Finding Apartments Overseas: Roomorama Review


I received an e-mail from Manda at Roomorama roughly a year ago. She realized that I was a world traveler and I was living overseas for quite a while and commented on how I look for rooms and apartments to rent rather than just staying in a hostel. I find that when I moved to […]

Emergency Assistance Plus: A Review

Emergency Assistance Plus: A Review

If you are a traveler, such as myself, you always want to be prepared for every occasion that you may encounter on your trip.  You may never want to think, “What if something goes wrong.” But truth be told, there are things that are out of your control and if you are not prepared with […]

Apartment Hunting in South America: Wimdu Review


I don’t think that I could ever get enough of South America.  Being born and (partially) raised on the continent, it feels like home to me.  Every time I hear the different accents and interact with the people I feel like I was a kid again.  With good reason, I will be returning to make […]

How Hotel Ratings Work

How Hotel Ratings Work

 This is something really cool that I found on the easy to book blog.  Its an info graphic that shows how hotel ratings work.  I know that when I see how many stars a hotel is I always wonder exactly what kind of room I am going to get.  I figured I would post this on the […]

How To Make Money With Travel Blog Success: A Review

How To Make Money With Travel Blog Success: A Review

MY EXPERIENCE: I am pretty new travel blogger compared to the vets that have been doing this for the last few years.  I started my blog with the original intention of generating traffic for a business venture I was involved in.  I didn’t think I would be so passionate in sharing my travels and meeting […]

Best Way To Keep Track Of Your Frequent Flyer Miles

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Truth be told, the reason why companies like for us to sign up for award programs (frequent flyer miles and points) is because we have a much higher probability of being loyal.  This loyalty means big bucks for not only airlines, but hotels and even car rental companies.  You know the trick, you “have to” […]