3 of the best places to go carvanning in the UK

With your summer holiday dates confirmed through your place of employment, the time has come to figure out what to do with your hard-earned time off. Heading out to experience the top natural settings that the United Kingdom has to offer tops the list, as it delivers a ton of value for the low cost of parking your camper versus having to get a hotel.

If you’re eager to get out and enjoy the British Isles in 2015, any one of the best places to go caravanning in the UK will grant you the holiday experience that you so richly deserve.

1) Cornwall


Located in the far southwest corner of England, Cornwall is a paradise for those that love the sea, as it contains some of the finest beaches in the entire country. On these fine white sand beauties, you may wish to swim in its refreshing waters, catch some epic swells on windier days, or you can simply soak up the scenery that tall cliffs and the aquamarine ocean create before your very eyes.

On days where you want to go on day trips from your caravan site, the weathered ruins of Tintagel Castle is where it is reputed that King Arthur presided over the Knights of the Round Table, and Land’s End, the point where the United Kingdom meets the open Atlantic, is a wild place where one can commune with nature and feel its energy as the screaming wind drives the ocean into the sheer cliffs beneath your feet.

There are a number of ways to enjoy the Cornwall experience. Glamping has become increasingly popular in the UK with the combination of the camping experience and little luxuries to help those who aren’t quite so rough and ready. For those that want to enjoy the true caravanning experience, caravans can be the perfect home from home and don’t have to break the bank, with companies such as The Caravan Company offer a wide range of new and used caravans

2) Near Snowdonia National Park, Wales


If you’re hauling out the caravan for a summer holiday this year, make this the one where you finally get better acquainted with the rugged interior of Wales.

Said to resemble a slice of the Alps or Middle Earth depending on who you ask, Snowdonia offers outdoor enthusiasts plenty of opportunities for trekking and whitewater sports, but if nature doesn’t do it for you, there are plenty of castles and remnants of its coal mining heritage to explore as well.

3) Loch Lomond, Scotland


Those seeking the dramatic mountain scenery of Scotland have many choices available to them, but perhaps the best spot of all to park the camper is in Loch Lomond, which sits upon the shore of the largest lake in the entire United Kingdom.

It is ringed by modest but gorgeous peaks, the likes of which have made this part of the UK famous around the world. Biking, hiking, and castle exploration are all possible in the immediate area, making it a great place to get away to for a solid week of rest and relaxation during the upcoming summer.


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