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Looking Beyond The Valley: Atacama Desert, Chile

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Pictures in the Atacama Desert are absolutely breathtaking.  The Atacama Desert is one of the most unique ecosystems in the world.  This was on the Salar de Tara tour and the valley below is actually where we had lunch inbetween mountains of rock that were formed my ash from now extinct volcanoes. Click here for […]

What Would Travel Be Without Europe?

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First let me apologize for the massively long post, I was inspired. Think about this for a second, where does everyone want to travel to? According to World Tourism Rankings, Europe has 5 of the top 10 visited countries in the world. The most visited city in the world is Paris, that’s why they say […]

When A Long Term Traveller Falls In Love

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We have one goal in mind, keep going. Keep seeing those unique wonders of the world that everyone strives to see. There are a myriad of different types of long term travelers that I have met on my current around the world trip; people who backpack their way around the world, people who have strive […]

The Pictures That Describes Medellin Perfectly

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This picture could not describe Medellin more perfectly.  You can see the city in the valley and the towering Andes mountains in the back drop.  I currently am living in Medellin, the city of eternal spring, during the rainy season.  Every day you can see the storm clouds coming in over the city.  This is […]

The Salt Flat Walk Way: Atacama Desert, Chile

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This was the walkway that you have to walk to see the flamingos that fly inbetween the ponds at the Salar De Atacama in the Atacama Desert in Chile.  The best time to see the flamingos is during the sunset as thats when they are most active.  There are sections of the Atacama desert where […]

The Pimp Taxi: Medellin, Colombia

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Strolling through Barrio Colombia in Medellin and I ran into this bad boy.  I should have taken a picture of the owner because he was just as funny as this taxi.  Imagine this taxi in Medellin picking you up from the airport? LOL.  Enjoy:    

Reggae Concert In Asuncion, Paraguay

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I really love it when I see cultures resonate through other cultures.  We have seen this extensively in the world with American culture.  Jamaican Reggae has also resonated through the world with its laid back music.  Reggae music can be found through Europe, (Alborosie-on of my favs), and even through Brazil (Nati-Ruts).  I met a […]

New York Times Square At Night

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Times Square in New York City is a place that is very unique, no other place like it in the world.  The sheer magnitude and bright lights will knock you off your feet once you step food in the square.  Even Canada tried to mimic Times Square by creating one of Toronto’s tourist attractions, Dundas Square, […]

Admiring Penguins in Port Lockroy, Antarctica

Port Lockroy, Antarctica

Antarctica is very magical place, to try to describe it wouldn’t give it justice.  This picture was taken at Port Lockroy, a British museum and post office.  The official “most southern most post office in the world” which will take 2 months for post cards to arrive since everything is sent via ship.  Ironically the […]

Dancing Salsa In Medellin, Colombia

This is a video from my buddy Dave who have been living in Medellin 6 months out of the year.  The people in Colombia absolutely LOVE dancing and Salsa is definitely one of their specialties.  In the video you will see that my buddy David definitely breaks the old adage that white boys can’t dance!   I […]