country.

      1. I’ve never said that America is the best place to live. In fact I prefer to live outside the USA for that reason. These are my impressions of being in the country for the first time. Every country has its faults, including Chile and the USA. Just because Chile isn’t perfect doesn’t mean that Chile is, or for that matter America either. Take it from a person that has been living overseas for the last 6 years I wouldn’t attempt to say something that is ignorant on purpose. Often times locals agree with me. You have a right to your opinion but just because I made these comments doesn’t mean that Chile isn’t a good place to be. I in fact loved living in Chile and love the Chilean people.

      2. I am an American, and I totally agree with you. I am sick and tired of the shallow and rather meaningless lifestyle here in the US, along with the level of ignorance on many levels that seems to exist here. I really want to relocate to another part of the world, and Chile has recently become one of my top choices. I hope to make it a possibility some day.

        1. I am an American who has traveled somewhat, not to South America, but Europe, China, and Canada. I believe firmly that the culture is quite diverse in America. What people believe is the shallow culture is the culture promoted by the media and Hollywood, which the media promotes and courts as if it is the real America. Of course, everyone here is entitled to an opinion, but it isn’t necessary to share disrespectful comments. I think we can celebrate the differences, which is what travel is all about. Then each individual can decide what parts of a culture are worthy of celebrating.

      3. I do not understand you. You cannot claim to be so open-minded in the sense that you criticize Americans for their critiques on other countries, then make rash generalizations that are contradictory and ignorant in themselves. The United States of America is an incredibly large nation and thus includes multiple cultures and perspectives as well as different attitudes toward other countries. You have generalized Americans in such a way that undermines this very obvious dynamic. The south, such as Louisiana, is known to have some very conservative views that oftentimes send an image of America to outside nations and even cultures within America as prejudice and narcissistic. However, Louisiana is also a beautiful state with a lot of deep-rooted culture and with family values. Each nation has positive and negative characteristics to other nations with regards to their own cultures, and instead of generalizing and criticizing nations, we can take an article such as the one above and attempt to learn why people have these opinions. This writer is not a representation of the general American people but rather one man from America who noticed things about Chile. Don’t criticize his opinions and attribute them to all Americans, try to understand them. I have read many articles on Chile and no one has mentioned these seemingly minute opinions, and for that I am grateful that he wrote the article, as I will be moving to Chile in a month.
        I agree, Americans can be at times ignorant because we have little access to news and cultures outside the US-we are an isolated nation and it takes a lot more for us to travel to other countries. Yet, it is hard to expand this view when we are so often attacked for being American when we do indeed venture outside of the United States. Also, I might add that this is changing ever so quickly. In a rapid rate, Americans are becoming more intrigued with other cultures and with acceptance of each other in general. The United States is home to multiple people from other nations and are becoming better informed. We WANT to learn about other cultures.
        It pains me that other nations are subjected to trash American television such as Jersey Shore and Keeping Up With the Kardashians, not to mention the joke that is Donald Trump. A very small section of Americans actually buy into those television shows and even fewer Americans see Donald Trump as having any legit valuable opinions.

        1. Anne

          Please excuse our local distrust to the american way of life, but this is not new around SA or even around the world. for the last two centuries the US governments have done whatever they wanted with our local politics, putting in dictators and trashing left wing politicians. And then they talked about democratic values… so.. just as an example of the hypocrisy. This we generalize to most US tourist, which come here, critizice whatsoever, try to bargain i.e when buying handcrafted art… treat our country and nation as if it was a restaurant and our girls as pieces of meat… being totally different than any tourist from any different country (even europeans are more polite!). So our mistrust is not just about genearlizing but to the attitude most US citizens have when going out to SA, as if it was their backyard. Chileans are quite nationalists so US attitude annoys most of chileans, and US will alwaybs be the bloody gringo down here. Also may i ask why do you call yourself Americans? arrogance.

          1. Hey Ernesto………

            Your comments are a great representation of your low I.Q. and ignorance.

            Did it ever occur to you that people from the United States call ourselves Americans because that’s all we’ve ever heard or known? That’s what people from all over the world call us too. I’m sorry that the people of 223 other nations aren’t more sensitive to your delicate feelings.

            When I traveled to two different countries in South America I was respectful of others and they treated me the same way. I keep reading Chileans are rude, and you clearly have a chip on your shoulder………..so I won’t be visiting your country. OK?

          2. As a U.S. citizen, it pains me to say it, but there is a lot of truth in what you’ve said. For those who have a genuine curiosity about such things, I can highly recommend the book: “Overthrow: America’s Century of Regime Change from Hawaii to Iraq” written by Stephen Kinzer and published in 2007.
            I also have to agree with many criticisms of the excessively materialistic U.S. culture, though I believe you would be hard-pressed to find a country without cultural flaws.
            I do wish that you were more willing to evaluate people as individuals, rather than lumping them together, but I know that’s a lot to hope for.

          3. Just a note, I think Americans are generally called Americans because it’s the only country in the Americas with America in its name. If there was an alternative comfortable word in English to call Americans Americans, I don’t see why they wouldn’t use it. It just doesn’t exist so it is a groundless argument. Americans don’t have the equivalent of Unitedstatsians in English.

          4. Chile is a complete ripoff! I lived there for about 8 years and it is a complete mess. The pollution in Santiago is awful! It makes LA seem like clean air! The prices for EVERYTHING is over the top. I needed a replacement cooling fan for my car. In the US the price is about 90.00 USD. In Chile they wanted 1200.00 USD! I told them they were insane. One quart of Mobil 1 motor oil is approximately 27.00 USD! Gasoline is over the top, as well. The women are short and plump, too much Indian blood. 75% of Chileans have Indian blood. No matter where you go to shop, the products look like something that was discontinued in the US about 5 years ago. I was thrilled to get out of Chile and there is not enough money to entice me to return. Uruguay is a much nicer place. The food is fantastic and Punt del Este is beautiful. Very nice people and far more sophisticated that Chile. They can keep the entire country of Chile. God awful and I am being kind.

          1. Why did you ever come to a Third World Country if you’re White Trash Redneck? You shouldn’t have stay in Chile for so long, bampot.

          2. “Too much Indian blood?” Your racism is showing, David K. Based on your comments, I’m sure the Chileans you met were not sorry to see you leave!

        1. response to DAVID KROELNICKI , who is trying to PICH IN uruguayian travel , you are so obviously JEALOUS of chile as are most south-american countries , it is ridiculously childish like your comment was , why ? because chile is a very properous country compared to the rest of south america

      4. I found Chilean culture exceptionally shallow and it’s inhabitants were a bit rude. They spoke crude Spanish, and have a stereotypical tendency to be people who cannot be happy when others find success. Poor culinary legacy, as well. I was underwhelmed by the culture and the aire of arrogance.

        1. You are right on Trixxi! I cannot tell you how many times I would order a Tanqueray martini and it would be delivered with a yellow cast to the drink. It WAS NOT a martini, rather some yellow liquid that says martini on the bottle!
          Over priced and the Chileans are always trying to get into your pocket!!! What a nightmare.

        2. Yes, two of my friends visited Chile they impression was very much like yours, Chileans tend to be very much like Michigan people ( I live in Michigan ) most people in Michigan do not socialise outside their long extended family .. why bother? they tend to be religious, suspicions, apparently is not easy to make friends and yes they can be inclined to jealousy related to prosperity of “other people” not wonder Chileans and Argentinians are the best of friends Peruvians dislike them so Colombians. The country is overpriced and they classify people in so many ways. Good country to invest in land, live there if you have already a family. As for me I would prefer Argentina, Peru, Ecuador much friendlier people.

          1. argentina friendly ??? really ??? they are the LOUDEST , arrogant people i have met ! i lived there for 4 months , but i couldnt get a word in edgewise, it was like what they say goes .

