When I visited Rwanda I was completely blown away as it is completely different than any country in Africa, it is even very different to the similar cultures that are found in Eastern Africa.  The streets are beyond clean, the efficiency rivals that of Germany, it is also an orderly society that follows the laws, and the people are very respectful and helpful.  In fact, Rwanda is one of the safest countries in Africa.  I like to call Rwanda the Germany of Africa!

After the Rwandan Genocide, the country has emerged as a great tourist destination with the Gorilla treks being one of the most popular things to do.  There are many people that are calling this small country home as its a great place to live with great weather and peaceful people.   Rwanda is bordered by DR Congo, Uganda, Tanzania, and Burundi.

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Posts About Rwanda

  • Rwanda Travel Guide – coming soon
  • Rwanda Pictures
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Most Popular Cities & Places in Rwanda

  • Kigali
  • Gorilla Trekking in Rwanda
  • Sorwathe Tea Plantation
  • Nyungwe Forest National Park
  • African Safari

Language Spoken in Uganda

  • Everyone Speaks French
  • English (not as common as French)
  • Kinyarwanda

Currency (Money) Used in Uganda

  • Rwandan Franc