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The Faces of Jerusalem: The Clergy Man

jewish rabbi in israel

I mean seriously, how cool is this guy.  He is one of the few people that was very nice about getting his picture taken in the Old City of Jerusalem, Israel.  I really don’t know what else I can say about this guy.  He was chilling where Jesus’ tombstone is in Jerusalem, automatic cool points.  And look […]

A Word Describing Travel to Israel: Sababa!

Mud Bath at the Dead Sea

Traveling to Israel has always been on my list but I never thought that I would actually get a personal invite by the Israel Ministry of Tourism.  Last night we had an event where we met many of the people involved that brought together the Once In A Lifetime Project.  There was a moment where […]

Exploring the Magic of Israel

kid that needs heart surgery

In the last week I have explored more parts of Israel than I have even attempted to explore in the cities that I have grown up in.  You only need to know where the 24 hour hot dog stand is and you’re set.  As I have spread the word that I am in Israel, I […]

The Kibbutz Bee in Israel

black bee, kibbutz bee

I arrived in the Kibbutz today to see what the Kibbutz lifestyle is all about.  Apparently it involves bees that work out and take steroids.  Look at that thing!  We arrived just before the sun went down so I made sure to walk outside and start taking pictures.  I had to tip toe around a […]

The Jaffa Clock Tower: Israel

jaffa clock tower,

Enter Jaffa, Israel.  Its thought to be one of the oldest cities in the world.  Who would have thought that just outside the party mecca of Israel (Tel Aviv) there would be a city with so much history? Aside from partying, Tel Aviv is also home to one of the fastest growing hi-tech sectors in […]

Back Flips Into the Jordan River: Israel

jordan river

The Jordan River. THEE JORDAN RIVER.  Yesterday the Once in Lifetime Crew took us to a Kibbutz where we were able to swim on the Israeli side of the Jordan River.  I of course had to do my holy back flip into the water.  God did bless me with a great landing but he took my hair […]

Visiting Israel: My first Impressions

save a childrens heart

Visiting Israel has opened up my eyes to a world that I have never seen before, in or out of the media.  There is a conflict in Israel this is known.  What I don’t know is who stole who’s milk and cookies.  What I do know is that if someone stole my Butterfinger I would […]

View From Above: Neko Harbour, Antarctica

neko harbor, harbors in Antarctica, pictures of Antarctica, Antarctica photos, Antarctica iceburgs, cruise ships to Antarctica

Neko Harbour in Antarctica is one of the stops that most Antarctica cruises visit.  While most people swim at Deception Bay, there were a handful of people in my tour group that decided to strip and jump in the water at Neko Harbour.  The view you are looking at is after a small hike up the […]

The Eyes Of A Cheetah-Nairobi, Kenya

eyes of a cheetah, pictures of cheetah, cheetah pictures, safari walk nairobi, cheetahs in nairobi, cheetahs in kenya

No I will not lie and say that I took this bad ass picture on my safari in Kenya.  What I will say is that it was taken at Safari Walk inside the Nairobi National Park.  There were two cheetahs in the park and they were great posing for pictures.  The one that you are […]

Riding An Ostrich & Then Eating It: Nairobi, Kenya

  I don’t know if riding an ostrich and then eating it is the most ironic thing that I have done my life.  I do have to be honest that playing with the ostriches at the Maasai Ostrich Farm in Nairobi was very cool.  I got great video of a female mating dance and since […]