4 Reasons You Should be Heading to Malang This Year.


If you are looking for somewhere a little different to go for your vacations this year and are waiting for some inspiration then seek no further as the Indonesian city of Malang could well be your answer. Malang is the second biggest city in East Java and has seen a steady rise in tourism over the last 3 to 4 years owing to it’s beauty and it’s more relaxed way of life than the biggest East Javan city of Surabaya, the tourists haven’t been wrong and here are 4 reasons you should be heading to Malang this year.



Malang’s natural landscape is stunning and the national park of Bromo Tengger Semeru is one of the city’s must-visit places. The park offers spectacular views of the majestic Mount Semeru volcano, which sits in the centre of the park, the park has many trails and camping opportunities and to see the sunrise here from atop one of the small peaks is a thing of beauty. Malang also has several waterfalls that you can visit, many of which include a hike through the forest to the falls themselves. The Rainbow Waterfall just on the outskirts of Malang is a great waterfall to see, especially in wet season when the towering waterfall is at it’s best. The views from on top of the waterfall are fantastic and the hike to get there through the lush greenery adds an extra bit of adventure to the trip. Malang is surrounded with nature and you don’t have to look far to get into the thick of it.


Malang is drenched in both colonial and ancient history, relics of the city’s past can be seen scattered about Malang from the 13th Century temple of Candi Jago to the Jhago Temple and the old ruins of Candi Badut. These ancient ruins give a fantastic insight into the history of this beautiful corner of the World and are well worth visiting on your trip to Malang. The streets in Malang remain almost intact from colonial rule by the Dutch.

The Pace of Life

Compared with many of Indonesia’s bigger cities, the pace of life in Malang is incredibly slow and relaxed. From the markets to the restaurants and the roads, nothing happens in a hurry here. The city has many students who visit the large universities in the Malang and as the city has a population if just under 1 million, there is rarely any excessive noise or chaos in the streets. The city does come alive on an evening however, with street markets, food vendors and those looking to party seem to appear from nowhere. The city is lively enough to have fun and keep occupied and quiet enough to enjoy your vacation in peace. The city has some great places to stay from boutique lodges to traditional accommodation so if you want to book a hotel in Malang then there is plenty of variety available to you.


Such is the narrow width of Indonesia, beaches aren’t hard to come by and the beaches that sit on Malang’s coastline are some of the finest that the country has to offer. The beaches here are varied from stone to sand both golden and white and award-winning beaches like Goa Cina and Balekambang offer some stunning views out to see and down the lush green coastline. The temperature in Malang is mild to hot all year giving you plenty of opportunities to enjoy these beautiful beaches regardless of when you arrive.


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