Deciding on Living in Medellin, Colombia: The Good & Bad

Living in Medellin, Colombia, was always in the back of my mind.  I knew I would be living in Medellin again at some point and that I would come back.

I just didn’t know when.

From the six months that I lived in the city in 2010 I have been around the world a few times over. I spent a significant amount of time in Africa, India, and even the Far East. What am I supposed to do after I have visited all seven continents?

I knew it was time to settle down, buy a house, and have 2.5 kids (kidding).

I actually laughed at that. I would say that I have now become semi-nomadic. I travel very differently than others in that I rent a furnished apartment anytime I move overseas. Since I day trade in the stock market and run other businesses online a reliable Internet connection is a necessity.

Medellin welcome signs, pictures of medellin, medellin photos

“Welcome to Medellin”

To boast my credentials I will inform you that I have lived in 12 countries spanning five continents.  All unique countries in their own right but nothing compares to living in the city of eternal spring.

Living in Medellin was always the comparison when considering the best places to live. It is now more than just a city where tourists come to visit the beautiful woman. And by beautiful women, I mean beautiful women.

It has been noted in countless lists as one of the best places to live including the official Wandering Trader best places to live in South America list.  The most important list of all right?

Before visiting and returning to destinations like Rio de Janeiro, Toronto, London, and even Sydney, Medellin was by far the best place to live in my opinion. Understanding everyone’s circumstances it seemed as if the was as close to perfect as it could get.

If you are a beach person you may want to stop reading now. Medellin is in a valley surrounded by the Andes Mountains.

The Positives

One of the first things that we have to understand about living in Latin America is that things work very differently.  For more than half of my life I have been living in these circumstances, streets are not clean, buses are never on time, waking up to roosters and chickens (only my Spanish readers will understand that joke), men with wood rolling shopping carts of fruit, and constantly being vigilant of crime and thieves.

food in colombia, vegetables in colombia, food on the street colombia

“We got veggies Ladies and Gentlemen! Veggies!”

When I first arrived in Medellin the city was actually clean. This was Latin America clean not Germany clean. But pretty damn close.

I was amazed at the graciousness and kindness of the people. No matter where I was or who I interacted with I was always greeted with pleasantries, pleases, and thank you’s.

Even kids that were 16 and 17 years old would have the same formalities. It is part of paisa culture (paisas are people from Medellin). Latin Americans are known for being open and friendly but this was on a completely different level.

Even though the people are so kind the city’s image has been permanently tainted by its past. Just imagine the life that people lived throughout the peak of the drug wars. What surprises me most is even through that period of time everyone maintained their graciousness.

Colombian Men

“Two old gentlemen I met with tons of character”

It’s funny to consider whether the drug kingpins held the same manners.

This alone says so much about the people of this country.  Any time I travel around the world I always try to find the people.

There are only so many tourist attractions one can see and yet there are an endless amount of unimaginable memories to be made with people.

Business & The Economy

But outside of that there are other reasons that I came back.  I have made my dreams come true of traveling around the world and having my complete freedom with day trading and investing. I follow the markets closely and realize there is great potential in emerging markets around the world.

I have been diligently looking for investment opportunities while I am on the ground traveling .

The people of Colombia made a decision a long time ago that they no longer want to live in strife and anguish and are ready to create wealth.

The new economic block called the Pacific Alliance aligns the economies of Peru, Chile, Colombia, and Mexico. This will eventually turn into an economic block similar to the Euro Zone that will rival the massive economy of Brazil. They have already begun to integrate their stock markets, sign free trade agreements, and combine their economies to create one cohesive unit.

The opportunities will continue to grow as the city attracts more and more people looking opportunity and happiness.

Day Trading in Colombia

“My day trading office in Colombia. This was in the coffee region in Armenia”

Combining the vision of economic opportunity and my passion for helping others is what kept me in Medellin.  My plans are to open a day trading center and teach locals how to make money with my day trading strategy that I teach at The Day Trading Academy.

A university graduate makes an average of only $1000 a month after obtaining a degree.

This would allow locals to make in a day what they would be able to make the month. Without going into every detail I plan on financing their accounts so that they have the ability to make a living day trading.

To summarize, the country already has risen to become the third largest economy in Latin America, it has the third largest population, and is already receiving record amounts of foreign investment.

It is an exceptional place to be for business.


“One of my favorite pictures from Colombia”

Lack of Diversity

I enjoy living in Medellin so much that the thought of diversity and variety completely slipped my mind. I realized the reason I fell in love with Toronto when I started my new nomadic lifestyle. It seemed as though Toronto has the entire world lining the streets.

One can find anything from Ethiopian to Guyanese, Asian to Italian, Brazilian to Colombian; anything can be found in Toronto.

What you will find in Medellin are lots of paisa and gringos to match.

This is what I realized after I arrived.  The lack of diversity can also be applied to paisa culture.

Everyone dresses the same, they listened to the same music, the same plastic surgery is performed, hardly anyone speaks English (not that they should but generally more diverse cultures do speak English). It is a city with a small-town personality.

I also changed my views when I compared living in Rio de Janeiro to living in Medellin. Medellin is comparable to a high school while Rio de Janeiro is similar to university.

