WT007: Keith Savage – When Your Plan Doesn’t Go According To Plan, Adapt and Keep Going.

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What happens when your big plan doesn’t work out like you’d hoped?

You adapt.

Keith Savage of Traveling-savage.com knows this particular feeling well.

About 4 years ago he decided to quit his job to become a travel blogger.

He built his savings for a year.

Came up with a plan to visit 8 different countries.

And started to immerse himself in the local culture.

So he set off on his journey, only to realize that it wasn’t going to work out as he’d hoped.

His first country was Argentina, and the limitations of language stopped him from being able to go as deep into the culture as he had planned. With 7 of the 8 countries on his list presenting the same problem he knew something had to change.

The one country on his list that did speak English was Scotland, a place that Keith had already traveled to and loved. He adapted, changed his plan, and his niche was born.

Keith now runs a site focused completely on travel to Scotland and everything that entails.

He’s made himself an expert on the country.

Today we sit down to talk about the journey from general travel blogger to finding your niche, how being risk averse changes the way you go about things, and how a general sense of flexibility is always a great benefit.

Keith also shares his best travel advice for any trip, not just to Scotland, though we talk about that as well, and lays out some great tips for pursuing a life of freedom.

What great event has forced you to adapt your carefully laid plans?

Keith Savage Travel Savage

In this Episode You Will Learn About

  • How Keith saved up for 2 years of start up capital for his blog.
  • What his original plan was, and how it changed.
  • Why being honest with yourself about your weaknesses can save you a lot of trouble.
  • That sticking with a project and not giving up has its benefits.
  • Places to find experts & locals from a place before traveling there.
  • The best place to visit in Scotland.
  • Tips for getting started in finding your own freedom.

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  1. I loved the article. I’ve been thinking of starting my own travel blog. I love traveling and want to day trade in the market. This guy’s story as well as Marcello Arrambide’s story are really inspiring. There’s nothing better than doing what you love. I tip my hat to both of you guys. Congrats on your success!!!

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