kaiter falls, kaieteur falls, guyana tourist attractions, things to do in guyana, things to see in guyana, pictures of guyana, photos of guyanaTraveling to the Guianas (Guyanas) is one of the last things that people think of when traveling to South America, mainly because their tourism industry isn’t very developed.  All three countries have great things to offer with a unique mixture of all kinds of culture.  Most people were brought in as slaves and French Guyana is the only one that isn’t independent.  The three Guianas include Guyana, Suriname (dutch guiana), and French Guyana.

Posts About The Guianas:


Getting Around:

There will be hell to pay if you try and find flights in-between these countries.  Getting (flying) from Paramaribo, Suriname to Cayenne, French Guyana is non existent.  There are no flights between the two cities.  Getting (flying) between Georgetown, Guyana to Paramaribo, Suriname is possible with either a connection in Trinidad or through small chartered flights.  Post coming soon.


You need to prepare in advance for the weather.  The Guyanas are the gateway to the Amazon which means hot, sweaty, and lots of bugs.  Make sure to bring the proper attire which includes light clothing and shorts.  You also need to consider the mosquitos (that bite through clothing).  Make sure to pack plenty of bug spray on your travels to the Guyanas.