WT006: David Lee – How Born Introverts Can Build Empires Too, Strengthen Your Weaknesses By Building A Solid Team, and More.

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Through my time as an entrepreneur I’ve met a lot of people who want this kind of lifestyle, but don’t consider themselves the “type of person” who can get into it.

They wouldn’t list “Business Savy” under a list of personal traits.

They don’t know where to begin.

They aren’t extroverted.

David Lee was none of those things. An introvert stuck in the rat race, David was shaken out of his lifestyle when a sudden layoff forced him to take a close look at his values.

He decided it was time to focus on experiences he wanted, rather than stuff he didn’t need.

He decided to leave the rat race, left on a 20 country, round the world trip that ended up changing his life.

From introvert to an owner/partner of 3 successful websites, David shows us that it is possible for anyone to achieve this lifestyle, whether they think they’re the type of person for it or not.

David shares how his after college backpacking trip served as inspiration for his future, how daily motivation is the key to everything from saving money to running a business, and how finding a partner that complements your weaknesses can make a huge difference in your business.

We touch on a lot of really important business lessons throughout the podcast and highlight why anyone, even you, can launch your own business.

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In this Episode You Will Learn About

  • How being laid off helped David realize what his values really were.
  • Why finding daily motivation is the key to everything.
  • Why you should choose something you’re passionate about to create a business around
  • How it’s not knowing what to do that’s the issue so much as finding the motivation to do it.
  • Why being an introvert doesn’t really matter.
  • What finding the right business partner can do for your business.
  • How David is making money through his sites.
  • Why asking for enough money for what you’re making is imperative.
  • Life/Work Balance, and why it’s so important.

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