WT009: Legal Nomads with Jodi Ettenberg: Why life should be about soup. Lots of soup.

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Jodi is one of the first travel bloggers that I met when I first began my journey around the world. She also is one of my favorite travel bloggers.

Not because bird poop loves her. No.. no… it’s because she is awesome.  One of the most genuine people I have met.

What could be better than traveling around the world and learning the local cuisine?

Getting paid to do it.

This week Jodi Ettenberg of LegalNomads joins me on the podcast to talk about her experiences traveling the world and how she’s turned her passion for food into a career.

Jodi was a lawyer in New York City before she chose to leave her job to travel the world for a year, creating a blog so her mother wouldn’t worry.

Over time she gained a readership and realized after getting a big job offer as a travel writer, that maybe she didn’t have to head back to New York after all.

She shares with us some of her best advice on travel, food, business, and life all while sharing interesting and amusing stories of her travels. Including her fascination with the bird poop that always ends up on her person.

With stories, of soup, birds, trips to India, and of course her favorite countries both to visit & to eat in, Jodi shares with us her passion for telling stories through food.

In this Episode You Will Learn About

  • Why Jodi initially quit her job.
  • When she realized that she could turn her travel blog into a career.
  • Why food is one of the most important aspects of a culture.
  • How people are more open and generous than you may think.
  • Her top travel tips.
  • The best time of day to visit the street carts in Southeast Asia and South America.
  • The history of food, and what it can teach you.
  • Why uncertainty is the key to building a lifestyle business.

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And at her request we of course needed to upload the pic she referenced in the podcast.

Jodi and Marcello

Look what I found mom!


  1. I keep reading stories like hers, and listening to this I know it’s authentic and genuine, but I can’t wrap my mind around how one person ends up making their dream into their reality, when the world seems full of people who claim to be doing just that… am I missing the ones who try and fail, or is this really that attainable? It is every person’s dream who enjoys travelling, it just seems like it’s a really big reach.

  2. Thank you this attempt. I speak English and wish to learn free the Amharic language, at least the day to day spoken language and phrases, so we can find our way in the lovely country : Ethiopia. Please try to help as much as you can to make learning easier.

    Thanks again and wait for the beginning of lessons soon.


  3. Wonderful podcast! Thanks for contributing Jodi and Marcello! Your background and story about how you became a wandering traveler is inspiring!

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