Best Things To Do In The Guianas: Tourist Attractions

The things to do in the Guyana’s are very similar across all three countries even though there is a great degree of cultural differences. The countries of Guyana, Suriname, and French Guyana are closer to their mother countries of England, Netherlands, and France than they are to each other. All three countries are very similar in the fact that the majority of the lands are undeveloped and most of the population lives along the coasts. Most travelers visit all three Guianas at once and since they are so similar there are many things that you can do in either country. Here are the most popular tourist attractions the Guyana’s:

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Kaieteur Falls in Guyana


Located in Guyana, when I first arrived at the falls they immediately reminded me of the Iguazu Falls. The Kaieteur Falls have the largest single drop of any waterfall in the world. Since tourism in Guyana isn’t very developed they don’t even have hand rails to keep you back from the cliff.

The countryside is completely unspoiled and you also can get your first taste of Amazon Jungle walking under the rainforest canopy. The Kaieteur Falls are usually grouped with the Orinduik falls in a complete tour that lasts one day. You will be able to get great areal pictures of both the city of Georgetown and the falls as well.


The Guiana’s are the gateway to the Amazon Jungle. Roughly only 15% of the land across all three countries is developed, this includes the Amerindian villages as well. You only go the jungle for two reasons, to be miserable in the heat and humidity with no air conditioning and the opportunity to get up and close with the flora and fauna.

The Amazon Jungle has a vast array of things to see and in Guyana they actually have a popular canopy walkway in the Iwokrama forest will take you close and personal to a variety of birds you couldn’t see from the forest floor. Thank the Costa Ricans for designing the canopy walkway. Not only can you see flora and fauna but you can also discover the Amerindians which are the natives of the region.


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Monkeys in Galibi Nature Reserve Suriname

The Amazon is where they have 30 foot Anaconda’s that eat small dogs and other large predators. You can get up close and personal to a variety of exotic animals through all three countries. French Guiana specializes in the massive sea turtles that come and lay their eggs on the coastline. In Guyana, you can find the largest species of otters on the northern coastline. Across all three Guiana’s you will find a variety of birds, insects, monkeys, and more. One very cool animal to see is the poisonous arrow dart frog!


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Picture of Devil’s Island

Your stay in French Guyana wouldn’t be complete until you take a Catamaran to the Devil’s Island. The island is on the route of many cruise ships and while simple in terms of attractions, it’s still very interesting. You will be able to encounter many animals on the islands including various types of monkeys, black cayman’s, and even different types of birds. They have converted the old prison into a hotel which can be very unique to stay in over night. Don’t forget to say hello to all the spirits running around some places on the island are very eery. Bring swimming trunks since you are able to swim in both a small lake and the Caribbean waters.


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Architecture in Paramaribo

The three capital cities of Georgetown, Paramaribo, and Cayenne all offer something to the modern day tourist. Paramaribo is by far the most interesting with loads of history and unique architecture throughout the city. The culture in Paramaribo is also my favorite. You don’t need to spend too much time in the capital cities since there isn’t a massive variety of things to do but you can spend a day or two exploring the history and the things to see. Most travelers simply use the capital cities to arrive and depart as most of the things to see in the Guiana’s are outside of the capital cities.