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The Victoria Falls Gorge

The Victoria Falls Gorge

This picture of the gorge at the Victoria Falls is taken from the Zimambwe side of the falls.  Many people don’t know this but the best views of the falls are actually on the Zim side, not the Zambia side.  You can see most of the gorge and the falls from the Zimambwe side while […]

Im Walking Cheetahs For A Living (Literally)

Im Walking Cheetahs For A Living (Literally)

That’s right, I’m changing my job because this was such an amazing experience.  Being able to walk with a group of cheetahs was very special to me because cheetah’s have always been my favorite animals growing up, when I played soccer I was always the fastest person on the field and many people nicknamed me […]

Colorful Buildings Of La Boca: Buenos Aires

la boca, la boca argentina, la boca buenos aires

The La Boca neighborhood in Buenos Aires is something that you have to see to experience.  It is a tourist trap by any definition but a unique experience none the less.  When you roam the streets you will find tango dancers serenading you to dance with them and small cafes lined on the streets where […]

Baby Elephant Drinking Milk: Nairobi, Kenya

baby elephant, elephant,

To see all of the baby elephants that have been rescued at the elephant orphanage in Nairobi is something out of this world.  Its one thing to see a baby elephant period, but to be able to get up close and personal with them and see how they interact with both you and each other […]

St. Georges Cathedral- Lalibela, Ethiopia

st georges cathedral, cross church, cross cathedrail

The church shaped like of a cross in Lalibela, Ethiopia is known as the St. George’s Cathedral.  There is an entire complex of churches in Lalibela and many Ethiopians call it the second Jerusalem.  On top of the all the churches that are that are carved out of stone, there are also many monasteries in […]

Architecture in Asuncion, Paraguay

architecture in Paraguay, architecture in asuncion, architecture

The architecture in Paraguay, similar to many countries in South America, is a remnance of a the beauty that once was in South America.  Many cities in the southern continent are now falling apart due to negligence, corruption, and lack of maintenance.  I can compare a few countries that fit into this category alongside Asuncion including […]

The Somaliland Countryside


There is something very unique about the countryside in Somaliland,  the baron desert where camels roam has a very unique feel to it.  There was even a hysterical afro truck that we passed along the way which I will be posting soon.  This mountain (or hill) range stretches all the way from Somaliland to Ethiopia. […]

Orthodox Christian Priests in Gorgora, Ethiopia

orthodox christian, priests, priest

I have never been exposed to Orthodox Christianity other than my recent trip to Ethiopia.  It was very interesting to see a completely different side of Christianity all throughout the country.  The two men above are found in a very small monastery just outside the popular city of Gondar (the Camelot of Ethiopia).  The monastery was located […]

Architecture in Salvador, Brazil

Salvador, salvador brazil, architecture in Salvador

There is something special about Salvador, Brazil.  The city has a lot of history being the first slave market in the new world and even being home a very popular Michael Jackson music video (click here for post).  I was lucky enough to visit Salvador for the people’s Carnival in Brazil.  You can find much […]