17 Careers That are Perfect for Moms Who Like to Travel

Travel Careers for Moms

Taking care of kids can give you the feeling that you’re often anchored to home, not having the ability to live the free-flowing lifestyle that you might’ve enjoyed during your younger years. However, many moms are able to travel with their kids and enjoy life on the road or abroad. It’s really just a matter of managing your schedule properly, bringing the necessary provisions, and setting aside sufficient funds to facilitate an enjoyable traveling experience for your family. Of course, all of that would be easier if you had a job that was conducive to travel. With that said, here are 17 careers that are absolutely perfect for moms who love to travel:

1. Midwife

While most midwives operate within a specific geographical region, by earning your midwifery degree you could become eligible for traveling midwife jobs. This job will have you traveling and practicing your motherly skills on the job as you work with pregnant and nursing women to provide obstetric care. Becoming a midwife not only gives you the ability to provide mobile obstetric care as a traveling midwife, it also gives you an in-demand career that will make relocating easier, as there are many areas that are facing shortages in the number of available midwifes. You’ll also have the option of starting your own midwifery business and setting your own rates, so there’s plenty of opportunity for entrepreneurial moms in this sector.

2. Nurse

When you want to enhance your current nursing qualifications, you can look into online FNP programs such as these ones. These should help you to have a bigger and better earning potential for when you travel. As a nurse, your income potential is high when you are on the move and there will be no shortage of places looking for work. Most nurses work at hospitals or clinics and only travel during their vacation time. However, you do have the option of becoming a travel nurse. As a travel nurse, all of your travel and hospitality expenses (i.e. – flights and hotel stays) would be paid for by your employer, so free housing and travel are other major perks that come with this position. This is best for moms who have a significant other to babysit the kids, as that would eliminate babysitting and daycare expenses. Additionally, nurses enjoy one of the lowest rates of unemployment, which means that you should be able to find a nursing job in most states and countries. Thus, the ease of relocation is another factor that makes nursing an ideal career for moms who want the option of moving to another city or abroad.

3. Online Teacher or Tutor

Moms are always teaching their own kids anyway, so you might as well get paid to further develop your teaching skills. This job will let you travel at any given time because you can do your work from anywhere there’s an internet connection. As an added bonus, you’ll also be better equipped to educate your kids in a highly effective manner. When your child needs help with their homework, they’ll know exactly who to run to. Many countries need more English teachers, so if you have a decent vocabulary and grasp of grammar, you could become a ‘teaching English to speakers of other languages’ (TESOL) tutor in a foreign country.

4. Social Media Marketing

Social media sites like Facebook and Instagram are accessible worldwide, so you can go anywhere at any time without losing your job as a social media marketer. Even in countries where there are internet usage restrictions that let internet services providers block social sites, you can still use a virtual private network (VPN) or proxy to access these sites. Furthermore, companies in every country are in need of social media marketing services, so you’ll also have the option of relocating and nursing an in-house position for a change of scenery that comes with more locational stability.

5. Travel Consultant

Of course, if you love to travel, then you’d probably enjoy helping others fulfill their travel goals. As a travel consultant, you’ll also have insider industry knowledge that will help you secure the best discounts on flights, hotel stays, and entertainment. You’ll also be familiar with the process of booking reservations and finding the best attractions near a specified destination. Plus, your clients will be helping you discover new travel destinations for your own upcoming vacations.

6. Travel Photographer

You probably already enjoy taking pictures when you travel. So, why not improve this skill and become a professional travel photographer? Many clients will cover the cost of your flight and hotel stay or provide a substantial upfront deposit that will allow you to pay for these expenses without coming out of pocket. While you might not want to bring your entire family along to every destination, there will inevitably be trips that you’ll want to take the kids on.

7. Destination Wedding Planner

As the name implies, destination wedding planners get to help clients plan weddings at a variety of venues and destinations. In some cases, you won’t need to be present at the wedding. In others, you may be invited to attend along with a few guests of your choice. For most weddings, it’s a “more the merrier” type of situation, so some clients will actually encourage you to bring your family along. Of course, you also have the option of offering a completely remote service, only handling arrangements via phone and email on behalf of your clients.

8. Blogger or Writer

Bloggers and freelance writers can technically work anywhere there’s internet connectivity, so this is one career where your travel restrictions are completely removed. It will also expose you to a broad range of topics that you can discuss with your kids to make them more knowledgeable about world affairs, business, and all sort of advanced concepts that most other children aren’t familiar with. Starting a profitable blog may require substantial footwork and patience, but it provides a more independent alternative to freelancing. As a freelancer, you’ll have to accommodate the demands and deadlines of clients, but you’ll be rewarded with the utmost flexibility in terms of where you can live and work.