Medellin valley, pictures of medellin, black church medellin

“Picture of the Medellin Valley”

People grow up when they get to university.

Having said that the lack of diversity is okay because paisa culture is so rich.  A lot can be said for a smile and good natured people.  As the city continues to grow diversity and variety will come. I was recently informed that I could find hookah (the shisha commonly smoked in the Middle East) in the city which I thought wasn’t available.

But not to fear they still have two for one sushi on Tuesday night with plenty of variety.


Prices are not as cheap as one would have you believe.  Record investment has flown into the city and tourists are flocking to one of the most beautiful places in the world. The grocery store prices a few years ago were already high and they have already increased since I have lived here in 2010.

Relative to the United States the prices are still comparatively inexpensive but that will change rapidly.

I’ve had dinner and lunch at many restaurants over the last 10 days and the prices are just a few dollars cheaper than equivalent restaurants in United States and Canada. Unless someone wants to live on rice and beans every single day that is information one should know.

One can find a bargain in any city but costs will continue to rise from here.

Colombia has now become the third most expensive country in South America after Chile and Brazil.  Getting in while the prices are still low is one of the reasons why I came back now.

apartment in medellin, apartment in colombia, sunset, pictures of sunset, medellin pictures, andes mountains

“View from my apartment in Medellin, Colombia”


I will be living in Medellin, Colombia, for the foreseeable future.

This does not mean that I won’t continue to travel but this is where I will call my home. I am in the process of purchasing a penthouse here in the city.  I look forward to sharing the details of that process for others that would like to do the same.

Until then, you can find me in Medellin PUEEEESSSSSSSSS.


  1. I dont know much or follow economics but this is again another city I have not heard of so I look forward to hearing more. I love Latin america, its the place I want to really explore – love reading about it in your blog. keep up the good work

  2. Looks pretty unique! We are exploring Latin America early next year and will have to make this a point to stop off at. Is it reasonably safe? Roughly how much can you expect to pay to rent a one bed apartment in a decent area?

    1. Yes I would say its reasonably safe. Still has a bad reputation but if you look for trouble you will find it as you would in any other major city but for the most part I have not had any issues. You can rent rooms from between $350 to $600 an entire apt I would say is a little bit more expensive. Probably $600 to upwards of $1300 a month.

      1. Ciao Marcello ,
        Is it easy to found a job for an American citizen. I have travel background and VIP services from here in Vegas. I speak Spanish very well too.

      2. I have seen a lot of different things on the costs of living there. I realize it’s getting more and more expensive to live there and this post was from 2010 and is now 2017. Are we talking about 600-1200 pesos or dollars? If it’s dollars then it’s basically the same cost where I live in the united States and I live in a very small town…It’s a rich kind of town bordering a very poor city with unbelievably crime rates. I don’t have a degree. I just want to leave the USA to a nation that is not part of the UN. Medellin Colombia is definitely my dream city from what I’ve read so far. Any feedback from anyone would be greatly appreciated! Thanks

      3. Marcelo my name is Hector from Puerto Rico my wife is from Medellin, borned in USA. I am planning to relocate in Medellin in the next two years when I am retired..love Medellin. Thanks for you advise.

      4. marcello.im in medellin. been here a week, im well traveled. cebu nagua kobe dominican republic. i always live in the culture.dress food and so on. ive been in concrete flatwork for 40 years taking it down a notch, if i can locate work at a living rate that would be great, ive never had trouble finding work, however it seems a little closed here, any ideas?

  3. Hola Marcello,
    I love your story, you are living the dream! I will be traveling in Colombia staying with friends and family. However, this will be my first time going and I’m already thinking about preparing to live in Medellin for a while. I’m fluent in spanish however as an american I’m not sure what types of job opportunities there can be for me. Here in the US I work for a fortune 10 company however expatriate positions are few. I would like an opportunity to meet with you and get some advice about other opportunities. Please keep in touch.


      1. Hi Marcelo ,
        I will be traveling to Medellin in early February and would like to find out what the best school for an intense course of Spanish is?

      2. Hi Marcelo, my name is Claudia and Im planing to move to Medellin in a yr, I live in NYC is it easy for someone from USA to get a job? I was born in Barranquilla and raised in NYC. How can I keep in touch with you? I would like to get kore details living in Medellin

  4. Hey Marcelo I’m so happy to have found this blog. I’m from Cali Colombia and I live in Melbourne, Australia almost 5 years ago. But I’ve always said that my dream is to live in Medellin or maybe in a small town near Medellin like La Ceja or Jardin. I’m starting to learn about trading. I’ve done paper trading for sometime and all I’m waiting for is some money from the selling of a small property in Colombia to start trading real. Now that I’ve read about your experience trading E-minis I want to get hooked with you and learn from you. My dream is to make money from the markets to help children and young people in need in Colombia (or wherever I can) and to work from home. Shoot me a line, please. I’m in love with the style of life you have! How’s your Spanish?! No te conozco pero te mando Un abrazo enorme porque tenés un espiritu hermoso! Dios te bendiga!
    Te invito a visitar mi pagina http://www..com para que veas lo que hago en este momento. I will have to meet you in person one day! Mi casa es tu casa aqui en Melbourne 🙂

    1. Hey Maria great to hear from you would love to connect with you sometime. I liked Cali when I visited but definitely consider my home to be Medellin. You can definitely make a living day trading just take a bit of discipline and patience as well.

