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What McDonald’s & Chinese People Have In Common

What McDonald's & Chinese People Have In Common

  I have been traveling most of my life and there are two travel lessons that I can give you that have saved me every single time. I have been subject to the infamous tardiness of the Argentinians, the obsessive laziness of the Sicilians, the blistering cold of Iceland, and yes the false accusations of […]

The Smiling Leopard Seal: Antarctica

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This guy was one of the highlights omy trip to Antarctica.  It was during the zodiac cruise tour (small cruise boats) that we were driving around looking at glaciers that we spotted this guy.  The small piece of ice that he was sitting on was sitting against a massive glacier.  The drivers of the boats […]

Iconic St. Georges Cathedral: Georgetown, Guyana

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This picture was actually taken from the tiny airplane that I took to the Kaieteur Falls.  When you take the plane to the falls they always fly around the both the city as well as the falls in the air so you can take excellent areal pictures.  The St. George’s Cathedral is one of the iconic things […]

Church At San Pedro De Atacama – Chile

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This is the main church in the city of San Pedro de Atacama in the Atacama Desert in Chile.  Its a small church but it is the mainstay of the entire town.  From here you walk to the mini market, the museum, the tourist office is in site, pick a tour company, and get offered […]

My Favorite Piece At The Gold Museum: Bogota, Colombia

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This is one of my favorite museums so far in all of South America.  I usually am not a museum person but this place was really fascinating.  The last part they have a video where there are a handful of gold pieces on the wall and they do a presentation where they play with the […]

Sunset On The Iceland Countryside

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This picture was taken on one the Iceland tours that I took.  The majority of people that live in Iceland live in the capital of Reykjavik (say that three times fast).   The people on the tour bus must have not liked us because we kept telling everyone to stop so I could take pictures […]

The Blue Lagoon In Iceland

Blue Lagoon in Iceland

This picture was taken at the entrance of the Blue Lagoon right before you sell your soul to enter.  A tourist trap by any definition, the Blue Lagoon in Iceland is very overpriced and they also have a salon and restaurant to please both your stomach and your urge to relax.  The actual experience was […]

Walking on Water in Salar De Uyuni: Bolivia

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Salar De Uyuni Uni in Bolivia is one of the most amazing things that I have seen around the world, it is truly something that will take your breath away.  The best time to go is during the rainy season when there is a small layer of rain over the salt flats.  This, in addition […]

Graffiti in Valparaiso, Chile

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Valparaiso is a town roughly 2-3 hours away from the bustling capital of Santiago, Chile.  Many tourists combine this Chile tourist attraction with its sister city Vine Del Mar.  Valparaiso is a very artsy city that is uniquely defined by its hills.  Many prominent figures like Paul Allen have been known to drive their yachts to the […]

Lacerda Elevator in Salvador De Bahia, Brazil

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The elevator itself is one of the popular landmarks in Salvador de Bahia, Brazil.  The people of the city and tourists alike take the elevator to get up on the mountain.  Once on top you can enjoy one of the best ice creams in the city at a small shop withing the station.  This is […]