      5. I’m American and I have to say I agree with a lot of what you say. The sad thing is is that the minority represent the majority because they are the loudest, crudest and most ignorant. Simular to a family with 10 children, the kids who behave the most outrageous and make life most difficult are unfortunately the ones who get the most attention. So goes with America. I am disgusted as I live among so many wonderful people on a day to day basis but we are never heard because there are a group of ignorant, uneducated people with no morality or common sense drowning out any logic or rational thrown their way. They listen to the media, get their information based on headlines posted off Facebook and have no intelligence when it comes to defending their side because to them it doesn’t need to be right, good, logical or involve a bigger picture. It just has to “feel” good. This is what America has become. So sad to live here and watch this. I wish that we could get back to some of the things that made America great but I see this downward spiral and America’s are idiots and the moral, educated minority are feeling pretty hopeless right about now. Please pitty and yet encourage those of us strong enough to fight against the bullying of our ignorant culture. It is in some regard simular to living amongst zombies. We will fight until we flee!

        1. What exasperate me most is when people from USA they called themselves ”americans” when America is not only the north continent but a whole chain of continents, the north central America in the middle and south America down south, now it was Italian Amerigo Vespucci he took over from Cristobal Colon discoveries and he said that the Americas did not belong to asia, thet they were separate continents. So with what right can the people from USA called themselves ‘americans’ but if south American people we do called ourselves from America, USA people very quickly and with disdain they will correct us you are from ‘south america’ The day will come when the three continents will be call only one name, and it will probably be one continent. Another nasty fact from USA people is calling people ‘brown’ all the time when in actual fact lots and lots of those ‘white’ americans are a mixture with brown people themselves, but after centuries of mixing with native americans ( and please do not dare to deny this) they look acceptable ‘white’ and they can pass for it. Lots of Europeans migrants were mixing with the native americans, they prefer the Indians rather than the Africans whose skin color and features are much harder to erase than that of the Asian native American Indians.

          1. I haven’t heard an American call someone “brown” since George H.W. Bush referred to his grandchildren more than 25 years ago. Europeans were the first to call the U.S. American and its citizens Americans. And why do so many other countries consider trashy TV shows and fast-food to be the sum of American culture? Suggestion: Come here. Avoid L.A. and N.Y.C. (Great culture there, but perhaps not the friendliest folks). The culture in the U.S. is not homogeneous; it can change dramatically in less than a hundred kilometers. Most folks are friendly and very hospitable to guests from other countries. I’m sorry if you’ve had a bad experience with American tourists before, but it’s always the poorly behaved, loud, and arrogant people that stand out. Nobody remembers you if if you’re polite and modest. Ignorance of other cultures? Most of us are guilty of that. Then again, most of us don’t live a couple hours drive from another country. And most of us don’t care much about a little non-white DNA, either. Acceptable ‘white’??? Sounds like someone has been talking to Nazis. I know I have a little Native blood in me, and I’m proud of it. I don’t know of anyone would want to hide it. I wish I was a little darker so I wouldn’t get sun-burned so easily!

      6. Awesome reply.

        I’m British and my boyfriend lives in Chile I love him and everything about Chile. Chileans are really kind and caring and who cares about jeans lol

          1. argentina friendly ??? really ??? they are the LOUDEST , arrogant people i have met ! i lived there for 4 months , but i couldnt get a word in edgewise, it was like what they say goes

      7. I’m a white American and I unfortunately agree with everything you just stated, though I’m poor and from a minority community (mostly African American). I fought tooth and nail for my lowly Associates Degree, I’m not the smartest person in the world but I know what you’re saying is right and if we met hopefully you wouldn’t think I were ignorant as I know the importance of cultural acceptance… The only reason I even read this article is I long to move to Chile but I’m stuck in the working poor class here in Ohio and can’t afford to save for anything smdh… I hope most Americans can start being so closed minded but I unfortunately doubt it mfs are to stupid just look at who the hillbillies elected president wtf!

  4. Why must we criticized always rater then enjoy, and embrace each-other’s culture?
    I do not see any Chileans come to America trying to change you people.
    Some race rather value the contain of the mind, rater than a stupid piece of rags…

    Get over your Capitalism/Imperialism plague.

  5. It’s irrelevant trying to compare Chile with an European country…
    Why don’t you just moved there instead?? Chile is not holding all the drug and blood diamonds wealth of the world. May be that’s the reasons it’s not clean enough for your Majesty.?
    Man get over yourself please.

      1. I don’t think Yolandita has to write any blog just to show you better. You simply can’t admit what you wrote was offensive as well as shallow as Laura said. It is though a waste of time to read your blog, unfortunately, one realizes it half way through it. It’s like a shitty singer on American Idol – you are American, you must watch these programs, so you should know what I’m saying -, trying to carry a simple tune, and then expecting the judges to give him the thumbs up, or telling them to get on stage and sing, just to show them how hard it is. It simply doesn’t work like that, Mr. Wandering Trader. See how offensive it is?. Your blogpost about Chile is shitty, but it is also offensive, so don’t act like it’s freedom of speech, otherwise I wish you get beheaded by an ISIS jihadist in one of your trips.

        1. I’ve approved almost every comment that people have wrote. But since you think this blog is shitty thank you for taking the time to share your opinion.

      2. I have been living in Chile for almost two years and the first thing that comes to mind about Chile is the rudeness and vulgarity of Chileans. No matter where I go there is always someone with a chip on their shoulder. I haven’t experienced this type of rudeness in Peru, Bolivia, Brazil, or Argentina. Another thought that comes to mind is how dirty this country is. I live near Viña del Mar. They keep that city clean but if you go on the highway to travel towards la cordillera you will literally see trash covered hills. It’s truly disgusting. Lastly, it’s highly unsafe here. There is an extreme amount of delinquency and not enough police officers to keep everything in order. I personally know two families here that have had their homes broken into and nothing has ever been done to try to catch the people responsible.

        1. The laws in Chile are backward and the justice system is arcane. Kids commit crimes and most of the time they are released to the parents!! The cops waste more time stepping out in front of people on the highway, to check their papers!!! How dumb is that??

  6. I’ve been in chile for 2 years from now, and i think the $140 are fair, it’s the price that chileans have to pay to enter the United States… I disagree with you in a lot of aspects, first, i found most of the cities pretty clean, but the weather sucks, hot in the summer, and way too cold in the winter, easily 0ºC and there’s no heating inside most houses… Also i think the nightlife it’s incredible and cheap, for the cost of living, who i would dare to say it’s like the USA, ridiculously expensive country, for Latin-American standards… There are a lot of pretty hot girls, specially in upper neighborhoods, but there’s a lack of beautiful guys. And you’re right, not european, but a very americanized country, but they have a pretty interesting/non-conservative/educated youth, who differs a lot from older generations.

  7. And the americans are so good!…. yeah right. You think because you are a gringo we have to recieve you with open arms. Before you talk like that, just take a walk and check all the fat ladys in your country. That must be really sexy. Check your gangsters and all the masive killings in school, unis and cinemas. Probably you are not aware of the ghettos and drug issues you have there. They must be so tidy .. like switzerland.
    Before talking badly about others look into your own reality and hopefully dont come back. We dont need people like you here.


    1. Pepa… I am not a gringo. I was actually born in S. America and speak Spanish fluently. I share what I see on this blog and that was my first impression of Chile. Its a great country and actually one of the best countries to live in within all of Latin America. You shouldn’t get so offended others have made the same observations as I have.

      1. Hahaha eres Venezolano y críticas los jeans de las chilenas? Haha es que en Chile no hay Osmel! Que divertido ahora entiendo.
        What’s wrong with ice cream anyways? It’s bloody delicious.

  8. One of the fondest memories I have in life is spending time in Chile. I thought both the scenery and women were beautiful and the people very friendly. Also, the costs seemed to be reasonable, in fact a family friend retired to Chile in the late 80’s to make wine.

  9. Chileans are assholes, rude arrogant and classist.I dont know where they get the impression that they are superior in South America.The country is grossly overpriced, the people are worth shit, lots of backstabbing envy and theft.Oh and I forgot to add, the people are UGLY as can be, dull average faces, go anywhere but chile.

    1. Tell us how you really feel Ricky. Sadly, the description you just gave describes the people of many countries around the world including the west. The only difference is that more people have a higher standard of living and it isn’t as pronounced because there isn’t as much poverty. I lived there for quite some time and did not have the same experience with the people there. They aren’t as open as say Colombians or Brazilians but I wouldn’t say they are ass holes, rude, or arrogant at all.

