WT002: Day Trading & Traveling Around The World: Wandering Trader’s Take

Wandering Trader Podcast SmallAs The Wandering Trader I get two type of quesitons all the time.

Questions about travel and quesitons about day trading. One of the most popular being: “What is day trading?”

On this episode I break down the stock market completely.

I will use easy to understand examples, talk about what determines the value of stocks, and where the best options for day trading are in the stock market.

In addition to helping to break down what can be a pretty complicated subject I introduce the idea of future contracts & e-mini futures and why these contracts are the best place to get started.

I’ll lay out the truth about how many people are actually making consistant money in the stock market and what it really takes to become a day trader.

For those of you who are interested in pursuing day trading as a method to attaining your freedom, this episode has a lot of great advice and explanations that can set you looking in the right direction as you start learning about day trading.

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In this Episode You Will Learn About

  • How stocks come to be & an explanation of the stock market.
  • The value of stocks and how that value is achieved.
  • What future contracts are and how e-mini future contracts evolved from them.
  • Why fewer restrictions works to our benifit as traders.
  • The best laptop recommendations for daytrading.
  • The percentage of people in the market who are actually making consistant money
  • What it really takes to become a day trader & what you need to get started.

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  1. Hey Marcello,

    I am a trader and considering moving to South America. Is it very difficult to find fast reliable internet down there in the bigger cities? For example, what is the ping time and latency for you in Medellin? You seem to have been very successful trading abroad so it seems as though it wouldnt be an issue if you find the right internet provider.



  2. Aloha wandering trader. I really enjoyed your podcast this grey Seattle morning. I put money in the market back in July and have become obsessed with learning more with an end goal of being able to travel extended for years ….sound familiar??! Anyhow beyond the information you provide I enjoy your voice. I am now interested to learn more about e mini futures. Have a great day, -Kati

  3. Hey Marcello,
    this is Ryan from Sydney, Australia. First of all im pleased how often oz gets a mention 😉
    Great post, inspirational info. Really makes me want to give it a crack. Ive been interested in the markets for a few years now, dabbling with forex practice accounts, but never having dived into it fully.
    Im 28, done with my postgrad studies, and have a very strong desire to see the world whilst working location independently.
    I have a few questions, Ill try to keep them brief. Ballpark figure, how soon do you think it is possible for someone to go from no experience to profitable (how long is a piece of string right?), putting in solid hours each and every day, day trading? What sort of bank balance are we talking to achieve these profits (not talking about anything massive, even a few hundred a week).
    Also, im sure you are a very busy guy and i definitely appreciate that, but im wondering if you would like to take on an understudy, or care to mentor me, in any way, shape or context you see fit? I understand if thats not possible, but it would be much appreciated. I have high ambitions and with your help i believe i could take the first steps to achieving my dreams.
    Thanks for hearing me out 🙂

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