Introducing The New Wandering Trader Podcast Episode 1

Wandering Trader Podcast SmallWhat was the next step for WanderingTrader?

A podcast of course.

I have been focused on our traders and other projects that I have almost explicated updating the site.

What was unusual was that even though there wasn’t any content traffic was increasing and I hit records across the board this year.

Once I was featured on the home page of BBC and BBC World News things got a little out of hand.

So many people were interested in learning how to day trade and how to achieve their freedom.  A podcast would only be fitting.  This would serve various needs as it would be easier to update the blog with a podcast at least every week. I will also be able to bring on guests and share their experiences rather than just sharing my experience.

 I’m not sure that I would call it a travel podcast so much as a lifestyle podcast. It’s a podcast that will help you attain your freedom, whatever that may mean for you, that also happens to talk about travel.

Most weeks a special guest and I will be discussing concepts related to wandering trader, travel, freedom, and lifestyle business and most importantly how all of these things can help you attain your freedom. I’ll fill the spaces in between with personal insights, stories, and lessons that I’ve learned on my quest for freedom.

For this first episode I’ll start us off with a quick look into my background and how I attained my freedom through day trading. I tell you all about growing up as an immigrant from Venezuela, how I got the money to fund my first day trading venture, and how I left the US and started living abroad.

Let’s start off  this new podcast asking you:

What defines your freedom?

Leave your answer in the comments below or you can reach out via Instagram and Twitter.

In this Episode You Will Learn About

  • What my definition of freedom is.
  • The most important thing about money.
  • How my childhood shaped my work ethic.
  • How I lost $25,000 in student loans and still didn’t give up.
  • When I finally decided to quit my job.
  • My experiences living abroad.

Thank You So Much For Listening!

Thank you so much for listening to the very first episode of the WanderingTrader Podcast.  If you liked what you heard today then I’m doing my job.  Feel free to let us know where you are listening to the podcast today with the social media buttons below.

Also, we want to hear your feedback! Reviews for the podcast on Itunes is incredibly important! We want to help get the word out so others can achieve their financial freedom and travel around the world.

Once we reach 150 reviews we are giving away a one year of free training program at The Day Trading Acadamy to one lucky podcast reviewer.  Make sure to enter your name and leave a review to get a chance to earn your freedom through day trading.  If you would like to leave a question on the review we will be happy to answer it on the show!

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  1. Great to see an update to the site!! Marcello, you and I actually spoke recently via email as I told you my story, but we also a few years ago before you cultivated your master traders. For those that weren’t privy to those conversations, I’ve always been inspired by Marcello and his decision to seize what life has to offer. I was never in a position to begin my day trading career, but recently took a job where I drive almost two hours each way to work 12 hours a day, 6 or 7 days a week in addition to anything else that supports me financially. I took that opportunity specifically to join The Day Trading Academy and save up for my first trading account. I began the trading program about a week ago and am happy to say that the curriculum is thorough, and if you couldn’t tell from the podcast, Marcello is a genuine person. The support staff that I’ve interacted with are also top notch and more than happy to help you with anything they can.

    Marcello, I love the idea of the podcast. It’s inspiring to listen to during the drive and keep me motivated, as my time at work is spent looking forward to studying the market and continuing to learn how to master the market. To those interested in a lifestyle of success and freedom, listen to the podcast and check out Marcello’s sites. You just might have found a new career and lifestyle.

    Yours in success,


    I have a Dream to Sail Around the World. Now I can see how 🙂

    Marcello, thank you for Inspiring me and to see that I can accomplish my dream.

    I want to invest in myself and visit you in Colombia, to learn to become a successful Day Trader.

    I’m committed and willing to learn to trade and then set sails:)

    Craig 🙂

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