    2. Why did you stay then?
      If you’re non white, poor, ilegal immigrant, I can understand why you’re writing shit.
      Are you Haitian?

  10. Everything I have seen/read about Chile is okay with me and I want to visit South America…the girls and those jeans are okay with me too. :p

  11. Is how I really feel something that you want to hear and not the truth.Buddy I live in Chile many years.If you wanna see poverty go to Valparaiso and you will see 80 percent of its shit slums right next to the beautiful pacific ocean, or just go to la pintana puente alto.Yea high standard of living where the 90 percent of chileans are in debt.anyone can buy a 2 million dollar ferrari and pay it until the day he dies.chileans like to show off their pathetic achievements.if it wasnt for the copper they would be living in strawhuts, or maybe you are just like them, rude and vulgar with no education.Chile is a way overrated country, and the people are boring vague ignorant insular extremely classist(if not the most classist country in the world) and very rude, maybe thats why you like kissing their ass so much.Oh and by the way i lived in USA for many years where I was poor and i could befriend a rich kid and go to his house and have much better life and open conversation with anyone on the street.Bet you cant get a doctor in vitacura talking to a obrero from las polas in the streets, cant you….Thought so idiot!

    1. if you really think so, just avoid the country e.e I think that you’re just an asshole that wants atention. I don´t know what kind of people you were with, but I’m sure that not ALL the people in a frickin’ country can be the same shit. That kind of people live all over the world. You don’t know all the truth, live with it 😉

      1. Camila… very contrary to what you think and believe I love Chile. I loved the people there and also really enjoy being there. These are simply my impartial observations of the country.

    2. What the hell is “Las Polas”?
      I’m chilean and I’m not really crazy about my country… but dude, this guy had an awful experience for sure. I wish I could have the same living standards I have in Santiago. But that’s me, Chile is very economically unfair.

    3. Hey, Ricky. Perhaps you should rename yourself “Chip”? Because there’s one on your shoulder that seems to be a lot bigger than you.

      I think you’re over generalizing and have clearly had a bad experience in Chile that is being exacerbated by a bad mood.

      If you cannot contribute anything constructively, don’t say anything at all, Chip.

    4. wWell, well. well…..It is so funny and awesome reading many differents commentaries abot my beloved country,I´m a chilean man wich had been in 32 differents countries…so, I know how to compare….First at all Chile is a controversial land, you can adore it or simply hate it,but it can also happen in the adorable island of Aland with the highest concentration of beautiful women per sqare meters,or a long road across the ancient Europe, fill with ammenities,extraordinaries museums and arrogant and disgusting borders polices an citizens, of course always you can find exemptions…and hundred of it,it´s arrogance and selfishness are a continuous theatrical piece wich many I did aplausse,USA a big working place, even though I know Seattle and Bellingham, two many quietly cities with nice people.At the end..my own country,classist,wich is a new phenomena,Chile had being always the pionneer in South America,it´s social system, it´s prestigeous Universities wich educated many Latin americans President,it´s institutions like Contrtaloria General de la Republica, a public office wich control the efficiense and honesty of the natyional public system,Many social experiences and revolutions like agrarian reforms,state controled industries like Corfo, sociedad constructora de establecimientos hospitalarios (Public Hospitals) and sociedad constructora de establecimientos educacionales (Publics School) and so on..Until 1973, the Dictatorship of Mr. Pinochet and Civil partners begun a total change in the entire national psiquis and way of life….and suddlendly we commence with a extraordinaire progress,skylines,total aperture to worldwide commerce and we begun to speak louder at the airports,being treat as the “bad suited argentines” and the girls getting fatter,with such a ugly jeans…and fill of pretencious chileans (like me) responding on internet…pretending to do it well. Welcome to Chile my dears!!!

    5. Then why didn’t you leave!!
      Yes Chile is awfuly classist, but it seems you just enjoy the game, innit?
      Mate, nobody can force you to stay in a foreing country you hate.
      Your rant is childish.

  12. Hello, I´m Chilean living abroad and I would like to comment your article about Chilean women, I live in east Europe now and I understand your point of view about comparing cultures, and in this case “fashion matters”, in this I have to say that the only “sin” of the Chilean women is “to be conservative” that means to do not take risks… why? because we are a society ruled by who is richer or who is poorer… Chilean women in general doesn´t take risk with the clothes to do not be the flash of comments , to do not stand out… to do not look like a whore…. why? because our thinking is like that… prove of that is how I amazed myself everytime I see the eastern European women wearing during the day, clothes that are absolutely for the night! ( every time that I mentally make comments i say also: ohhhh my Chilean conservative mind).
    Also, the comment about Chile/Switzerland … LOL … but Europe has also a lot of garbage..
    and now I m going to say that I´m absolutely impressed by the comment of Rick, the way he writes, the way he expresses himself is absolutely Chilean… In English and trying to hide his origins but CHILEAN ! I think this guy left the poor part of Valparaiso guided by the typical arribism of our society…Im sorry you couldnt get closer to the Universities areas of Valparaiso, to get a little education or at least one beer with a nice chat, because my friend this is what you need, to cool down!

    1. Good points all around Carola but I cannot agree that there is some fashion sense when most of the country seems like it doesn’t care about its appearance. There were very few people that I found that dressed up. It isn’t part of the culture there which is cool but that is just the way Chilean culture is.

      1. She already told you WHY that happens!! even i that am a chilean could understand in my modest english what Carola meant. Chile is a too conservative society that dont take risks even on how people dress; also i think many women here are too lazy to care about their appearance and i guess that’s due the fact there’re no so much motivation to do it (too many ugly men…) and that’s why also women get so fat… too much sedentary… But i missed your part about the guys here in Chile Marcelo, or you only can talk about girls here ? Regards 🙂

        1. That’s what I want to know about. I’m a single American (I say that with fear, but what else can I call myself?) mom moving to Chile from Indonesia in a few months. After reading this post, it seems I will remain single because it sounds like I will be hated simply because of the passport I hold. I am astounded and saddened by the hostility of both cultures in these comments. I am confident my experience will be different and I will meet all different kinds of people as i have in the many countries I have lived in.

    2. Your education system is antiquated! A doctor I know from Santiago, threw in the towel, and moved is family to Australia. His two daughters had complete two years of studies in Santiago. When they arrived in Australia and settled in, they went to the university in Brisbane and provided their translated transcripts. Guess what??? The university in Australia would not accept their previous classes and they had to start all over again.

  13. I completely agree.After living many years in Chile, the people are chronic bulliers and every chance they get they will try to backstab you.They are very insular people and their inner family are their only social life.Once in a blue moon there will be a stand out that will openly start a conversation, but that is very rare.I am more likely to have a conversation with an American than with a chilean.They are very frustrated people who only care about trying to go up on the social class.The majority of people have absolutely no idea what common courtesy or education is.They will push your grocery cart out of they way like animals do and will insult you without even thinking of the other persons feelings.As a society and culture, the chileans are grossly rude and secretly very angry people.They can also relate to their argentinian neighbors in being very arrogant and close-minded.Not worth the time or travel if you ask me and definetely on the overrated side.I suggest Brazil and Uruguay, much more friendly people and definetely more extrovertical and polite.

    1. Interesting read… i am wondering whether any of you critics have livedin Peru? because from that perspective, i have heard that Chile, is clean, well managed, honest, a mature society. …(but bad food). Dont flame me, i am still in peru..

    2. I lived in Punta del Este for almost two years and loved it. I had a 450 meter home that was approximately 100 meters from the ocean. What a nice place! The food is fantastic as are the people. Many nice folks there and I was treated very well. A great country.

    3. Yes Chileans are angry and tired all the time, yes Chileans are insular people.
      What do you expect from a Third World Country opressed by a right-wing military dictatorship, immerse in capitalism and closer to Anctartic than to their neighbour countries?

  14. Try living there, you will soon see what Chileans are really like.An unfortunate set of people that happen to be a scar on its naturally beautiful landscape.

