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The Defamation Of The 5 Star Hotel: India

Taj Mahal Palace & Hotel

I have been exploring Incredible India now for close to 2 months and have had to make considerable choices in terms of lodging, transport, and dietary needs.  I have been coerced into staying at 5 star hotels with names that contain palace due to my day trading profession.  The free western breakfasts and reliable hot […]

Sensory Overload in India: Challenging The Extreme

People of India

I just wrapped up one of the most interesting, fascinating, and toughest trips that I have ever taken in my life, a  15 day trip through Rajasthan.  The main reason to visit India wasn’t only to experience one of the most varied places in the world, but also to see the viability of opening a […]

Visiting India & Starting A New Life

map of india

Visiting India for the first time started a recurring theme that has occurred in my new lifestyle traveling around the world, picking up and actually moving to another country.  Not just visiting the country but actually taking all my belongings that I have amassed in a grandiose medium size Nike duffle bag as well as […]

A Beautiful Day At Stonehenge


The day at Stonehenge in England couldn’t have been any better.  Living in London for two months October & November I started to get accustomed to the horrible weather that England (and London) are known for.  I scoured the internet for weather reports and finally found a day where partly cloudy and “low chances of […]

Gangnam Style: Ridiculously Cool Robot Edition in London

Gangnam Style: Ridiculously Cool Robot Edition in London

The Gangman Style song sung by South Korea’s Psy and now has gone robot.  During the World Travel Market In London, the South Korean Tourism Board had a booth where they created a handful of robots to dance the famous Gangnam Style dance. This is one of the most impressive things that I have seen […]

Architecture in Antwerp, Belgium

Antwerp in Belgium

This is the beginning of the famous shopping district in Antwerp, Belgium.  You can find some of the top stores around the world in Antwerp surprisingly enough, its a small city with very big intentions.

Meet Antwerp, Belgium: The Little City That Could

Antwerp, Belgium

The city of Antwerp, Belgium, is a city that I expected nothing of.  Since Belgium is one of Western Europe’s most underrated destinations, Antwerp may fall under the radar to larger cities such as Brussels & the popular Bruges. I’m here to officially put Antwerp back on your radar. The tiny city housing roughly half […]

Scenes From The Flanders Festival in Ghent, Belgium

City of Ghent, Belgium

A great mix of culture & music, the Flanders Festival in Ghent is something to be witnessed.  I absolutely loved the people & there is something for everyone in Ghent, Belgium.  I find the country to be extremely underrated compared to its neighbors and the festival was nothing short of amazing. This shot below is a stage […]