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My itinerary from Santiago, Chile

I’ve just returned from the Atacama desert, the highest and driest desert in the entire world.  Based in northern Chile near the border of both Bolivia and Argentina, its an amazingly desolate and interesting place to visit.  This  is not the reason for this post, it is rather to outline my itinerary while I’m living in Santiago, Chile and get your input of course.  Many people out there have been to the places I am aspiring to go, if you have any recommendations or tips shoot me a comment!

Living in Chile  gave me different first impressions.  One of the highlights of living in South America is I have direct access to Antarctica.  When I visited Tierra Del Fuego I got all the information on how to find a cheap last minute cruise to Antarctica and plan on sharing other great travel tips for those of you what want to travel the great continent.

There are a lot more things to see in Argentina and while Chile does not have anywhere near the same amount of tourist sites it does provide direct access to places like Bolivia and Easter Island.  This could save me hundreds and even thousands of dollars.  One example is the horrific stories I have heard of trying to see Salir de Uyuni.  Instead of taking a bus, talking to Pablo’s sister’s friend’s cousin about getting a place to stay, and being left by a drunk Bolivian driver in the middle of nowhere,,  I found an excellent tour company that leaves out of Chile and drops you off guess where? In Chile.  Bolivia is one of the most inefficient countries in South America and I want to press my luck with Chile not Bolivia when Im near the middle of nowhere.  Here is my itinerary:

  • Santiago, Chile – Capital of Chile
  • Atacama Desert: Highest and driest desert in the world
    • Access to Andes mountains & Chilean coast
  • Antarctica – Need I say more?
  • Viñe del Mar & Valparaisio – Coastal cities near Santiago
  • Calafate, Argentina – Site of one of the only growing glaciers in the world
  • Torres del Paine  – Incredible National Park in Southern Chile
  • Salir de Uyuni, Bolivia – Largest Salt Flat in the world
  • La Paz – Capital of Bolivia and access to the Death Road
  • Salvador, Brazil – CAAARNAAAVAAAAALLLLL!

P.S:   Merry Christmas! By the time you are reading this I will be on a cruise to Antarctica!

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