  15. Chile is a wonderous beautiful place. Its people warm and friendly. The women in ugly jeans still turn it sexy. Chile is a very class orientated society, but only if you let it. Education is the key and admittedly not everyone has access to break these barriers. I have experienced both sides of the scale.Go there and enjoy the Ceviche, Churrascos and a Fanchop(fanta & beer). Go to Bella Vista and dance with the locals. Swim in the cool Chilean waters and visit the dry deserts. Watch for stray dogs which I thought Chile has an issue with. The land and its people are still beautiful and worth the visit.


  16. I am a chilean and I do love my country. I married a Swiss man, I have lived in Switzerland and please ,,,,,,,, as much as I love Chile, you can’t compare with Switzerland, the only thing you can say about is that both countries are full of immigrants that makes lots of changes in the way countries were in the past, because of the mixed cultures. We are trying to go out from undevelopement but not even close to europeans countries. First, we, chileans and Southamericans in general, have to go for the excelence and forget the mediocre way we use to do things and also accept critics. We need to have higher standards if we want to be compared with the best countries on earth. At present what we have is a beautiful country ( I mean landscapes) but still mediocre minded people. We have potential, we need to work much more and change our attitude, then we could be better.

  17. Ricky, you know, people from Santiago are rude and assholes, the people from the south are the nicest people on earth. Don’t stay in Santiago, travel arround the country!

    1. I didn’t think people were rude there in Santiago. I would say its just a by product of living in a big city city that’s all. Same with any other big cosmopolitan city around the world.

    2. My god, are you from regions? I really don’t understand why you people keep treating us like this. Please, don’t forget that Santiago is just a city, the people that live in santiago it’s just people. Why do you have to be so despreciative? One of my best friends it’s from regions, an she doesn’t have that stupid complex of “I live in another part of Chile and i Hate Santiago” :’c it’s pretty sad that people of the same country treat each other like that. I do love South </3

  18. This is a great article, and coming from a foreign visitor, I think (we) chileans must sit and listen rather than switch to defensive mode.
    The $140 fee is called ‘reciprocity fee’, because that”s what we chileans must spend in paperwork and time to apply for a visa at the US Embassy. Beside that, I think waiting in line at the airport to pay a fee, is way more friendly than spending 30mins in line at any US airport, just to have an unknown officer checking my GF’s underwear through that X-ray scanner. Probably the most awkward and paranoid welcome of any western country.

    Chile is still southamerican in many ways, though we are in the process of acquiring the ‘Developed Country’ traits, good or bad: cleaner streets, 1st World individualism taking over the Southamerican friendliness, slightly more efficient services, and of course a faithful army of trolls and haters from neighboring countries, most of them illegals complaining that Chile won’t let them cook food on the sidewalk, bribe cops or move drugs like in their home bases.

  19. I’m looking for travel advice. I plan to travel to south america starting in 2015. I want to spend a month or two (depending on cost and safety for Americans) in Argentina, Chile, Columbia, Costa Rica, Cuba, Panama, Peru, and Venezuela. This will be my first time leaving the US so i would like to know if any of you have helpful advice. Fees associate with travel (entrance fees, etc), least expensive areas of the country, best time of year to travel, things you know now and wish you knew before. Any info you think would be helpful i’m grateful for.

    1. Chile and Argentina are the only places where you will have to pay visa fees. Argentina you will have to subscribe and pay before hand and Chile you pay at the border. That may change for Chile in the future because Chileans are now able to enter into US visa free. Their visa that they charge Americans is a reciprocity visa so they may drop that once the US drops there. Colombia, Venezuela, Costa Rica, Cuba, and Panama, are on the equator so anytime of the year would be good for those. I would recommend looking up the rainy seasons and avoiding those. Those can get bad in Costa Rica for example as those are tropical climates. Peru is mostly mountainous so avoid the rainy season there. The further south you go, ie: Brazil, Argentina, Chile, the more opposite the climate is. Would recommend their spring (our fall) to visit there. Hope that helps!

  20. I sort of share your feelings towards Chile… (am a Chilean). Both girls and boys dress in a rather conservative fashion, albeit all major brands and collections are present in the country (and yet everyone seems to have headed to the same shop, ie, H&M!). Regarding that cliché of the “South American Switzerland”, I would say that applies more to the South, Valdivia, Frutillar, Puerto Varas? Santiago is quite polluted during the winter, you can barely breathe! The river is full of rubbish too, but the nice neighbourhoods (Vitacura, Las Condes, and Providencia, to some extent) are quite clean, with beautiful gardens and parks. It has nothing to do with your post, but Santiago is really clean compared to other places in Europe. At least it doesn’t smell like urine like Paris or some “posh” places in London, or even the tube in New York! 🙂

      1. Chile is NOT a First World Country mate. I LOVE my Chilean mom but the country is doomed since 1973. The Switzerland issue is a right-wing self- made propaganda and totaly fake. The landscapes in Chile are gorgeous though.

  21. As a one time immigrant in the States and as a current immigrant in Chile it is best to just say that any comparison between Chile and any first world nation is totally unfair. Chile as most developing countries, it is still a work in progress and no one should get offended by that. We also tend to forget that even rich countries have big pockets of poverty, permanent underclass and other dysfunctional issues, but all in all Santiago is pretty decent in its own right. No comments on jeans, fashion, except to say that American pop culture/fashion sense is very low compared to its economic might. And as to the people, Chileans are no worse than other people or my ex-neighbors in Miami! It takes two to tango..and certainly I dont think Chileans or people in Santiago are backstabbers. For Chris’ sake! they are my neighbors, co-workers, the people with whom I share my life, and they have been very kind to this foreigner

  22. Hey, I was born in Chile but have lived in Australia for over 26 years. I constantly visit the country and have seen an enormous transformation in the country over the years. There is definitely a sense of prosperity and more stability compared to other S.A countries but I must say I agree with the comment about the rubbish. I feel like they try to keep the city center relatively clean, but there is definitely a shortage of rubbish bins and still a lack of culture of cleanliness from the people, it actually drives me quite insane, just as the graffiti does. In terms of clothing, yes I agree women tend to dress in boring jeans they definitely lack style. I’m not sure wether they just don’t have enough European culture in them in terms of fashion or wether women feel like they will get too much attention if they dress more sexy. The food I think like you said balances out with the prices of affordable housing. I do believe this is a nice place to visit though. The geography if the country is like a big national park.

  23. I have been living in Chile for 5 years. I do not find chilean people attractive. I am from Eastern Europe.
    In general people of Chile are very short, fat and their faces are u..ly. Those fat people as usual are so lower calss. They have big social resictence (resentemiento social). There are also so called upper-class here. fake blonds with dry old skin and skiny bodies.This type of peopel completely and absolutely depend on their maids (nanas) . Even young people (couples of two) get maids as soon as they can pay for them. To have a maid is must-to- be for a middle-class Chilena. They fall apart if their maids have a day-off!!!!!Shame! Their maid looks after their houses and kids (NANALANDIA).
    So, I would say in Chile nanas rock the world! I hope there are educated, not poor Chilenos who are capable to make their beds and clean their toilets without NANA. But I would never marry a chileno and would never recomend a European man to marry a Chilena. By they way , watch out for Lanzadoras, Chilenas who are hunting for Gringos , as usual mining fellows with money. Their methot- to get pregnent…and then a poor Gringo will have to look after a woman. a child and her BIG family(they are very united!!!)

    1. I know it has been years since your comment, but all I have to say is that I’m a 30 y.o. Chilena (who makes her own bed and cleans her own toilet) and I have never heard of these “lanzadoras” hunting for gringos, trying to get pregnant, here “lanzas” are pick pocketers, I think you got it wrong.

      1. The post is correct! Try the American Bar in Santiago. I believe it is in Provedencia but the Chilean women hang out there, looking for an American husband. This was told too me by a lady that I know personally, and she is a native of Chile.

