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She Made Me Do It: Ottawa, Canada

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Ottawa is a very unique place in Canada and the culture in the capital city of Canada is completely different to those in Canada and even Montreal.  The statue you see above was found walking around around the touristic area of the city near the parliament buildings.  If you look just on the top right […]

Kung Fu Fighting At Salar De Uyuni, Bolivia

salar de uyuni, walking on water in bolivia, walking on water bolivia, pictures of bolivia salt flats, camera tricks

In Salar De Uyuni, Bolivia, the unique why not affect gets travelers tons of inspiration to create unique effects at their pictures. There is an illusion of depth of field due to the fact that you can’t see where Lance starts and where the sky ends.  It is a very unique place in Bolivia, and […]

Coffee In Canada: The Good, Bad, & Disgusting

Tim Hortons

There aren’t a lot of people that don’t like coffee.  When I first arrived in Toronto there was a bit of chaos with riots, earthquakes, and even a G20 meeting (click here for story).  It took me a while to get situated since I was in-between two apartments but I can attest that living in Toronto […]