  5. Hi Marcello,
    Good to read your blog particularly on your decision to live in Medellin. I am particularly touched by your passion for helping others and we share this passion together. For me I am angry that many graduates in my country are without employment and I have long identified trading in stock as one area that can be taught people so they can make many from the comfort of their homes. So I want to learn this and teach others ex-gracia to come out of poverty. I will therefore appreciate if you could be of assistance in this regard by imparting me with the know how. Hoping to hear from you.

  6. Hey Marcello,

    I am a New Yorker now living in Medellin, I wanted to ask you about your day trading center , is it up and running how can I get more info,,

    thanks, Fabio

    1. Fabio… we just purchased the 5 bedroom penthouse in a great neighborhood here in Medellin. That should be completed by January and we should be good to go by then!

  7. Hey buddy, very inspirational blog you got there. A lot of great stuff. I’m doing pretty well with internet marketing and my plan is to do something along your lines with traveling and lifestyle design. When I’ve lived in new countries before, access to networking have always been abundant because I’ve been participating in exchange programs or have done internships where you automatically get to know a lot of like minded people. How do you tackle this when you move to a new place? Would love to connect, hit me up. Best

    1. I always decide to just speak to the locals and then start going out with them Bjorn.. that’s pretty much it. Feel free to reach out love meeting other travelers!

  8. Next year I want to travel to South America, even if I am not quite sure by now, which countries I want to visit there. Colombia is definitely an option for me. I always thought that it would be very dangerous to live there but as you mentioned it, that’s maybe just a false believe because of its past.

    I also heard that Colombian girls are absolutely amazing. If that’s not a reason to travel there…

  9. Recently (as in, the past 24 hours) made the move too. Looking to get into teaching work again initially and finding a place to live. The city certainly feels bigger than I was expecting! Happy to have public transport again, Phnom Penh and Detroit have that absence. Any neighbourhoods or areas I should be looking at? Ideally a two or three bedroom place.

    1. I love Laureles Adam.. I would recommend to look in Estadio, Laureles, and Envigado. Those in my opinion would be the best. I prefer not to live in Poblado because there are too many foreigners and other things like very bad traffic. Hope that helps!

  10. When are more updates coming?! I am interested to hear more about your experience living down there longer term. You definately chose a great city to live in for the time being.

  11. Hi,
    I moved here 6 months ago and would love to meet people with a similar background. I have lived in 9 different countries and don’t know too many people here. Maybe you know of some people and groups and we can get to know each other. Thanks


    I have just read your story it is very inspirational. I’m from Australia, I have always expressed my interests in South America the continent that I want to explore before I die. Perhaps if I fall In love
    with the place I would definetly settle in this country. You have the best lifestyle that one can hope for. Are you interested in teaching me this specialised field in trading. I’m more than happy to make the permanent move to Colombia and learn the ropes. I would defiantly contribute to what ever direction you would like to head in with helping the community of Colombia. I’m looking for adventure. Australia is very bad every one here is possessed by technology. If I come to Colombia would you be interested in meeting me in person. I’m still trying to find my career here in Australia that’s why I haven’t went on my exploration of South America but perhaps my career could be in Colombia

  13. Hello I am business owner want to start up in medellin i own spa and salons in Florida i have not been able to reach out to anyone in the beauty industry.I would really appreciate so information on what direction to take

  14. Marcelo,
    I would like to get more infor about your Day Trader Program. Please email me and we will be in touch.

    Thanks a lot

  15. Above is an interesting read !

    I am considering a trip to Medellin with my now adult grand child who is a native of Medellin .

    At my age this is a stretch for me in one sense but as a widower and life long adventurer

    (of one sort or another). Something compelling !. ” One more grab for the ring” Not for need but

    fun. 🙂 and the successful conclusion of a self applied promise to initiate and deliver a particularly

    important solution to a problem .

    Wish me LUCK !

  16. Hi Marcello, I admire you so much, its my dream to travel around the world and live different experiences. I am from France but I live in London now. I met my Colombian boyfriend in London and he made me visited Colombia last summer and I felt in love. I was planning to join him in Colombia at the end of the year, but sadly it didn’t work out between us. However, my admiration and love for Colombia did not change and I am willing to go there and stay for sometimes. The issue is that I can’t stay more than 3 months as I need a working visa. I have been looking for job as Nutritionist because I am doing my masters in public health nutrition and I realised that most of the jobs for foreigners are based in the field of marketing and logistics, business… I might not know anything about your field but If you are willing to train a perfect novice and give me the chance to stay for longer in that beautiful country, I am a buyer. How does your training programs work? please get in touch with me. hope to hear from you.

  17. Hi Marcello just got back from Medellin, looking to move there in January.
    would like you to drop me a mail.
    i have been there 11 times in 2 years and i am itching to live there, i do have a good business at the moment but am looking at something to do in Medellin.