        1. But lanzas are pickpocketers. And there’s “foreinger hunters” everywhere. I hate Japanese gaijin hunters the most!

  24. Having read all the comments written before me, I cannot help but smile. We have never been to Chile, but are planning on going there towards the end of this year for 3 to 6 months….and if we love it, maybe we will never return to Canada. Yes, we are Canadian and over 50…..we have traveled to many places in the world…not as many as we want to or will, but many. One thing we have always found is that we get treated the same way that we treat others. Before going to Paris, we heard all the stories about the french and how obnoxious they were…..what we found was that they were very welcoming and generous and loved that we made an attempt to speak their language and adopt their culture. We have experienced the same in every corner of the world. If you expect people to adapt to you and your beliefs, you may be disappointed. We look forward to spending time in South America….we live in a city that is extremely multicultural and Toronto has a very large Latino community from all South American countries. The people we have come across are fabulous. I guess that by living in a city full of different cultures, one becomes very tolerant and accepting of differences. Not to mention that the choice of food is unbelievable. We are very fortunate to be able to experience the world in our own city.

    My message is simple….you will get what you give….enjoy everyone’s differences and find the common ground.

    1. Chilean here. I think Canadians should work really hard to be hated here :). We know there is a large expat community up there, and their weather is much similar to our southern end.

      This is a brief list of pros/cons of Chile, hope it will help other readers too:
      – Weather: North=Mediterranean, Center=California, South=BC.
      – Landscapes: you name it, we have it. We have everything but jungle: volcanoes, mountains, desert, forests, beaches, ski resorts, glaciers, fiords, lakes, etc.
      – Food: Less processed than in North America: cheap seafood, fruits, meats and veggies.
      – People: Friendly and cooperative in the regions, a bit more distant and hurried in Santiago, -like any big city. More Laid-back than Canadians in general.
      – Transport: The big cities have excellent subway systems. Google Metro Santiago or Merval Valparaiso. Bus fare is cheap and excellent quality. Air fare is more expensive but there are quite a few charter airlines for local trips.
      – Real State: cheaper than CA or US

      – SouthAmerican concept of time: Chileans are pretty punctual, but be still prepared for some folks arriving 20mins late to appointments.
      – Stray dogs in big cities
      – Spanish: 10% of Chileans speak English, much less speak French.
      – Prices: Some imported goods (technology, cars, gas, etc.) may be more expensive that CA.
      – Tap water: Expats need to drink bottled water the first weeks, before they get used to the local water.
      In some coastal areas, it’s advisable to buy a filter for the sink.
      – Pollution: Some cities like Santiago, Temuco or Chillan are known for their smog. Nothing like Beijing, though.
      – Earthquakes/tsunamis: Chile is known for its earthquakes. The truth is, there are mild tremors almost every week, most of them undetected by people, though some expats may find it scary or annoying.
      Tsunamis are only a concern for those living by the shoreline, and after some earthquake strong enough to topple furniture or so.

      Enjoy your visit!

      1. I think metro can be as annoying as Tokyo subway at peak time, but is much cleaner than in USA. Transantiago sucks IMO. What a terrible system. The only pro is that you don’t have to pay again with your bip card. If you can stick to metro and uber, avoid Transantiago and street taxis.
        Don’t expect air conditioner, dish washer nor dryer.
        Punctuality is not common. For business people will get right on time. Friends may keep you waiting half an hour! But they will message you telling that they will be late.

  25. Having read all these comments, I feel compelled to leave a comment myself. I’m not from America, I’m from London, UK.
    What’s London like to live in? Well, I’ve lived in this over-sized city for a total of 38 years and, as a teenager, in the 70’s, I loved it. Now though, in 2014, at the age of 53, I absolutely hate it. Why? Because I’ve seen huge changes, both in London and the UK, which are mostly negative. I’m only living here, because I have to keep an eye on my aged and ailing parents (Mother is 90 and Father 87). When they pass over, I’m leaving here for good and coming to Chile. I haven’t decided quite where in Chile I want to live, but I intend to make three to four trips, prior to deciding.
    When I visit another country, I try my upmost to adopt its culture and to harmonise with its people and that I hope to do in Chile. I have done extensive research on life in Chile and the one thing (of many) that really impresses me is how positive everyone speaks of it. To be honest, I can’t imagine a better place to live. Chile really sounds like it will absolutely suit me. I know no country is 100% perfect, but Chile and it’s wonderful people, seem as near to that 100% as I will ever get. I haven’t found another country that gets near it!
    Okay, I know what some of you will say, why do you want to leave the UK? A country that’s supposedly well off and stable. Well, for those that don’t know, the UK is no longer stable, or well off. In fact it’s broke – totally broke. We’ve already had one banking crash, now we’re due for another and this time the government has no money to bail the banks out. The UK is overcrowded with immigrants and worse still, the government sees fit to appease islam and Cameron panders after Obama, like a good little doggy. By 2050 the UK is expected to become an islamic state, under Sharia. (at present there are 8 million muslims in the UK – Cameron will tell you there’s 3.5 million, but the Israelis know better!)
    To be honest, when I get on a bus, here in South London, invariably, I’m the only white, British, indigenous person on the bus, any other whites are either Russian or Polish.
    I can retire in two years time and there is no way I want to retire in this environment.
    So that’s why I’m coming to Chile. Furthermore, I would happily fall in love with a Chilean woman, as opposed to an English woman, as English women are becoming more and more arrogant and big headed, especially in London.
    What am I looking forward to in Chile? Okay, here’s a list, but it’s not complete, as I’m sure I’ll find more to add to it!… The weather (weather in the UK is poor) cheap, good quality housing, good, fresh, food, good, cheap transportation, cheap utility bills, substantially better health services, fresh air! Views of the Andes and Pacific, Socialising with people face to face (UK women are Internet junkies and love messaging!) living in a country that has pride, (moral in the UK is at an all time low) a government that cares for its own people (Cameron would rather entertain muslim extremeists).
    Many previous comments have held negatives on some pretty trivial things… Ugly jeans? Well, surely the girls wearing them are more important – I can’t wait to become acquainted with some of you wonderful Chilean ladies! Clean streets? Well, don’t come to the UK if you want clean streets! Our pavements are disgusting, riddled in chewing gum. Why compare Chile with Switzerland? It’s the people that make a country and I can’t think of
    two peoples more different from each other!
    Is there anything that worries me about Chile, well yes, two things, but neither is connected to Chile’s people and culture! Arachnids (spiders) and earthquakes… I guess these two subjects are God’s will… I just hope I don’t get bitten and I hope the house I’m going to buy, stays up in an earthquake. BUT, those two things won’t put me off coming to live in Chile. My heart is with you Chile and I hope it always will be.

    1. I am from Chile, and if there is any way I can help you, or inform you, I’ll be happy to help. I have always lived here, and travelled enough to give some advice.

      Here is my email: andres_acr@live.cl

    2. just dont make big expectatives man, its still a third world country and never in 100 years a chile girl can be prettier than one from UK’s…

      1. I don’t understand your point. I am half British half Chilean and I look both average British and average Chilean. Crazy, innit?

    3. Ian,

      As a Chilea, We welcome you!
      We need more people like you with good education and manners.

      Actually I am a little bit tired of reading bad things about Chileans when we are nothing but nice people that are sadly becoming too over populated with Peruvians, Bolivians, Argentinians, Colombians and Brazilians, just because of the good economy we have now days.

      It’s funny that North Americans are complaining about Chileans not speaking in English, when we are almost all writing in English.

      1. Is stupid for a native English speaker moving to a Spanish speaking country to complain about their citizens not speaking English. When I moved to Japan I was the one who learn beforehand a little Japanese, I cannot expect them to learn my language if I’m the one traveling there.

    4. Ian I think Chile is not what you think.
      There’s almost no Muslims in Chile, but just as the Polish in UK, there’s the Peruvians in Chile.
      And Chile has an overwhelming amount of illegal economic immigrants not only from Perú but from Bolivia, Colombia, Dominican Republic and Haiti. So Chile is not “white” anymore.
      I really don’t care about people’s ethnic background nor nationality (I’m a mix of English, Scottish, Welsh, Chilean, Basque…) but it’s terrible when the Government says “Chile needs more immigrants” because the birth ratio amongst natives is lower each year and they need more blue collar workers. It seems they don’t want people but slaves.
      So, Chile is not the place you may want to move to. And I’m telling you this as both as an English and as a Chilean (because I’m both).

