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People Doing Awesome Things Right Now

People Doing Awesome Things Right Now

ArtofBackpacking – Tag team duo of Micheal Tieso and Teresa Gotay.  Teresa was recently in Aruba and heading to Europe in March while Micheal is in China.  Since I am heading to China as soon as late this year I have been keeping close tabs on both their adventures.         Tourist2Townie – […]

Speaking in Penguin Tongue: Neko Harbour, Antarctica

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Neko Harbour is home to a large penguin colony and also one of the oldest British bases.  Once you depart the southern most city in the world, Ushuaia, your cheap Antarctica cruise will take you to this popular Antarctica attraction.  This is also the location where you can send your Antarctica postcards which will take over […]

Best Way To Keep Track Of Your Frequent Flyer Miles

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Truth be told, the reason why companies like for us to sign up for award programs (frequent flyer miles and points) is because we have a much higher probability of being loyal.  This loyalty means big bucks for not only airlines, but hotels and even car rental companies.  You know the trick, you “have to” […]

Geysers in Bolivia

Bolivia pictures, pictures of geysers, pictures of Bolivia

The geysers in Bolivia are not very impressive in comparison to the one found around the world, what is impressive are the unique colors and rocks that surround the geysers.  the picture that you see above at one point was completely clear until all of a sudden the geysers exploded I found myself feeling extremely […]

She Made Me Do It: Ottawa, Canada

pictures of ottawa, ottawa parliament, pictures of ottawa parliament, statues in canada, statues in ottawa, pictures of statues

Ottawa is a very unique place in Canada and the culture in the capital city of Canada is completely different to those in Canada and even Montreal.  The statue you see above was found walking around around the touristic area of the city near the parliament buildings.  If you look just on the top right […]

Kung Fu Fighting At Salar De Uyuni, Bolivia

salar de uyuni, walking on water in bolivia, walking on water bolivia, pictures of bolivia salt flats, camera tricks

In Salar De Uyuni, Bolivia, the unique why not affect gets travelers tons of inspiration to create unique effects at their pictures. There is an illusion of depth of field due to the fact that you can’t see where Lance starts and where the sky ends.  It is a very unique place in Bolivia, and […]