  18. Hi Marcello,
    I’m considering traveling to Medellin in six months or so. The purpose for my visit would be to check out the real estate market and I understand that as a cash buyer there are some very nice condos that can be purchase for around $ 300K US dollars. I was wondering your opinion on buying real estate in Medellin to live there permanently. I was also wondering if it is around 35K U.S. per person that has to be paid to the Colombian Government to become a permanent resident. Oh, one last question – roughly how does the healthcare work in Medellin and how much does it cost comparatively speaking/ Nice blog by the way !


    1. Hey Bill… I just bought two properties here in Medellin and have a great local contractor that I found that is going to be doing some work for me. I prefer the neighborhood of Laureles because it is on the rise while the over popular Poblado is on the decline. It is a great investment right now I honestly wish I would have came a few years ago. I considered purchasing property in 2011 but just didn’t move on it. You can get residency by purchasing a property that is either $106,000 USD or above $206,000 USD. I have a great lawyer that took care of everything for me and made sure that I was able to obtain the visa and the residency after the purchase of the penthouse. Healthcare is actually quite good here as well… I’ve had many friends that have had issues and they got things resolved right away. It is much cheaper than in the states!

  19. Hi Marcello, Robert here, I have chatted with many women from Medellin on dating sites, they seem wonderful and are not concerned with age, I am 51 they are mostly around 25. I know I keep telling them this is unacceptable in Canada but they insist that age does not matter. Is this a valid statement by them?, I was married 23 years, separated for 4 now, I want to find a nice woman and simpler life. I can sing, I am a tenor, I am a 20 year mechanical draftsman and have some construction skills. I am afraid I will not be able to work their, no jobs like here. I receive a small pension because my ex-wife’s illness of 20 years finally hurt us both, but is only $1,000 per month. Any advice is greatly appreciated as I have been in idle for so long I am wasting away here.
    Thanks Robert

    1. Rob I think you would be surprised to know that the legal age here for sexual consent is 14. There are quite a bit of 14 year olds that are quite glad to date a 50 year old man. In the west we would look at this as very irregular and unacceptable behavior BUT in Medellin it is accepted. It goes both ways here the young women want someone who is established (and has money usually) and older men want the younger women.

  20. Hey Marcello,

    Thanks for the article. It answered a lot of questions I had about Medellin. I’m currently a mobile software developer (iOS and Android) and I’ve been wanting to travel. Would you happen to know any software companies there who need mobile developers? If I can’t work on software there, I plan to move there to do the CELTA and find an english teaching job. Would you happen to know anybody who could help me out on either of these paths I could take? I don’t really have anybody to help me so I’m kind of going in blind here.


    1. I don’t know them personally but do know that this is considered the Silicon Valley of Latin America. There are tons of jobs related to the tech field here. Once you get here you can network and meet people that could possibly help. Business here is done the old fashioned way so being on the ground meeting people is the best way to go.

  21. Hi Marcello,

    Thanks for the info on the website. I am a Colombian Resident and US Citizen living in Bogota. I was wondering if you know what brokerage house I can open an account. I am running to road block with e-trade since I am no longer a US resident since I’ve lived so long in Colombia. I don;t think Interbolsa is anygood. Can you recommend something like an etrade for a gringo living in Colombia? Thanks DR

    1. Daniel… why don’t you just use a an address of a friend or family member in the US? They aren’t going to double check that. What is what I do to make sure I can still do business in the states.

  22. Hello Marcello,

    Thanks for all your valuable insights, much appreciated. Two of us have travel plans to Columbia at the end of October, our goal is to explore both Medellin and Cartagena real estate opportunities during our visit. Do you have an opinion in regards to Medellin vs. Cartagena. In Medellin specifically, can you elaborate on your opinion regarding Poblado v.s Laureles? Poblado was actually where we were planning to focus our attention in Medellin, but you’ve made me second guess my thinking. Any thoughts you can share would be much appreciated. Lastly, we are hoping to find a local resident to assist us during our time in the city of Medellin. Someone to show us the city and drive us from place to place, help us communicate with the locals. Neither one of us speak Spanish so having a translator and personal guide would be helpful. If you know of contacts that might be able to help in this capacity, please let me know.

    Best Regards,


    1. I would not recommend Cartagena. There are properties inside of the old city that are already in the millions USD. Bogota even has property that is comparable in price to that of the US. Medellin I would say has the best real estate so far in the country. You could also look at smaller cities like Manizales and others that are growing. I think Medellin has a lot of opportunity right now. Kinda hard to write everything here. Laureles has all the good parts of Poblado but none of the negatives. It also has more upside. I do have some people that can help feel free to contact me through the about page.

      Feel free to watch this video I made: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZJR4dEoQPS4&list=UU0Rchu01lEY5LdlBHhAKR9A

  23. hola marcelo . i do trade for living as well, i do fly to medellin every year, loved the city and the weather is awesome. , good for you that u r now in the city de la eterna primavera. i want to let you know , i do have an apartment to rent in envigado city for short vacation, for visitors from others countries . god bless

  24. Hi Marcello.

    I´m from Spain but I´m currently living in Medellín. If it´s possible, I would like to meet with you some day because I´m also a day trader and I think we can share our knowledge about this fantastic world of investment markets.

    I arrived in Medellín the 10th of August and I agree with your feelings and comments about Medellín. I would love to hear more about your thoughts.

    My telephone number is: 3126766995

    If it´s possible, please give me a call some time. I´m still trying to get settled in the city and I would really appreciate any advice you might have.

