French Guiana (Guyana)

French Guiana is one smallest areas in South America.  If you didn’t know, French Guiana is a territory of France and is not an actual country.  It is the smallest of all the countries (territories) in mainland South America but also has some very unique tourist attractions.  Don’t plan on spending too much time in French Guiana as they use the Euro as their currency and things are extremely expensive.  French Guiana is bordered by Suriname and Brazil.

Posts About French Guiana

Most Popular Cities & Places in French Guiana

  • Devil’s Island
  • Sea Turtles
  • Kourou
  • The Space Center
  • Canopy Walkway
  • Saint-Laurent du Maroni

Language Spoken in French Guiana

  • Official Language is French
  • English very rarely spoken

Currency (Money) Used in French Guiana

  • Euro