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The Colosseum in Rome

The Colosseum in Rome

  The Colosseum in Rome is one of the things in the world that you cannot describe in person.  There is that burning desire to see it because of it grandeur and glory.  The history of the Roman Empire is covered in detail across our history books like many few things are.  After visiting roughly […]

Missing This Sunset in Koh Samui

Sunset in Koh Samui Thialand

I remember this sunset in Koh Samui like it was yesterday. I good friend of mine at LBW Travel invited me out for a yearly staff party. This was no ordinary staff party since he rented a yacht and two suites with infinity pools overlooking the bay. Lucky for us we were able to witness this […]

How To Avoid Bank Fees While Traveling

How To Avoid Bank Fees While Traveling

Avoiding bank fees while traveling while traveling is something that everyone should learn how to do. Avoiding credit card fees, currency exchange fees, and foreign transaction fees while traveling overseas is important in order to save money for more trips and adventures. In this travel tips post we are going to cover the main fees charged by […]

Pier At Nantucket Island On A Sunny Day

The Town Pier on Nantucket Island

The day we visited the pier on Nantucket Island was nothing but sun and beautiful weather.  I was actually on the island on business as I was visiting one my day traders that I teach via the Day Trading Academy.  It was actually an entire tour of traders I was visiting from Canada all the […]

Gondolas On The Grand Canal In Venice

Gondolas On The Grand Canal In Venice

These gondolas on the Grand Canal in Venice were one of my favorite sites of the city. Every day I would get up at 4 or 5 in the morning in order to see the sunrise at the main square called Piazza San Marco. Who am I kidding? I would actually stay up all night […]

Things To Know About Visiting Medellin, Colombia

Medellin Colombia

These are the things to know about visiting Medellin, Colombia.  I’ve been rediscovering life in the city ever since I arrived just a few days ago. It has been an extremely rigorous year of travel in 2013. So far I have visited upwards of 15 countries across five continents and lived in six different countries. […]

Scuba Diving With Sea Turtles In Hawaii

Sea Turtle Hawaii

Diving with sea turtles in Hawaii is an amazing experience and one of our new contributing Wandering Traders decided to send us a hello from a recent trip scuba diving in Hawaii.  If you don’t remember Tyler was the winner of our recent contest to Jordan and he has already become a Wandering Trader in […]

A Serene Sunrise in Venice

Sunrise in Venice

 This sunrise in Venice was capped off with a pleasant surprise.  The massive sail boat passing in the distance was something that I have been waking up at 5 am every morning to see.  The sunrises in Venice normally occur around 5.50am but getting there early is what its all about.  To the left one […]

An Terrific Sunrise in Guam

Sunrise in Guam

This sunrise in Guam was taken by one of our day traders that also happens to be day trading & traveling around the world.  He is currently in Guam continuing to refine his techniques and find consistency in order to quit his job and day trade full time.  Since Guam is roughly 14 hours ahead […]

Reflecting On Traveling Around The World: The Reunion

Marcello Arrambide in Ushuaia, Argentina

Traveling around the world it seems appeals to everyone now a days.  I suspect that it is not the act of traveling that appeals to most but the art of having one’s freedom and living their own lifestyle.  I officially decided to leave the United States and start traveling around the world roughly 3 years […]