Update To Our Day Trader’s Penthouse In Medellin

Is it ready yet?

Is it ready yet?

It is almost ready!

This is the second update to the penthouse in Medellin that we are getting ready for all of our day traders that we are training with The Day Trading Academy (DTA). At the time of this writing we have knocked down four different walls, added a hookah room, and extended two bedrooms to become master bedrooms.

The concept behind the penthouse in Medellin will be to host our day traders from our training program via DTA.  This also includes anyone that has been part of DTA in the past and are now day trading full time!

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We have now amplified the penthouse to seven bedrooms from five bedrooms. Of those seven, three bedrooms will be master bedrooms. We have also decided to place Jacuzzis in each of these bedrooms and bathrooms so that we will have three large bathrooms with jacuzzis as well.

This would bring the total to seven bedrooms, five baths, of which are three master bedrooms and three baths. Four bedrooms will have their own bathroom and every room in the penthouse will have exceptional views of the city of Medellin.

After all, that a gene is all about open space and natural air.

We have done away with the wooden staircase and have decided on a light color marble. The hookah room as you can see in the video is nearly complete and is only missing three pieces of brown marble that has been shipped in from Spain. I am very excited about the kitchen which has been expanded by roughly 30 to 40%. I decided to keep the color scheme chic with black porcelain floors and dark wood for the cabinetry.

Look forward to sharing our updates as we already have one of our profitable traders, Nikolai, coming down to help us train some of our local Colombian day traders. He will be spending the entire month of April in Medellin, Colombia, in order to keep everyone in line.

Nikolai recently came to Medellin to spend the entire month of Christmas with his wife here with us and our traders. He also visited Spain and Bulgaria after returning to his home on Nantucket Island. He doesn’t know this yet but we are converting them into a Wandering Trader.

Soon, another one of our Master Traders, Manny, will come to Medellin to also assist us in training our newly christened Colombian traders.

Look forward to sharing our updates and also having some rooms available for you nomads out there that are looking to arrive in messaging.

Until next time, stay safe my friends.


  1. Sounds like something I’ll be interested in the coming years. I’m two years into a VoIP & Cloud start-up in Medellin and it’s a blast. Trading is always been something I’m wanted to do once I have the resources.

  2. Marcello,
    May be in Medellin soon. I will take your advice and concentrate on Laureles instead of Poblado


  3. Home renovation was never so much fun eh? Love the updates and photos here, and am keen to find out more about the day traders. The home looks incredible, and this blog is a gold mine for information. Enjoying perusing all the posts, and will be back for more daily!!!

  4. Hi DTA, I live here in Medellin, a business developer, seeking to become a proficient day trader. Please let me know how to join the group. If you need assistance in Colombia, let me know. I’m here to help, as well as to learn.

    Looking forward to your message


    1. Hey Sonya… the advantages of day trading is that we are able to do it anywhere in the world. For that reason we do much of our training online. That way you can learn how to do this anywhere in the world. As I told Brett here in the comment thread you can check out our sister site where we do all of our training at http://thedaytradingacademy.com and I will also have one of my traders contact you!

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