    Thanks for your time.

  25. Hi Marcello:
    I loved your blog. Live your dream brother. I am an African American originally from NYC that has had the good fortunate of being adopted in hearts of a Dominican family since the age of 3. They are dear to my heart. After 28 years of marriage to my Puerto Rican wife we have parted ways and I want to live in South American and remarry. I am a retired military and computer programmer engineer. I am preparing for my move in a couple of years by obtaining a degree in Information Security Specialist, improving on my Spanish and will be taking Salsa lessons shortly. I am a 58 years old but shockingly I look younger then my age according to my family and friends. I would be happy with a 40+ year old woman that I could love and be an best friend. Question would there be an opportunity for me to obtain work in the computer field I aforementioned. Nevertheless once I obtain my full compensation from the military (hurt on a mission) I will be making $5,500K monthly. I would be interested in purchasing at least a 4 bedroom condo. What are the price range for such an apartment. Being a New York I love the high rises and your city an many ways reminds me of Manhattan. Live your dream brother I am proud of you!!!!

  26. Hi Marcello,
    congratulations on cracking the code.
    I have for the past 10 years supported myself by trading. Traveling whenever, wherever I want. Surely a wonderful opportunity internet gave us.
    However in my experience I´ve noticed that what I do can´t be taught. My main component in trading is ignoring fear. Considering fear is a major component in 99% of peoples lives, (Fear of aging, sickness, loosing money/job/partner, saving for pension/rainy day/college fund…etc), these people will never be able to live off trading or live your lifestyle. Hence my initial comment “cracking the code”, i.e. not only the code for trading, but living life. The code is to ignore the fear corporate and governmental systems have instilled in us.
    Basically returning to the fearless living of our ancestors and the world´s current natives, Aborigines, Indians, Eskimos..etc. They do not fear tomorrow because nobody told them to. They would make perfect traders for my system. 🙂
    Anyway, sorry for the philosophical rant…lol… All I meant to write was, I´m headed over to Medellin in November to brush up on my Spanish. Will be camping out in Laureles.
    If you like I´ll give you a shout, and we can exchange experiences over a cup of Columbian coffee.

  27. Hi Marcello, I live in Chicago, and Im interested in moving to Medellin, I have a few questions if you can help me out. Please email me when you have time.


  28. Hello Marcello!

    I enjoyed reading your blog and your lifestyle really appeals to me! I am from North Carolina, but I am hoping to live in Medellin as soon as possible to work on my Spanish and immerse myself in another culture. Do you have recommendations on how to look for jobs in the area? I hope to be involved in a project that is helping others–something to do with community engagement. I am also interested in your day trading job and the freedom that gives you!
    I am also a musician and hope to connect with the music scene there. What do you think of the music? Do you think Medellin is a good place to go to learn music, or would you recommend another place in Colombia?

    Thank you so much!!

  29. Can you write an article about capital gain tax? I searched in google and Colombia charges 33% capital gain tax rate !!!!!

  30. I loved reading your post. My boyfriend and I hope to move there soon. We plan to open a business. It’s nice when someone focuses on the good in Medellin.

  31. Hi Marcello,

    I was hoping to move to Medellin for 2-5 months in the new year. I’m currently studdying in the UK and i’m looking for internship/work options in Medellin. What do you think the best way for me to go about searching and applying for internships ideally in the business or international relations field of study.

    Any advice would be of much help,
    Saludos, Courtney

    P.s. great article- very informative!

  32. Aloha! I am from Hawaiʻi and trying to find a place to live in South America for 3-6 months. I want to learn Spanish and be immersed in not only Spanish language but also in Latin American culture. I have been living in Paris so dont want something too metropolitan like Buenos Aires. Is Medellin a good place to get a taste of Colombian culture?? Is it authentic? Would you recommend it for me? Also, I am an English teacher, do you think there are options for me there? Thank YOU SOOO MUCH!!!!

    1. I wouldn’t recommend Buenos Aires it is quite dangerous now. Medellin I would recommend. One of the best places to live and also one of the best places to learn Spanish.

  33. Hi there!

    Interesting read indeed! My girlfriend lives in Carepa, Medellin and I am planning to move to Colombia during 1st quarter of 2015. My own background is pretty ‘mixed’. Born to a Turkish / Pakistani family in Dubai, my life has been a product of various cultures. English is my first language and I speak very basic Spanish.

    If you are still around when I come to Colombia, we could meet up sometime. Let me know if you would be interested. Cheers and take it easy!



  34. Hi Marcello.
    I am from Toronto Canada. I have been self employed all my life and have just shy of half a million in investments that pay me a monthly income. The problem I’m having is that unless your documents say retirement on them they won’t allow me to retire in Columbia. I was wondering if you know anyone who could help me in this regard. I find it most dishearting that with that much security there isn’t a way for me to retire their. Its enough money for ten columbians to live on for the rest of their lives. I was told it was fairly easy to retire there. Anyway, if you can help or recommend someone that would be great. Thanks, Steve

    1. Would be good to find a lawyer. I would recommend that you rephrase what you want to try and do here. Instead of telling them you want to retire here just let them know that you want to live here. There is a rentista visa that you can get that says something along the lines that you can live here if you are making a certain income a month. Have a lawyer handle that for you here in Colombia and they can give you the details of that.

