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Bodyguards in Paraguay

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I think this describes my visit to Asuncion, Paraguay.  As you walk around you will see a lot of poverty on the streets, especially along the tourist trail.  Security guards are very serious and don’t take an ounce of slack, especially if you are trying to get close to the presidential palace to take better […]

Ottawa Parliament Through My Eyes

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A bit of a different view of the Ottawa Parliament buildings, I absolutely loved the Gothic Revival architecture in the heart of the city and decided to explore the area a bit when I saw the picture above.  The interior of the building that you see above is absolutely incredible.  Even though Toronto resembles New […]


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This is on the lower trail of the Iguazu Falls where you can get the most panoramic view on the Argentina side.  These falls are extremely more impressive than the famous Niagara Falls and much less touristic as well (see comparison here).   You can walk the lower trail to where you board the speed […]