How To Make Money With Travel Blog Success: A Review


I am pretty new travel blogger compared to the vets that have been doing this for the last few years.  I started my blog with the original intention of generating traffic for a business venture I was involved in.  I didn’t think I would be so passionate in sharing my travels and meeting others in the industry as well.  Making money travel blogging with Travel Blog Success isn’t just about having a blog its about interacting with others also.

When I first got started I was completely blind, I didn’t know anything about how the internet worked other than some basic security settings on my internet explorer.  With time I met people and in the span of 6 months I grew my own site to upward of 10,000 unique visitors, which to me is the first barrier.  I did buy an ebook, which was helpful, but that is nothing like what’s available on Travel Blog Success.


First off, David (creator of Travel Blog Success) has not only built one successful blog, he has built numerous blogs that he runs simultaneously.  That alone should give you confidence that he knows what he is talking about.   He has a proven track record, has accepted press trips from around the world, and is willing to help anyone who asks!


David has just launched Travel Blog Success with better features, more content, and an incredible new format.  The first thing I noticed about the site was how detail oriented it is.  Dave takes you from absolutely nothing about travel blogging all the way to the mundane things that NO ONE talks about, how not to get burnt out.

One of the most invaluable things thats part of Travel Blog Success is the fact that you have a built in forum.  With the forum, you’ve got access to experts that have already purchased the course, questions from beginners you may not have thought of, and even access to David himself.  Most of the times David answers the questions in the forums!

The finishing touch in my opinion, are the monthly coaching calls that have now been available with the Travel Blog Success 2.0 launch.  When you start something new everyone wants to have access to a mentor to ask questions and share ideas.  I think this is going to shorten the learning curve significantly for any new travel blogger.

After reviewing all of the course material myself and speaking to David himself about what he wants to bring with the program, I would recommend any travel blogger be a part of it.  Whether you are brand new and don’t know anything about travel or have already made it on your own, there is something for everyone at Travel Blog Success.


Below are the prices and resources included with each type of membership. Remember, you can join as a Basic or Premium member and upgrade to Professional at any time.

$99 – Basic Members:  Forum access, Access to Curriculum, 5 audio interviews

$129 – Premium Members:  Access to enhanced 23 lesson Curriculum (including 4 on making money from advertising and creating your own product), 7 audio interviews, Forum access, and a bonus of 6 (short) articles on personal branding.

$149 – Professional Members:  Access to full 27 lesson Curriculum, 12 audio interviews, Forum access, 6 articles on personal branding, monthly group coaching calls, plus 2 bonuses (pro blogger tips from Chris Guillebeau, and a “Pro’s only” Facebook group).

If you buy its a lifetime membership, and backed by a 60-day money back guarantee.

Click here to check out travel blog success for yourself!


    1. The cost isn’t as bad when you realize all of the resources that you have at your disposal once you join. I have been travel blogging for roughly 1 year now and I still learn new things when I re-read the curriculum and the forums.. thanks for the comment Melanie

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