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For the Love of All Foods Lebanese

For the Love of All Foods Lebanese

Source: Pixabay There’s just something special about Lebanon. To say it’s a melting pot of cultures, spiritual persuasions, tradition and modernity both in the physical and public intellectual space is no exaggeration. It is the Middle Eastern place of origin of some of the most famous academic and philosophical thinkers, such as human rights lawyer and style icon, Amal […]

4 Benefits of Renting A Car On Your Next Holiday


Let’s talk about all the benefits to renting a car and why it’s useful when you go on vacation. As it is summer already, most of the people are going on vacation to take a deep breath out of their busy lives. To make most of your holiday, there are numerous benefits about car rental […]

Traveling Overseas and the Effect it Can Have on Your Finances


Many people dream of traveling to faraway places and exploring new sights and cultures. Though traveling brings a lot of great adventures, it can also bring debt upon those who don’t truly have the means to go on such extravagant vacations. Traveling overseas, in particular, can have a major effect on finances if people aren’t […]

The 5 Must-See Caribbean Landmarks to Visit this Year

Old San Juan

The dozens of islands dispersed across the Caribbean Sea makes it difficult to choose one island to spend all your time on, and with some many beautiful and tropical landmarks to bear witness to, you may want to explore as many of these islands as possible. However, the question is, where do you start, and […]

Exploring The Take A Break Travel Florida Offer


The state of Florida attracts tens of millions of tourists every year. In fact, according to figures from VISIT FLORIDA, the state received more than 110 million visitors in 2017 alone, which is the highest number of visitors the state has ever received in its history. Some of the popular tourist attractions in Florida include, […]

4 of the Most Exceptional Casino Resorts in the World

Marina Bay Sands Resort

The lure of the Casino never fades. The Mediterranean elegance of Monte Carlo and the brash and stunning twenty-four-hour existence of the Las Vegas strip in the desert never fails to excite everyone that gets to visit. But where else are there casinos that have something even more special than Caesar’s Palace and the MGM […]

72 Hour Travel Guide to Mumbai

Mumbai 72 Hour Travel Guide

India constitutes the most significant portion of the world’s population and Mumbai being the utmost decorated city, it is the most inhabited. The fact that Mumbai is the richest city in India, you can tell it should book a spot on your bucket list of the cities you should visit. Mumbai is not relatively a […]

Finding Time for An Adventure

Finding Time for An Adventure

“I worked twelve hours yesterday.” Says Bill proudly as he walks into the office, hoping for some sympathy from his coworkers. Overworking yourself to make ends meet as a result of rent going up or an unexpected car bill is no longer a foreign concept. In Japan, people are quite literally working themselves to death. […]

5 Games I Play When Traveling

5 Games I Play When Traveling

I travel extensively, which is one of the reasons I love to have a collection of games for my travel and tours. Right from killing boredom to keeping me entertained, these games have proved to be my loyal partners in crime over the years. Being an adult, there are a series of games one can […]