  26. I’d want to know which places of Chile you visited, because the country is very heterogeneous, there’re types of people (and clothes) depending of which part of Santiago (the capital) you are, and depending of socio economic reality.. For example in the capital, Santiago, if you’re more to the western sector, people wear a lot like the photo you show here; but if you go to the east sector “sector oriente” (Providencia, Las Condes, Vitacura, Lo Barnechea) there’re other styles so different that it almost seems another country .. Chile is not only characterized by varied climate and geography, it is with its people too, so you can find Chileans – Spanish, Chileans mixed with Mapuche, and also find Chileans of European origin by both sides father and mother, and so on… In Chile is all conditioned by social class (not as in Europe that everyone is cute..) so we have very bad looking pple. in low classes, as you can find very cute in middle to upper class.. But I agree that in general, Chileans we dont take care a lot of our look as for example people in Argentina do, and that is even more marked on men.. that’s why i’m still single 😉 Greetings! A chilean woman

  27. Marcello:
    I knew you were latino because of the jeans comment.
    Well that’s not only in Chile. I have been in The USA and Canada.
    Are you blind ?You see bad taste in clothing all over Northamerica.
    And emilyinchili its not about skinnyjeans.
    Here in Europe everyone uses them And you can look dammed good if you wear them
    right. If you have a big butt Emily cover it up with a lingerie blouse.
    Its a pity you are ashamed to use them because of your big butt.
    And Marcellino pan y vino. You are Just jealous wonen can use skinnyjeans while guys look
    extremely gay in them.

      1. Not everyone wears ugly jeans in Chile neather. Punk Rockers in Chile wear the most beautiful amazing customized jeans I’ve ever seen.

  28. Ying Yang, 50% bad 50% good

    I will start with the good things.
    The truth is that Chile has the best rivers, lakes, volcanoes, desserts and landscapes of the world for sure, no doubt. The weather is absolutlly incredible, it rains only 15 days a year and it has too much sunshine. The housing is extremly cheap, you can buy a real enormous espectacular house with 100.000 euros, in other parts of the world that is absolutly imposible. A small apartment with only one room costs 900.000 euros, thats the truth. The fruit is extremly good, the best of the world and the sea food also is without doubt the best of the world.
    The bad things are that as the country was colonized by spanish that were convicted people that commited robbery and they all mixed with the most aggressive breed that are the mapuches. Even the spanish with guns couldnt defeat them. So you have a mix between mapuches and spanish thieves. Thats why the people is rude. Chile is the country that has more bad words, many people talk with bad words very rude, totally agressive and unpolite, i mean 50%. Many people is interested in consuming and adquiring things and not socializing. Many people is not interested in making friends and they are very introvert and individualists. And the worst thing of all is that they dont realize how they are themselves because it is a very isolated country. Nothing cosmopolitan so you cannot compare to other cultures because nobody from other cultures goes there because is too far. The last bad thing is that many people is very ignorant, maybe free education is necessary. Well 50% bad and 50% good as in every place of the world…
    So in conclusion if you want to live a familiy life in a mansion with spectacular weather Chile is the place, but you must put fence and alarms to the house, it is not like in the rest of the world that houses does not have fences. On the other hand If you want to socialize and meet new friends and have a social life Chile is not the place definitively….2 alternatives: consumism, individualims or social life

    1. No responderé en ingles, porque no se escribirlo de manera correcta, y la verdad no te facilitaré las cosas ya que aunque tu idioma se habla e la mayoría del mundo como lenguaje universa, no me interesa hablar el idioma que pertenece a los norteamericaos, el idioma de la explotacion y esclavizacion del MUNDO ENTERO… Ademas, espero que puedas traducir esto que diré y te quede claro. Primero, la gran ignorancia con la cual te expresas es algo graciosa, ya que dices, por ejemplo, que llueve 15 días al año!!? Ojalá lloviera eso en la ciudad donde vivo (Concepción), o quizas estoy viviendo en otro pais y no me he dado cuenta puesto que ha llovido durante 5 días seguidos y esto pasa cada 1 o dos semanas durante el invierno, se han indundado poblados por la lluvia. Dicho eso, creo que solo visitaste el norte del país, el cual es hermoso y magestuoso. Lo otro, dices que los Mapuche son los indigenas más agresivos, lo cual es completamente falso, si fuera asi, habrian podido defenderse de los Españoles que llegaron y hoy en día los indigenas serian mayoría. Mucha gente de muchos otros continentes llego a este pais a invadirlo y explotarlo, y hasta extinguieron a los Onas o Selknam. Asi que eres casi un completo ignorante sobre ese tema, los españoles les quitaron tierras y todavia siguen abusando de esa raza, a la cual sé que pertenezco en un gran porcentaje. LO mismo que paso con los Native american indians, me parece INSOLITO que tengan una celebracion llamada “Thanks giving”…. LOL. Lo demas que dijiste, puede ser relativo, pero tampoco lo niego, hay muchas cosas buenas o malas, pero como TODO el mundo. Los americanos como se hacen llamar muy “humildemente” tienen asesinos en serie, armas a destajo para cualquier ciudadano, miedo en los medios de comunicacion y alianza con las peores mafias del mundo, colucion y manipulacion de masas, si es que eres “americano” tampoco te sientas tan orgulloso, como yo tampoco pienso que la Chilean people sean tan perfectos, mejor entregar lo mejor de cada uno y mejorar el mundo entero que no está muy bien en general. Adios y que estés bien.

    2. I’m really sorry that do you think that about my country. You may not be really good at making friends, I guess. Also, Chile has many immigrant communities that build its population, French Italian and German people are also a part of us. Even more Jewish and Turkish people have their communities here.

      The whether you mentionedit’s only for Santiago, Chile is a large country so we have from Desert to glaciers, in this country do you really need to be more specific. About being ignorant, you should start from yourself, you’re writing a post on a webpage, and don’t even know any of the history of Chile. It is true that too late he’s not the safest country, but we don’t not have the crack houses and bad neighborhoods they have in LA, and don’t have the daily violence many countries live in. People is mainly good, thieves are cowards. And if you don’t have the ability of making friends, that’s up to you. If you visited the lower-income neighborhoods, then don’t expect much, because sadly we still have the ugly and huge difference between the rich and the poor, but you just cannot say that we are ignorants just cos you went downtown in Santiago. It looks like you have never been to other Latin American countries, like in Mexico where people has to hire bodyguards.

  29. Hi there, I’m both Canadian and Chilean national live in Toronto most of my life and a couple of years in the States. I have visited many countries. in S.A, Europe. Caribbean, Central America and stayed with a friend in Lausanne Switzerland. I checked out Zermatt. Montreux, and Interlaken. Switzerland is picture postcard beautiful everywhere you look. It’s as if that perfect greenery of the countryside is groom with tiny little tweezers. Their roads are engineering wonders, but with Draconian speeding laws. Efficient. timely public transit. It’s freakishly clean everywhere. As close to perfection on the exterior I concluded that any country could be. The lake region of Chile is very similar. except for the roads quality and no rail service (clean electric rail service) but not as clean. I seen garbage piles on the side of roads and what’s with all the F$%kin stray dogs get rid of them. I visit every year for a month to get away from the soul sucking, brutally cold Canadian winter. Chile got great weather in Central and Northern regions compare to Northern latitude Countries. Chile is in transition and bettering itself. It’s decades behind but change is there and working slowly and surely at eroding old mindsets of Classicism, Racism, Homophobia, and the tiring divided between Communist/Socialist and Capitalist/Right Wing Conservatism hatred they have with each other. OECD data ranks Chileans in the top 15 of hardest working people in the world, it has one of the highest literacy rate in the world. Also a good percentage of the population and growing with a education of Secondary (high school) or higher. Though education reform is required as it’s not as affordable relative to average incomes it not hopelessly out of reach financing is available to most and there’s other froms of assistance. I just requires commitment and sacrifice and a lot of hard work, which brings out the best in a person self-confidence, organizational skills, drive and satisfaction (Hope) . If it were free it would be taken for granted, devalued and wasted. I have confident hope that Chile will become a developed country it will considerably reduce its poverty levels. Younger business leaders in that country know that and are working on increasing wages because a bigger middle class equates more spending and a stronger economy. Now if only Chile could band together with the other Latin American countries and help elevate each other and not shit on each other on who’s more advance or richer or better looking more European looking, then South America as a whole will be a economic powerhouse and not as much China or USA selfish involvement.

