WT008: Dominating YouTube & Eating His Way Around The World – Mark Wiens of Migrationology

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The lifeblood of almost all cultures.

And for Mark Wiens, it’s THE reason you should travel.

When Mark first started blogging, he did so to make a remembrance for himself about what he ate on his trip through Asia. After all, that was why he went.

Now 7 years later Mark is dominating on YouTube with his food videos showing traditional street fare from southeast Asia and the world.

Today we talk about how he went from just a blogger and how 2 cents really showed him what was possible, to making videos, and what it really takes to become a success on YouTube .

Mark also speaks a lot about determination and taking the time to invest in yourself to achieve your freedom, along with some great advice on how to do so while living abroad.

We also completely de-rail the podcast to talk about Ethiopia (I’m telling you, it’s one of the greatest places in the world) since Mark shares my great love for the country.

Make sure to head over to Marks website and YouTube channel to check out his awesome food guides.

In this Episode You Will Learn About

  • The real reason you should travel the world.
  • How 2 cents really changed his outlook on his blog.
  • Why living abroad is a great way to start a lifestyle business.
  • How YouTube works.
  • What it really takes to become great on YouTube.
  • Why determination is one of the best traits you can have for this type of business.
  • The reasons that Ethiopia is one of the greatest countries to visit.
  • Why communication and flexibility are so important on the road.

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  1. Another awesome episode, Marcello! I don’t know Mark personally but I know of him through the travel blogging world and I find his success incredibly inspirational. Especially his success on YouTube. I really enjoyed listening to Mark share his story of how he started out as his reasons for starting a blog were identical to my own.

    One of the biggest takeaways from this episode for me is the fact that consistency is the master key when it comes to growing on YouTube. I also really liked Mark’s tip on being flexible. He couldn’t be any more spot on with that tip.

  2. Mark has some great youtube videos and some great guide posts on things to do in cities in Asia. I too have been following him for quite some time now, and absolutely love the excitement in his eyes when he is tasting the food on the videos !

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