WT005: Travis Sherry – Traveling For Free With Frequent Flyer Miles & Finding Your Path

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If you could fly anywhere in the world for next to nothing, would you?

Well, you can.

Travis Sherry, the man behind The Extra Pack of Peanuts Travel Podcast can, and does so frequently.

I wanted to start the WanderingTrader Podcast for a while now and after he invited me on his podcast I was immediately inspired.  After being on his show I laid down the steps to start the WanderingTrader podcast.

He’s cracked the code behind Frequent Flyer miles, and he’s here today to share some of those tips with you, along with some of his favorite travel destinations.

Today we flip the tables, and interview the man who usually conducts the interviews! We talk about how he got to where he is now, how he leverages different revenue streams on his website in order to live a location independent lifestyle, and of course his best travel tips.

He also shares with us a unique definition of freedom

Even if you’ve never thought about frequent flyer miles before Travis lays out the easy steps to get started and provides you with a ton of resources to start your own journey.

Where are your frequent flyer miles going to take you?

Travis Sherry ExtraPackOfPeanuts

In this Episode You Will Learn About

  • Why there’s nothing wrong with starting small.
  • That travel is always different, no matter how many times you do it.
  • Why frequent flyer miles aren’t as hard to get as you think and why you should start collecting now.
  • The #1 thing you have to do if you’re thinking about traveling
  • That having bad credit isn’t really a barrier to entry for the frequent flyer miles game
  • Why taking risks are the key to following your dream
  • How deadlines and necessity can make all kinds of things possible
  • Sticking to your morals can be more important than money
  • Why you should always pay in the local currency
  • Travis’s unique definition of freedom

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