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Hindu Temple in Paramaribo, Suriname

hindu temple, hindu temple in paramaribo, temples in paramaribo

There aren’t just Hindu temples in Paramaribo, Suriname, there is an entire slew of cultures that come together in the country.  It is absolutely fascinating to experience and see, when the entire world is fighting about religion Suriname really sets the example for peace and harmony with cultural diversity.  While there are many places around […]

Penguin Fight at Cuverville Island, Antarctica

penguins at cuverville island, penguins antarctica, penguins cuverville, cuverville island antarctica

The penguins at Cuverville Island, Antarctica aren’t an aggressive bunch, the problem is that there is little real estate for each penguin family to have a nest.  I loved to watch the penguins try to walk through the entire penguin colony at Cuverville Island because it was similar to playing Frogger.  Each penguin had to […]

A Church In Harar, Ethiopia

church in harar, church in ethiopia, pictures of harar, pictures of ethiopia

This is one of the first scenes that I saw in Harar.  The city is extremely small but there is something very special about the city.  Harar is the 4th holiest city for Muslims and ironically, just like Jerusalem, it is in a country with a different religious majority (Christian in Ethiopia).  The city is […]

Feeding a Hyena With My Mouth: Harar, Ethiopia

feeding hyenas, hyena feeding, feeing hyena

Feeding the Hyenas in Harar was one of the top things to do in Ethiopia once I realized you can actually get up close and personal with these elusive animals.  It is an age old custom in Harar and there are different locations where you are able to see the Hyena feedings.  The man you […]

MIG in Hargeisa, Somaliland

MIG in Hargeisa, Somaliland

This MIG in Hargeisa is probably the only monument to see in the capital of republic of Somaliland.  It is something that symbolizes the long struggle that Somalilanders have faced.  Not only is it actually a Russian fighter plan that crashed while bombing the city, but it is also their war memorial to remind the people […]

Never Judge Somaliland By Its Cover

Never Judge Somaliland By Its Cover

I really liked Somaliland, especially when I started to dive deeper into the culture like flirting with women in a full Burka and Veil, twice.  They started it, I promise.  In the present day, Somaliland resembles most Muslim countries; men have the latest beard fashion designs, women enjoy being covered head to toe in clothing […]

This Somali Man Is Awesome

red beards, henna beards in Somalia, Somali beards, why do Somali men paint their beard's red

An ode to you Mr. Red Bearded Somali man Your red beard is almost as awesome as the sun, except you are more awesome.  Not only do you refuse to buy hair club for men, you paint your beard with red henna paint.  Why?  Because red henna paint is awesome, that’s why.  There are many […]

Nubian Sanstone in Israel: Amram Pillars

nubian sandstone, amram pillars, pillars israel

Just outside the foothills of Eilat, Israel, there is a magical desert waiting to be explored.  You can actually go from beach front property into a protected area where you can’t hear a sound for miles.  The Pillars that you see are called the Amram Pillars and they are made out of Nubian Sandstone.  The […]

Beautiful Countryside of Kigali, Rwanda

kigali, rwanda, kigali rwanda, pictures of kigali

The countryside of Kigali, the capital of Rwanda, absolutely blew me off of my feet.  I must have told my no homo motorcycle taxi driver to stop not 1 million times, 2 million times.  The lush green mountainsides remind me of Medellin while the country had a feeling of Germany, in Africa.  I will explain, in another […]

Learning How To Speak Argentinian Spanish

Learning How To Speak Argentinian Spanish is very easy if you know how to speak regular Spanish.  The Spanish dialect found in Argentina is influenced heavily by both the Italian language and customs.  Another very unique trait of Spanish in Argentina is how they pronunciate different vowels.  There are some different words used in Argentina that […]