  35. Marcello,

    Hoping that this is your name, are you in Medellin yet? I lived in Medellin for almost 8 years. I found myself disillusioned at the end. The reasons are obvious! unable to do much in a culture of uncertainty and trying to find certainty! so culture clash for 8 years was a little bit too much! found difficult to adapt because my dear husband couldn’t. Moving from a trust culture to a distrust one was very humiliating for him. We had to return to Europe! But I was left with a lovely flat with a breathtaking view over the city, with a lovely climate provided by the green and leafy hills of La Calera, and with a wish to sell it to a foreign person who would value the European features we added to the flat as we bought it on drawings.

  36. I want to thank you for the info.!!!..I will love to visit Medellin… but… right now is not a good time for me..( no money )…however I will like to keep in contact…. if is posible ?….Also just want to let you know that one of my dreams is do exactly what you doing trade and travel. Again thank you…and lookingforward hearing from you

  37. I have watched plenty of your videos. I am inspired to say the least. just visited El poblato for ten days. I fell in love. I’m looking at real estate right now. I want to know more about your day trading center. I have books on the market and how everything flows. Love the people and the women are well impressive.

  38. Hola!
    Me Alegra saber que te enamoraste de mi ciudad,
    Yo vivo en Pensilvania (USA) hace 12 años, ahora tengo una esposa americana y 5 hijos, la vida en América es cómoda pero las estaciones climáticas y la monotonía de vida me esta haciendo pensar en volver a vivir en Medellín. Me interesa tu opinión, la ultima vez que estuvimos en Colombia fue difícil pues todos los carros son pequeños, los apartamentos también y mi familia es muy grande (5hijos).
    Además mis hijos no parecen colombianos ellos son gringas ( rubios y peli rojos) mi esposa esta nerviosa por la seguridad de los niños y la de ella.

    Déjame saber que piensas o que aconsejas.



    1. Si es una cuidad que da muchas oportunidades Juan pero si necesitas dinero para poder salir con las cosas bien. No te seguiero que vienes aca y tratas de conseguir un trabajo.

  39. Hello,

    Great article you have here!… I’ve always tought we have the same tastes for everything.

    I would like to know more about the “courses” you mention with working with stock market and investmen. I’m not planning to get rich, but I love the fact of being able to travel around the world and work at the same time.

    Thanks in advance for your information,

    have a nice day.

  40. Hi wandering traveller.

    May I just say I love your blog and your life! As a travel fiend myself I love to read about your adventures round the world and aspire to do what you do one day. I am from London and stuck in a boaring office job when the only thing that bombards my thoughts is the one question…how the fuck can I get paid to travel the world??? I speak four languages fluently god damn it! But got a job interview tomorrow via Skype to teach in Colombia…and wasn’t sure where but your praise on Medellin has persuaded me to chose there 😉 Please could you tell me how you day trade and how I could get into it?


    Selin (soy una mujer porque lo se que mi nombre no es muy claro 😉

  41. I do not know if you are still in Medellin, I am looking for opportunities there. At the moment I am in college studying either engineering (civil or chemical) or mathematics (emphasize in business), i am second semester sophomore so i can go either way. I imagine the best way to do well and to contribute is to create jobs (for myself and others) that do not exist. You say that Medellin is on the up and up and you are always looking for investment opportunities. I seem to think that Medellin as most of South America imports the ‘modern’ rather than manufactures it there. What type of companies are doing well there? Is starting a small company something people try to do on a regular basis? I have thought mobile app development that caters to Colombia’s wifi only world with option to run in modes that offer optimization of limited data choice out side of wifi areas, as well as chemical production companies that create things used in manufacturing from local raw material (basically i imagine Colombia exports raw materials and imports the materials made), anyways mostly wanted to say hello.

    1. Lots of different types of companies are doing well here Dustin. The entire country is booming. The people of Antioquia are known for being very entrepreneurial.

  42. Hello,

    I have been in Medellin for two weeks and have two weeks remaining here. I’m staying with my friend, who is also from the USA, in Laurales. My espanol is weak at best. Do you know of any areas to visit or English speaking hostels/bars etc? I enjoyed reading your article and would like to find myself doing something similar to your lifestyle in the near future. Thanks, Ryan A.

  43. Hi Marcello,

    Good read. Very interesting, especially about the economy and how the city ranks amongst all the places you’ve visited. I’m headed there next week and am keeping your info and tips in mind.

    Thanks for sharing

  44. Que mas, Puesssssss!

    I wanted to tell you, Thank you; to appreciate and understand the Paisa culture. Really I was pleased to read your article! about my Medellin, my city!
    It’s interesting, because your opinion is very objective and real! not that of a person who visited Colombia and took the best impression. I think you have been immersed in the culture and have met its magic!

    After living many years abroad, I have concluded that Medellin! product of its history, conflicts, climate and other cultural aspects; It is a mine of values, the dark side counterpart which also should be emphasized.

    As you you mention it, it is the high-school, compared to cities like Rio de Janeiro! but this does authentic !!!! I think Medellin, enjoys even the naturalness of people! our idiosyncrasies is a deep root, pride and much regionalism! I think that it has maintained the hope, after so much violence; is normal to wonder, for those who know the story; is it possible that people are so friendly and even alla confidence ?.

