Best Way To Keep Track Of Your Frequent Flyer Miles

Truth be told, the reason why companies like for us to sign up for award programs (frequent flyer miles and points) is because we have a much higher probability of being loyal.  This loyalty means big bucks for not only airlines, but hotels and even car rental companies.  You know the trick, you “have to” book that flight a specific set of airlines to try and get your miles even if it costs you a bit extra.  Smart travelers sign up with most award companies because we know that we can get a lot of things for free.  The only problem however, is keeping track of all the award programs.  Anyone else have 20 different logins and password to keep track of?


It does get any easier than AwardWallet, they have been around for about 6.5 years but the most important thing is that it is completely free.  Not only are you able to keep track of all your airline miles you can even add hotel and credit card points.  Your able to set notifications to let you know when you get new miles and even when your miles are about to expire.  Don’t you hate it when you work so hard to accrue miles and they get thrown away?

The interface is extremely easy to use and adding programs to the control panel couldn’t be any easier.  After you register (for free since we all love free), your able to see all of the most important information on your main screen.  You can personalize your control panel by adding a picture.  I honestly was very surprised how easy it was to use, within 5 minutes I had over 5 programs in there.  One thing that I came across is a forum feature where you can see deals that other travelers have found.

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Picture of the Award Wallet Control Panel

AwardWallet has two different versions that you can choose for.  The first version, as mentioned before, is completely free while the second version you can pay for.  Aptly named “Award Wallet Plus”, the cool thing is you can choose how much you think the service is worth.  The second paid version comes with additional features unlimited award points/miles expiration notices and you get more detailed information for each award program you have.  To save all of your membership logins they allow you choose whether to save your password with the system or on your computer.  I am glad to see a company is mindful of our personal security by giving you that extra option.  Check it out today I know I will be using this tool for now on.

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