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I didn’t get robbed in Johannesburg!

Gated doors in Johannesburg

I don’t think I have ever had as bad of a feeling about a city other than Johannesburg.  I met a young South African woman that grew up in the city while we were partying at Carnival in Brazil and she said to me “you can’t grow up in Jo’burg without getting robbed or mugged”.  […]

Curse You Central Africa!

Funny T-shirt from Livingstone, Zambia

Curse you Zambia!  After my trip to Israel I really thought I had my life figured out for a few days; live in Colombia for a few months, live in Israel for a few months, and go travel somewhere new for a few months.  Traveling to Zambia made me realize again how traveling around the […]

Walking a Lion in Livingston, Zambia

Walking a Lion, touching a lion, petting a lion

Walking a lion in Zambia!  Not petting a lion, not taking pictures of a lion up close, walking a lion (and holding on to it’s tail)!  When you get up close to the lions they are very intimidating.  They are absolutely massive and you have to take extra precautions like walking with a tiny stick […]

Gorgeous Sunset in Madagascar

Sunset in Madagascar, sunsets, pictures of sunsets

This sunset in Madagascar is what I had the pleasure of seeing every single evening.  We took a 4 day canoe trip down the Tsiribihina river (southwest coast) on our way to see The Stone Forest & the Avenue of the Baobabs (so excited).  Its funny because the only reason that I came to Madagascar for […]

Floating In The Dead Sea: Israel

Floating In The Dead Sea: Israel

When the Once In A Lifetime Crew first contacted me about the blogger trip to Israel I immediately thought of the dead sea.  You actually float in the water without even trying and getting into the water was so surreal.  The second I thought about the things to do in Israel the first thought that came […]

The Zambezi Hustle: Zambia

Kilamanjaro Cafe in Livingstone, Zambia

With no awkward hesitation the man says “Hello” and I of course reply back with “what are you selling?”  I have been jaded by life in Kenya where everyone wants to sell you something “for a really good price”.  He ignores my reply and says “where are you from my friend” and instead of getting […]

The Kibbutz Experience: Israel

Picture of the Kibbutz

Shabat Shalom said the man.  I was still trying to learn other Hebrew words in Israel to expand my complicated language skills, I was already starting to mix Swahili with Hebrew.  We were headed to a Kibbutz to have dinner during Shabat which is the Jewish version of Sunday.  Normally, only members of the Kibbutz eat […]

I’m a Jollyboy in Zambia!

victoria falls hostels, hostels in livingston

The Zambian people don’t stop their hospitality at random conversations on street corners and in front of the entrance of the Victoria Falls.  Not even the lime transporting truck driver that was from Congo could resist being hospitable once he crossed the Zimbambwe border into Zambia (he gave us a ride into the city). Google […]

The Shak Shuka Flame: Jaffa, Israel

shak shuka israel, shakshuka israel

After we explored Tel Aviv, Israel, they took us to try a popular Israeli dish called Shak Shuka.  The 13 day trip to Israel would have never been the same if we didn’t get to try some typical dishes.  Just outside the city of Tel Aviv you can find a very historic city called Jaffa […]