South America

South America is the 4th largest continent in the world and only has roughly 6% of the world’s population.  It holds the record at having the highest peak in the western hemisphere with Mount Aconcagua which can be accessed via Mendoza, Argentina.  Brazil is the largest country by mass and also has the largest population.  At roughly 195 million people and an economy that boasts number 8 (and growing) on the top ten list, Brazil is a economic and cultural powerhouse in South America.

The status of South America is continually changing but with regulations easing and tourism growing, the continent is set for a boom both with tourism and economically as well.  I was born in Venezuela and I have also lived in Colombia, Chile, Argentina, and Brazil.

Spending more than 9 years of my life on the continent and even visiting the countries outside of the tourist trail such as Guyana, Suriname, and French Guiana, I can say that I am an expert in the region.  Here is my travel guide for South America.

South America

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Highlights of South America

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Countries in South America

Language Spoken in South America

  • Spanish
  • Portuguese

Currency (Money) Used in Ecuador

  • U.S Dollar (current)
  • Sucre (1999 and before)