10 Rules For a Perfect Holiday in Bucharest

Romania’s capital Bucharest makes for a fantastic European break, a growing city that offers tourists a lively night life and classic European beauty. If you are planning on heading to Bucharest this year then we’ve compiled a list of some rules you should follow to make sure that you have the perfect holiday.


Watch out for Traffic

The traffic in Bucharest is chaotic and whilst there are traffic rules in place, they are largely ignored by the city’s inhabitants. Ensure that you take special care when crossing streets and be vigilant at all times. Renting a car in Bucharest is not recommended if you have never experienced driving here before.

Do Not Avoid Dimitrie Gusti

Dimitrie Gusti is an open-air village museum that displays an exhibition on the traditional Romanian way of life. The museum covers over 100,000 square metres of farmland, traditional houses and rural life from over 3 centuries of Romanian history. The perfect way to gain a glimpse into the countries’ past.

It’s a Dog’s Life

There are hundreds of dog’s roaming free throughout Bucharest and on an evening they seem to get together in small packs. For many people this can be disconcerting but they are harmless. The only watch-out with the dogs is to make sure that you or your children don’t pet the dogs as many may have diseases due to a lack of care.

Take a City Tour

Bucharest is filled within several nooks and crannies that can only be found by using a city guide. A week in Bucharest is probably longer than you need and if you plan on going for a weekend then a city tour is perfect as you can get an instant introduction to all parts of the city that you may not have ever found.

Don’t be Scared

Like many European cities, Bucharest has it’s share of problems but crime levels are relatively low despite some of the horror stories out there about the country. You should feel comfortable being out late at night and using the metro stations at all hours.

Try Tuica

The most famous Romanian beverage is Tuica, it is made from plums and it’s strength is any where between 20-60% depending on where you get it. It is traditionally drunk between October to December as a Winter/Christmas drink but can be bought the year round. A trip to Bucharest wouldn’t be complete without sampling some of this fruity drink.

Search for the Best Accommodation

There is a huge variety of accommodation options available in Bucharest to suit all budgets and in fact the city’s prices for accommodation are far cheaper than many European cities. Try looking online for Bucharest apartment rentals before you go, you can get great deals on luxury apartments throughout the city and stay in something of a home-from-home during your time there.

Learn to Love the Chaos

The way of life in Bucharest is chaotic, from the traffic to the transport systems to the people that go about their daily lives. The chaos is unavoidable but you will soon find yourself learning to love the fast paced and bustling sounds and sights of the city. Try not to be too put off when you arrive as it in is this chaos that Bucharest’s real charm lies.

Visit Parliament

Bucharest’s most iconic building is it’s Parliamentary Palace, a former communist palace that now house the countries’ government. It is a huge and ornate building that has two glass-wings, one of which houses the national museum of contemporary art and is well worth a visit.

Try Chiftele

Romanian cuisine in general is considered to be too fatty and salty for many and as such is more of an acquired taste. Chiftele however doesn’t fall into this category and you shouldn’t leave Bucharest until you have tried it. The dish is fried meatballs made from pork, chicken beef that have been flavoured with garlic and herbs and are served in a tomato sauce. Beautiful.


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  1. You should try some tuica from the Maramures region in Romania. It’s a very strong drink, at least according to tourists who try some made by locals. 🙂

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