4 Ways To Level Up Your Glamping Experience 

Exploring the great outdoors is always a great idea. You get to bond with family or friends, spend time with nature, or maybe enjoy some time off with your pet. But then, sometimes, you can’t help but hesitate to pursue outdoor activities when you think of how uncomfortable or unsafe, they could be.  

Camping, for instance, isn’t always a positive experience for everyone. But what if there’s a way to make the activity still fun but with a bit of luxury and glamour? Would you go for it?  Thankfully, there’s a trend that’s becoming increasingly popular these days, and it’s called glamping, which essentially means glamorous camping.  

If you’ve been trying to try this new trend but still haven’t quite figured out how to go about it, don’t worry. Below are some ways to level up your glamping experience: 

1. Pick Out The Nicest Sleeping Setup

You can’t call it glamping if your sleeping setup or accommodation isn’t lovely and comfy. What you’re after is a step beyond a spacious tent or your usual sleeping bag. For starters, the structure should be sturdy without compromising aesthetics and comfort. Luxury Yurts are some of your best options if you’re looking for something that won’t compromise those aspects. What’s more, you can design your own yurt and choose specifications that’ll meet your taste and preferences.  

Alternatively, you can go for tents and teepees that could offer the space and privacy you need for your glamping adventure. Just make sure to pick one that’s well-built and can withstand the weather condition depending on where your destination is.  

When your cabin, tent, or yurt has already been sorted out, another essential element to think about is the mattress and bedding. An air mattress should suffice, as long as it’s tough and durable enough so it won’t easily get punctured. Don’t forget to bring a lush set of pillows and linens to complete the luxurious look of your space. 

2. Let There Be Light 

Outdoor lighting can level up your glamping experience in more ways than one. String lights, for example, could add a festive yet cozy ambiance to your space. Moreover, you can have enough functional brightness outside for anything you want to do when it’s already dark. You can grill your dinner, enjoy a few bottles of beer, or read a good book while snuggling with your plush comforter or blanket. 

Another idea is to light scented candles in different corners of the tent. You’ll surely doze the night off when you’re inhaling nothing but enchanting and soothing scents such as sage, lime, bergamot, lemongrass, and grapefruit. A neat trick like this, and you can already turn your tent or yurt into a glowing haven that’s perfect for your social media posts. 

3. Go Extra On Accents And Accessories 

If you’ve seen your other friends or family go on a glamping trip before, you probably have noticed how well decorated their campsite was and too posh for camping. That’s what ultimately sets glamping apart from typical camping—it’s all about the details. That said, you need to make sure you’ve brought enough accessories and decorative accents to make your temporary home a space worthy of its purpose. 

You can add a few pieces of furniture, such as a portable tea or coffee table. An elegant lampshade can also make a big difference when making the interior look and feel cozier. You may hang framed prints or wall art. Go bold and bright with colors and patterns if you feel like it. The choice is yours when it comes to choosing which accents to add to make the spot something worth coming home to after a tiring day of outdoor adventures. 

Interior View Of Teepee Tent Pitched On Glamping Camp Site With No People

4. Prepare A Delicious Menu 

You can’t possibly plan an outdoor rendezvous without delectable food. Aside from preparing your itinerary, activities, and things to pack, you should also think of what you’ll cook for the gang while out in the wild. You can choose to put together simple recipes that are easy to make but still would look and taste good.  

Anything grilled, such as steaks and sausages will work for lunch and dinner. As for appetizers, you can make sliders, and other finger foods for kids. Green salad and fresh fruits are quick and easy, too. To make the glamping experience even more glamorous, don’t forget to bring your favorite bottle of wine or champagne.  

Final Words 

Glamping is the way to go if you want your fair share of outdoor fun without compromising safety, comfort, and indulgence. The key is to choose your camping setup well, among other things. Keep in mind that these kinds of bonding moments with your family or friends are something worth remembering. Regardless of who you’re with, you can find unique ways to level up your experience with the help of the tips mentioned above.

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