    Really, I thank you again for your valuable feedback! not only are you sharing your experiences as a foreigner, Your contribution is immense, to restore confidence to many who wonder? , About this beautiful and unknown land!

    A hug from England and enjoy the city of eternal spring.

    Thank You!

  45. Hey, Bro. I read your experiences. It caught my attention because I am also U.S. Citizen as well however my family are from Colombian Background. I will be traveling to Medellin this coming June. My plans are to stay in such a great city. I will be visiting my Girlfriend in medellin also my brother that lives in Cali. But I enjoy meeting new people around the world. I wish you the best success out there. perphaps we will run to each other one day while im over there. my email address is rojasmichael87@gmail.com if you want to stay in touch. And yes man! beaaaautiful ladies in medellin…. take care puesssssss…… hahaha.

  46. hi,Marcello i found your blog by mistake. i’m Colombian but i live in Canada, i was so happy when i read those things about Colombia. my curiosity, make me keep reading your page, and i admire you!
    escribi el comentario en ingles i luego me di cuenta que eras de Venezuela asi que porsupuesto hablas espa;ol. aun asi queria decirte que estoy fascinada, y celosa para ser sincera. voy a tomar tu experiencia como inspiracion para mi vida.
    te deseo exitos en tu vida y si eres eres alguien afortunado 🙂

  47. Will be in Medellin next week. Looking for 2 bedroom apartment for 3 – 6 months.
    Any suggestions ?

  48. Good information. I am a black male considering relocating to Medellin, Columbia. I’m wandering how it will be for a Black man living in Columbia. I’ve been to Bogota and Cartegena but I hear Medellin is different. I would greatly appreciate any information you can provide. I will visit there for the first time in Jan 2016.


  49. I would love to come to Medellin soon..Just tired of USA and all the bills and craziness to pay them..But I am interested in Day Trading…I started read about candlestick charts and was pleasantly surprized at my ability to grasp the basics.
    I also worked on the flr. of the pacific stock exchange back in1987..
    hope to hear from u soon.
    USA 646/ 221.5093

  50. Really enjoyed your blog. I am hispanic, not Colombian, but my wife is and we were contemplating moving to Medellin. I have some contacts that would help me gain employment in the I.T. sector as, that is what I am doing now. Any information would be informative. Chao pues…..

  51. Thanks for the information. I am contemplating moving back to Medellin (lived there for a 6 months) this time with my wife (paisa) and my 3 children. I am Colombian-American born and raised in the states and was wondering if you had an recommendation as far as working in the US from Colombia?

    1. Find a job online William… there are lots of foreigners that hire foreigners that are living in Colombia for their businesses in the US. So keep that in mind. I day trade in the stock market for a living.

  52. I love Medellin. I have been living here for 3 years now and absolutely love it. The people and culture are amazing. The weather is always great and the woman are not that bad to look at either. I have found it to be cheap for cost of living for me at least. My last apartment I rented was from a website called gotomedellin.com. An amazing penthouse overlooking the city in El Poblado.

  53. I’ve been considering a move to Medellin from San Francisco, and though the salary for the position is generous in Pesos, its not even close to comparable in the dollars I have been making. I’m so curious to hear a little about wage differences -what currency do you work in, how is living cost etc- and more!

    1. I make a living off the US financial markets. I day trade in the stock market Monica. Local salaries are quite low compared to American standards unless you are a business owner or have a very high position.

  54. Hey, great article! I as well am here in Medellin and love it here! I am currently studying spanish in the city but would love to find an opportunity to make some money on the side! I would be very interested to hear your day trading strategy you mentioned in the article. I am here in Medellin if you would like to grab a coffee sometime and chat or feel free to send me a message!

    Hope to hear from you soon!

  55. Hi I am looking to move somewhere that is english speaking, clean, quiet, pretty, safe and inexpensive for the next year. I have 2 small children and recently lost my husband bc of a heart attack and need to get away. I’m having a very hard time and feel like getting away and moving to a place like this would help me. I want to just focus on my children. I live in Greensboro, NC and have never been out of the US. Can you help me? Oh and I do not want to live somewhere that is too hot or humid. Thank you

  56. Was there and I agree with you on most of what you say here. I fell in love it, and I only stayed here one week The city is organized in stratos. Which is some sort of zipcode which designates the finacial status of each community or barrio.
    wish to buy a place there.

  57. ¿Y que piensa de la bulla casi incesante (supongo que no hay mucho ruido en su penthouse), la ignorancia, los valores excesivamente conservadores, el racismo, el orgullo (¿y por qué orgullo?), las lomas pobres, los libres políticos criminales, los perros maleducados, el taco, la contaminación auditiva, la dificultad de salir de la ciudad debido a su ubicación, los animales callejeros, y la corrupción rampante? Y no olvide: mugre mugre mugre y una cultura que casi anima tirar la basura en las calles. ¿No se da cuenta de nada de eso? Una vez vaya a una parte que no sea La Ciudad del Rio, El Lleras, El Poblado, Envigado, o Las Palmas, hombre. No todo es miel sobre hojuelas. Tal vez haya aprendido mejor de Medellín desde que escribió esto.