    1. I am British/Chilean. I have lived in Cambridge, London, Santiago and Tokyo.
      The people in Chile who has worked hard to pay their University resents much more than those who doesn’t have to work (family with money/scolarships). Education should be a right not a privilege.

    1. You must be a beautiful person if you dare to write this post.

      It’s funny because you’re saying a bad word to qualify vulgarity. And poverty is not a flaw, I guess you are poor though, because if you have money to travel and eat out, this is a great place.

    2. If we are so poor, why are we the richest country in South America?… get your lazy ass out of my country.

  30. Actually, I don’t want to comment on what the writer said about Chile. My point here is to demonstrate the importance of my country. I’m really proud of being Chilean, even though people don’t even know where my country is located (Everyone asks if it is in Mexico just because it sounds like “chili”). It really pisses me off when people say: “Is Chile a country?” or “Chile is a third world country”, The ignorance of people in this world is extreme. Why wouldn’t you know what Chile is?! I mean, almost everyone has heard about the 33 miners, the earthquake, Pinochet’s dictatorship, and all the beautiful landscapes we have! The diversity of landscapes in my country is huge, we have desert, ski centers and hour away from the capital city, a really long coast and beach areas, Easter Island is Chilean as well, and we own the awesome forrests and animals in the south. I want to make myself clear here, Chileans may be ugly, rude, smelly, or whatever you may think about us… but we are a developed country which is in it’s peak, and I hope that all of the ignorant people out there may realize what Chile actually is. I dont ever want to hear again the phrase “Where is Chile?” or “What is Chile”.. please people, make yourself a favor and get informed about the most rich (in landscapes) and awesome country of all! VIVA CHILE MIERA WEOOON 🙂 (by the way.. we have the best parties and alcohol drinks you could ever taste..)

    1. i want to settle in south america and i m thinking which country i hv to choose plz help…. how about paraguay and i m indian.

  31. Oh my god Ian. You just wrote my story, in every detail! I’m from the Netherlands and we have the same problems. Eurabia is a fact and me and my family need to get out while we can. Chili is the only country still safe enough. And I also only fear spiders and quakes. I would just love to talk to you about this. Where in Chili do we go? We will need jobs too though. And I have a teenage daughter to think of. Can we get in contact through FB or mail?

  32. I’ve been in Santiago for 4 days now, and I’ve met nothing but lovely characters and seen many beautiful men and women of Chile. I find most introguing, as a very poor Spanish speaker from Australia, that many Santiaguinos are more than happy to try and talk with me, through the language barrier, and even correct me or help me with learning Spanish. What a serious shame that this ranks so highly in the google search, when the scope is so shallow.
    Have a nice life.

  33. What are you talking about??!! How can you be proud of this shit??? Obviously, you haven’t lived here long enough to see how rude people are here, no respect, ignorant, arrogant….and list goes on….

  34. Living in Chile since december 2013, its a country of contrasts looks like any south american country. You can see people with a lot of money, pretty cars, pretty cloths from expensive brands like Columbia and North Face. Woman are not beautyful, its very uncommon sight a pretty woman here its not usual. People aren’t very politely mainly at micros and all public transportation, they can tackle you and push a lot, cut the lines and they have bad manners at driving. Its one of worse countries for having a car.
    From a south american country its fine, Brasil, Venezuela and Colombia are much worse, believe me you won’t meet those countries. At least homicides rates in CHile are about 4:100,000 in Brazil is more than 25:100,000 so you keep my point of view.
    Pucon, Villa Rica are good cities for turism, food is ordinary, nothing as superb like corn cakes or pies. Fruits are delicious too.
    You can have good opportunities of work here.

  35. I think you were really rude. I was in Chile and it’s a really nice country. A lot of people dress really simple as in Europe, and those jeans I think are from the low class (they call them the “flytes” or something similar). “Minus the blonde hair and blue eyes of course”, that was unnecessary.

    1. These are just simple observations Jason. I at no point said that Chileans are no nice people and are great to hang out with. On the contrary, I liked living in Chile and always love going back.

  36. No comment on Argentina, I have not been there yet. I must have visited a different part of Chile because I had a different experience. I was in Santiago in October and again in December 2014 The temperature was 95 F but the breeze was nice at night with the cooler temperatures. Food was a priority among the locals. There are small restaurants on every block. The prices were a little higher than I expected, but still less than what I pay in the US. Punta Arenas was definitely colder even in December. But not below 50 F in the day time in December. Their winter I think would be really cold. I did not see the ugly jeans in Chile. The young women in the business district of Santiago were well dressed and the school children looked like US kids without the tats and did not seem to be concerned with looking super cool. The sea food was the best I have ever eaten. Guess that comes from having a really long coast line. Chile is a great vacation spot.

  37. Hey I am an immigrant. Entering Chile the first time last year July and came back home to Nigeria for post basics. I would be coming back November this year and I need info on living in Chile.

  38. I came to read up on what it’s like living in Chile.

    Instead, what I got was nothing but some boring guy whining about the most ridiculous bs.

    “It’s dirty! (because it’s South America)” New York City is dirty as all goddamn filthy hell, but it’s still considered one of the most well known and amazing cities in the world. Did you call American cities filthy too and blame it on being American? It just comes off as foolish and gross.

    “The people are unfortunately food addicts.” I felt my eyes almost roll out of my head. Oh no! They like food! There’s nothing “unfortunate” about it.

    “The women wear clothing I don’t like.” Get. Over. Yourself. Women don’t exist for your whiny ass, they do not have to wear what YOU think is attractive. And the jeans in the photo you linked are perfectly fine. jfc get off your high horse.

  39. Thank you everyone for posting their comments I learned a lot . I think people were really hard on Marcello but he handled it very well & with class. As a woman I will say I thought it was stupid to keep reading about ugly jeans over and over and over again comment after comment but … Whatever. My question is how is the medical system ? As a mother raising a young energetic boy … I want to know is the medical system costly? Also is their a forced mandated vaccine schedule like the one developing currently in the USA? I’m from CA and seriously thinking of relocating my child to somewhere safer where my parental rights are respected and where I can keep him safe if there were ever a WW3. I hear Chile is one of the 10 safest places in terms of survival . I’m thinking like a Mamabear. Also thank you to the guy who left his email address and offered support for anyone traveling to Chile that was very considerate of you Andres!!!

    1. They are just first observations. People act like I am attacking the country of Chile. Most people can’t take a joke but most people that read this post that are objective agree with me. Controversial YES, Untrue: NO.

      1. Dear Marcello,

        I don’t necessarily agree with all you wrote, but I admire your calm response to some truly nasty comments. It’s nice we can have different opinions!

        1. Most people Bob take things very personal… everyone also thinks that they can insult anyone online without any repercussions because they are behind a computer and never have to confront anyone. I don’t take it personal mainly because I had a great impression in Chile. People are great there but as with most things there are positives and negatives.

  40. I have to add it is pretty disappointing and even irritating to keep reading over and over again about women being beautiful or not beautiful by all the men in these posts. I’m sure many women reading this are just saying to themselves ” damn men are so fucking shallow” even though it’s something we already know it’s justca sad reminder when you come to read a blog on chile for travel purposes and the entire blog and comments are inundated with sexist shallow comments from Men. I think many women did their best to try and explain or give background to the stupid ugly jeans comment that sparked all this but I have to agree with “Dissapointed” in his comment about this blog ranking so high in google search because what most people go here for his to learn about Chile not to be reminded that anywhere you go on earth Men have their priorities quite out of whack. Point being all the shallow butt / jean / beauty comments really sadly took away from the integrity of the original purpose of this entire blog. JMO I’m sure I’ll get a bunch of shallow replies and retorts from mostly men who don’t care about the validity of a woman’s opinion . But again Whatever.