9. Online Fitness Coach

As a mom, one of your primary goals should be to ensure that your kids are physically fit. By pursuing a career as an online fitness coach, you’ll be well-equipped to keep your children in optimal shape and teach them about the basics of exercise and nutrition. Plus, you can give virtual lessons to your clients via video chat from anywhere in the world, so travel can become a part of your everyday life. Of course, this career also comes with the benefit of keeping you in top-notch shape, which is something that all moms aspire towards.

10. Web Designer

If you’re fascinated by web design and you want to learn how to build websites, this is an ideal career option that would let work from anywhere. In fact, many web designers derive inspiration from their traveling adventures and it’s very common for professionals in this field to live a digital nomad lifestyle. Due to the creativity involved, this is a job that is best done in inspiring environments rather than within the mundane confines of a cubicle.

11. Virtual Assistant

There are so many businesses out there that need to outsource digital tasks and supplement the abilities of their in-house staff. As a virtual assistant, you can do your work from any vacation destination and your employer won’t even know or care as long as you’re meeting their expectations. However, be aware that not all virtual assistant jobs come with flexible hours, as you may need to be logged into project management platforms or other interfaces to have your work monitored or to facilitate live collaboration.

12. Data Entry Clerk

If you’re a decent typist who can input text at a rate of more than 50-60 words per minute while looking only at the screen and not the keyboard, you could probably land a job as a data entry specialist or clerk. These jobs have varying pay structures, with some paying hourly wages and others paying you on a per-task basis. Of course, you can travel at any time as a data entry clerk because you only need to bring your laptop and a mobile data connection for tethering.

13. Phone Support Representative

As a telecommuting support agent, you can do all the traveling you want as long as you make sure there will be a place where you’ll have clear and reliable phone service. Many of these jobs will require you to work designated shifts, so it’s important that you have your setup ready to go at the start of your shift. As a mom with kids who might be making noise in the background, it’s also best to use a noise-canceling headset with a directional microphone that only picks up your voice. The salary isn’t amazing, but you’ll have enough to pay for standard hospitality and food in most areas, so you can travel as much as you can afford to.

14. Cruise Ship Worker

Imagine getting to take your kids on cruises multiple times per year. That’s a luxury that may parents simply don’t have and, yet, as a cruise ship worker it could easily be a reality. People who work on cruise ships are always sailing around the most beautiful seas from one place to another, so travel is essentially built into the job. People who work on cruise ships usually receive substantial discounts on tickets and accommodations. However, keep in mind that this is a job that could have you away from home for a few days at a time, and you can’t bring the kids with you on every cruise.

15. eCommerce Entrepreneur

Buying products wholesale and selling them online is not only something that you can manage from anywhere, it also has the potential to make you fairly wealthy in comparison to the kind of salary you’d earn working most other jobs. However, you can’t exactly haul inventory with you everywhere, so you’ll need to have systems in place for streamlining or automating warehousing and distribution related processes such as packing, storing, and shipping. That way, you can go anywhere and still have the ability to fulfill orders. For example, the Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA) program lets you store your inventory at an Amazon warehouses where they’ll automatically ship out your products as they’re ordered.

16. Flight Attendant

Flight attendants are always traveling, and not only do they not have to pay for their own flight tickets, but they’re also being paid to fly. Most airlines give their flight attendants significant discounts on tickets, so you’ll be able to get the cheapest possible flight tickets when you do decide to go on a vacation with the entire family. However, keep in mind that becoming a flight attendant could also have you away from home a few days at a time due to layovers, long flight times, and other delays. Thus, this is a good option for moms who have a strong support system in the form of family and friends who can provide frequent childcare assistance.

17. Graphic Designer

If you have a love for drawing or creating computer animations and logos, you might want to look into becoming a graphic designer. This is even more flexible than a lot of remote careers because you don’t even need to have constant access to the internet to work within a graphic design software that is installed on your computer. This is also a job that your kids will find interesting and they might even be able to help you brainstorm to come up with new visual concepts.

Choose a Job That Matches Your Desired Lifestyle

Ultimately, there are too many career options out there for you to be worrying about a job that will not let you do what you want to do in life. If you know that you want the freedom of being able to travel with your kids frequently, there’s no sense in committing to a local job that will have you tied to the same town week after week with the exception of occasional holidays. Instead, try pursuing any one of the careers listed above and you’ll be in an ideal position to see the world with your family in a convenient and stress-free manner.

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