  58. Still in Medellin amigo? I just arrived to study Spanish for a month at UPB. I am interested in real estate investments and would love to pick your brain over a Club Colombia

  59. Hey Marcello,

    I’m not sure if this is an old post or not, I love insights on Medellin and would like to get further knowledge on Living in Medellin and the economical opportunity for an American professional that was born and raised in Colombia during his childhood (Grew up in New England). I am following my significant other to Medellin because of her now Job – just wanted to get your two cents on where to start once I head down.

  60. I don’t know what it is but I have run into you on the internet many times. Oh btw I will be in Medellin for Xmas 2015.

    Best Regards,

    Ron Melville

  61. Marcelo, I am visiting from 11/15-
    11/19. Staying @ the Central
    Plaza Hotel. Have a female friend
    who will be my ” Tour Guide”.
    She lives in Medellin.
    Any suggestions for fun things to
    do within walking distance of hotel ?

  62. Hey! You’re still living in Medellin? I’ve been living in Cali for a year–a year to date, actually. I’m finishing up my Ph.D. in Conflict Analysis and Resolution and am thinking I might never actually get to use it in Cali. Cali is great, and I have great friends, but my heart isn’t there anymore. Also, there aren’t many opportunities for foreigners besides teaching English (sorry, but I haven’t been in university for over a decade to teach English). I’m in a transitionary stage but don’t think I want to leave Colombia. I’m visiting Medellin at the moment, thinking….maybe, just maybe I could start a new life here. Any thoughts? Thanks!

  63. Hey Marcello,

    Do you have an email address? I’m considered visiting Colombia next month and making a property investment, so I would love to chat with you. I’ve also seen your Youtube video and you seemed like a cool guy. I’m also a finance professional!


  64. Hello Marcelo,
    My name is Jacqueline and when I read your story, I was able to relate greatly. I am in Medellin right now. I have been here for three months, and I am in love with this place.

    I am also interested on your trading skills as see if is something that I would be able to do.
    I really don’t life offices and prefer to work from my computer as I travel a lot myself. I have lived everywhere including Kuala Lumpur, Lima, Houston, which is my place of residence. I am working with a couple of friends on a real estate project, looking for investors and such, maybe if I can profit with your trading abilities and I can make some extra money to build our dream.

    I already went to your page and I have not received anything jet.

    Please advice,


  65. Hey Marcello,

    I’m traveling to Medellin for a few weeks in June and was wondering if you would be down to grab a beer and maybe provide some insight about the city? Also, what are your thoughts on Colombian Cupid?

  66. Hey Marcello,
    I’m planning to move to Medellin with my husband and our little girl. Where is it a good place to live? We would like somewhere safe where she could go to school. Is there a way to find a job as an English teacher there if you have a degree?

    Thank you

    1. Poblado, Laureles, Envigado, or Estadio. In that order. Yes there are English jobs but honestly wouldn’t be able to give you any tips on that.

  67. Medellin is gorgeous from the pictures! I am now single and researching moving overseas. I am currently in US, and have been mostly interested in Latin and South America. I’ve been researching Costa Rica, Ecuador, Chile or Argentina. But now I am going to be adding Columbia to this list 🙂

  68. Hola amigo ! We are currently based in Panama but we are thinking of locating to Medellin. I am also trading from home for the last 4 years. As you know better than most trading requires a reliable internet connection. Can you really get this in Medellin ?

  69. Good info, thanks. I will be going to Columbia in 3 months and want to check out the coffee towns. I prefer one within 2 hrs or so from Medellin where there are some good restaurants etc. Would like a town say under 50,000 where there is some sort of gringos presence. Do you have any suggestions if you do not have that info where I might find it. So far Google has not given me that info.
    Appreciate your help a lot.I am a retiree so cheaper is better.
    Thanks again,

  70. Hola Marcelo,

    I was wondering if you might be able to provide me with some details on regards to work in Medellin. I am from Toronto, but my parents are from Medellin. My husband is getting deported to Ecuador and I am trying to gather some information from both countries. I currently do litigation work here in Toronto and he does construction (waterproofing, demolition etc..) I am 28 years old and he is 32, we have a 2 year old and an 11 month old. I have been to Medellin a few times but obviously vacationing is way different than living there. We are both fluent in Spanish and English. Might you know what we can expect when it comes to obtaining work in Medellin and also monthly expenses for basic necessities. Your assistance would be greatly appreciated.

  71. Hello, I am a US citizen living in Armenia Colombia. I have been having trouble trading because a US citizen in Colombia is taboo with Scottrade and TD Ameritrade only allows cash trades which take 3 business days to clear. The Day Trading Academy recommended Ninja Traders. I am concerned that telling them that I am a US citizen living in Colombia will spark the same problems and I won´t be able to day trade. Your advice? I love Medellin and Armenia is nice too.

  72. Hello. We are currently living in Panama, but will be leaving for Medellin October 1st. We have only heard good things about the city. For the first month we will live in Poblando, but will look into the neighborhoods that you have suggested long-termly. I am in need of a good orthodontist that is reasonably priced. Can you suggest one, or is their a site that I can refer to? With much thanks.

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