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Video: Surfing in Iceland… Your kidding right?

This was actually quite fun during the Golden Circle Tour in Iceland! The geysers in Iceland are great to see but they don’t compare to anything like geysers available at Yosemite National Park in the United States.  I’m just glad we didn’t get a video of the brick sidewalk giving me a tattoo on my face […]

Icelandic Cuisine: Do you know what a PUFFIN is?

Icelandic Cuisine: Do you know what a PUFFIN is?

A Puffin is a sea bird that is a cross between a penguin and a duck; cute, colorful, and full of feathers.  If you are an environmentalist or a vegetarian please stop reading this blog post because I am going to talk about how delicious they are to eat!  Not only did I try puffin, […]

Mid Atlantic Ridge: Golden Circle, Iceland

Mid Atlantic Ridge

They call Iceland the land of fire and ice for a reason, here you can see part of the convergence of the North American and European tectonic plates.  This part of the mid atlantic ridge is found at Thingvellir National Park.  One of the glaciers we visited was the actual volcano that exploded and stopped air […]

Working Abroad – Day Trading & Travelling – Iceland

Location: Reykjavik, Iceland – “The land of fire and ice” Lodging: Couch Surfing         Internet:  DSL (landline)  Backup: Siminn Mobile Broadband (3g) Airfare: Jetblue: Tampa – Chicago  Icelandic Air: Chicago – Iceland (check out Icelandic Express) Do you remember that volcano that exploded in Iceland that stranded millions of travelers because of the […]



I am both an active Day Trader and a devoted traveler that can give you a few unconventional ideas about how to save on your taxes, travel, and work on your business at the same time.   If you work from home or have an online business, any business that is mobile for that matter, then […]

Don’t have money to travel? LOOK AT YOUR OPTIONS

Don’t have money to travel? LOOK AT YOUR OPTIONS A lot of people asked me to make a post on my blog about travelling on a budget: There are economical ways to travel, you just have to find them.  Your first tool is THE INTERNET, we live in a world of information, use Facebook or Myspace to […]