  41. hi guys
    I have lived in several placies and visited many more
    I find always comparing one place to another is always a start to a bad end.
    Chile I found to be a beautiful place. With the kind of culture you got to really dig into and become part of more than anything. If you don’t get in mode of I like this better here than there. You will quickly realize chile is a great place with strong families. Lol they do like to write on the walls and politics is something you just kind of avoid. The women and men are perhaps a little more conservative in there dress but I like that I’d much rather know people for people over who can out dress one over the other. I don’t know I am from usa and from one part of the country to the other there are many fashion changes.
    To me when one lands in any country you have to make your mind go to really enjoy this place do it there way not yours. I find in doing that you get 1) excepted and invited more2) you find were you might like xyz country this better I always find I like something about the country I am in better. I do know anywhere and I mean anywhere if your a a—hole and start your day thinking there a__ holes it’s not going to get better.chileans are not as open as some countries but if you see the same people just out and about for 2 or 3 days in a row and say hi shake there hand or just express interest they come around. I like chile but they just me I try very hard to like anywhere I go

  42. Well, the jeans on 2009 and 2012 was like that, uglys etc..thanks to god now is a completly different story.
    I’d like you will be able to come to chilean to see it with your own eyes.

      1. I’m from the US. I’m almost retired and plan on moving out of the country in the next two or three years. I will have a good retirement income and don’t need to worry about money. I was looking at Chile because it is pretty safe country (for Latin America) with lots of beaches and warm temperatures. It also has a world class medical system. I am married and not concerned with what people look like. I grew up in the New York City area so I know how city people tend to be a bit pushy and distant. My wife is a very pretty woman and she wears men’s jeans, so what she’s comfortable. She’s a great woman who takes great care of me and herself. I stopped by this blog to try and learn about Chile, not what people like or the clothes that are worn. It seems ridiculous that those are the main topics of conversation. That said I was thinking of taking a year in Iquique and seeing if I like it. I read the history of the town and looked at some youtube vids but it’s mostly shots of the beach and the shopping Mall. The Historic District looks great, but I would like to know what the rest of town looks like. The interior where the houses are. Is it a poor town? I like the hot weather so I’m looking for a town up North. Any other suggestions? Here is my email address, top_m13@outlook.com. I would appreciate and info anyone familiar with Iquique or a nice town in the Northern part of Chile you could provide. Agradecimientos.

        1. If you are still thinking of moving to northern Chile, I recommend La Serena rathe than Iquique. La Serena has less crime and nicer neighborhoods, also several good schools. I travel throughout Chile, training educators, so I am well aware that Iquique has a lot of problems with drug trafficking from Bolivia, and its neighborhoods are quite iffy except for the tourist area. Beautiful beaches throughout.

  43. Hi, I’m from Chile and here are two big mistakes/lies. The temperature in summer doesn’t “hardly” reach 80 degrees, it exceeds that number by far. Normally it can reach 90 degrees and the last summers has reached 100 degres!!

    Now I’m living in USA, in South Bend IN, one of the less expensive cities to live in USA, and the fruit and vegetables are much more expesive here than in Chile (the chilean products). Of course it depends on the conversion of chilean pesos to dollar in a particular momment, but at most the price would be the same.

  44. Hola! I am a Turco, living in Istanbul.. I am 45, and an exct. Chef of Ottoman-Turkish cuisine. I am seriously planning to move to the Chile. to work and live.. I speak English very good and some Spanish too (enough to use for daily speaking).. After what I read on this page, I am so confused now.. Do please, make some comment below my post to give me some information according to your experiences. If you are a native Chilean, do more comment lol.. Muchos Gracias!!

  45. Would greatly like information of family relocation to Chile. Read great things. I am raising my 4 grandchildren ages 4 thru 9. They will need a good school and I wish them to be totally indoctrinated in the language so Chilean as a second language will be number 1 priority. Our Auntie will be coming with us. Wish to move within a years time or less. Any information is greatly appreciated. note: I have lived internationally for over 30 years, just not I’ this South / Central America area. Thank you for your time,

    K. Youngkine
    Tampa, FLorida USA

  46. Would greatly like information on Nicaragua. I wish to relocate my family and the children’s Auntie to a safe, clean area. My grandchildren are ages 4 thru 9. Will need language instructor for the children to enter a “good” school. I have lived internationally for over 30 years have visited Central and South America ( some places ) but mostly I’ve lived in other hemispheres. Thanking you for your time and assistance…

    Most Sincerely & Respectfully,

    K. Youngkine
    Tampa, FL USA

  47. Im so happy to read how much gringos hate chile, good! we dont have to deal with you then
    go to some other countries to destroy their local culture and lifestyle like you have done with several countries bringing all your trash business like mierdonals
    chilean women are not a piece of meat, we dont have to wait for gringos with open legs, you already fucked us up with a military coup, now what the fuck do you want? go nuke some fanatical muslims in middle east to get their resources, chile has had enough of your bullshit and its women are not your whores,,

    1. I’m a white male from America yet I dislike my own “American” culture (It’s actually a British or gringo Spainish thing to find new land a conquer it, Americans just kept that terrible trait when they found and conquered these “Americas”) so chimoltrufia I unfortunately agree with your post but I grew up in a very ghetto part of Columbus Ohio and I understand your hatred for rich old whites, I hate them too, probably as much as you if not more but we are not all the same and when you paint with a broad brush it makes you look like an asshole…as I said in a previous post I want to flee America for a better country and I embrace culture and want to embrace something better than the asshole American capitalistic culture…just saying even though this sounds like something stupid since being a white male people make assumptions when they see me but talk to me and you’ll understand I’m NO gringo and I hate being judged by my cover.

  48. hey ricky,, with that fucking name you must be some puerto rican or mexican nigger that went to the states to be fed and educated for free,, dont come to chile dick, change your fucking name, we dont want your sorry ass down here ever again,, chile doesnt need to kiss ass

  49. Well as a chilena who has been living in the UK for a number of years I have to say that I was disappointed , embarrassed and disgusted by Chile today. The country may have miraculously stabilised it’s economy and grown in the past decade or so but the uneven development and extreme divides in wealth are very noticeable. So too is the aggression , rudeness and growing discontent amongst its people. I am truly sorry to see a country that has sold it’s soul to neoliberalism to the point of no return where the real test of being a true Chilean today means how high you can jump for the next dollar. I feel sorry that the country has dismantled one of the best educational systems of Latin America and stripped away its own culture to allow Sushi, Pizzas and Hamburgers to take over. I am dismayed at the level of filth and dirt on the streets, the lack of hygiene in hospitals and the prevalence of cultural and ideological barriers in the form of social taboos, superstition, ignorance, prejudice and racial and gender discrimination. To me Chile is like the tale of the Emperors New Clothes every one is proud of the economic miracle but fail to recognise the factors that prevent the country from being a fully developed country. It’s all very well to say that there is no racism and that women have progressed in Chile and allow prostitution to continue in the heart of Santiago’s cultural heritage zone. It’s all very to stereotype poor people in Africa with anti poverty campaigns in Santiago’s metro yet DENY that there is a problem of poverty and low standards of living and quality of life right here in Chile . If Chile wants to attract people from other countries to invest, work ,retire or even visit this country it still has a long way to go in reforming it’s banking system, reducing bureaucracy, reducing crime, cleaning up it’s image and educating it’s people to be a little more polite and welcoming. Vamos Chile, sort your act out and don’t continue being the fools who claim to be the most developed or the Brits of Latin America when in fact the country has less to offer culturally than it;s hotheaded Latin American neighbours.

  50. I can’t believe that a man is so concerned about jeans? LOL I am positive those women would not be interested in you either. Is the way you are perceived so important to you that you would turn your back to a wonderful person for choosing diff jeans?? It seems very petty and superficial.

    1. Yeah i went to Chile this year lol, matched up with this Chilena on tinder.She had this tiny little apartment in the Santiago Metro one of tinniest thing I’ve ever seen, anyway I noticed she respected the gringo more than here own people, would only date gringos(judged guys on height) and completely worshiped the gringo culture(harry potter, gringo celeb models she ravved about), in the end i just ended feeling sorry for her and felt the whole deal was pathetic, it just goes to show a lot of them have forgotten there culture, its really sad.

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