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The Western Wall in Jerusalem

The Western Wall in Jerusalem is one of the oldest and significant things that you can find in the world today.  There aren’t many things in the world that have so much history and mean so much to so many people.  Walking to the Western Wall was a very surreal experience and it felt a bit […]

No Homo: Colombian Style

men on the colombia coast

This obscene gestures you will see in the pictures below are something that is very common around the world.  In the United States however, you will never catch a man caressing another man on a motorcycle.  For my older viewers, no homo refers to a joke that young men say in the United States when […]

Exploring the Religions of Israel: The Druze

Druze women

The Druze is the second religion that I encountered that I had no idea existed on my trip to Israel.  I connected immediately with the Bahai Faith but the Druze religion has a few aspects that I found complex and rather unusual.  We were able to spend an evening in a typical Druze village and restaurant […]

The Western Wall: Jerusalem

The Western Wall Jerusalem, western wall, the western wall

Seeing the western wall for the first time makes you feel a bit funny.  This is the holiest place on Earth for Christians and Jews and in just a 5 minute walk you will find the third holiest place for Muslims.  There are constant excavations going on roughly 20 feet underneath the floor that you […]

The Kibbutz Sunset: Israel

Sunset in Israel, kibbutz sunset israel

We were able to spend a full day in a Kibbutz while on my trip to Israel.  They took us to a typical Kibbutz where we were able to join the members for typical Saturday night meal.  If you didn’t know Saturdays for Jews is a day of rest called Shabbas (pronounced Shabbat).  During Shabbas, everyone eats at […]

Taking Travel For Granted

Perito Moreno Glacier, glacier in argentina

They say that travel is the best teacher, I really can’t describe how my perceptions and thoughts have changed while I have been traveling around the world during the last year.  I was born in a third world country, raised in a 1st world country, spoke 3 different languages at the age of 20, and […]

Conquering Eastern Africa (Madagascar & Vic Falls Too!)

Map of Africa

The time has come to explore all of Eastern Africa.  So far I have only explored Nairobi, considering that I have been officially living in Kenya for about 2 months and my South Sudan Visa is going to take longer than expected, I decided start my journey at the Victoria Falls.  The main reason is […]

How Traveling is Breaking My Heart

Petting a cheetah, petting cheetahs

Traveling around the world sucks, literally I can’t even begin to organize all of the thoughts, pictures, people, weird things I have put in my mouth, and unique things that I have experienced within just the last 6 months let alone the last year. This site was only meant to be a traffic generator for […]

Traveling to Israel is like Colombia, Sababa Parce!

Colombian Men

I didn’t know that two countries that were so different could have so many similarities.  Both countries happen to be bordered by 5 countries and have a great coastline.  While I didn’t get to explore the coastline in Israel, be aware that the Colombian Coast is the land of hustlers.  It isn’t so much the […]

Exploring the Religions in Israel: The Bahai Faith

Bahai Gardens Temple, Bahai Gardens

There were some very exciting things that I did on my trip to Israel like doing back flips into the Jordan River and scuba dive with Dolphins.  There was also very interesting aspects of religions and culture that we were able to learn about.  Two of those religions that I learned about most people haven’t […]