4 Ways to Travel More Efficiently

Whether you are traveling for business or pleasure, the one thing you will want to do is travel efficiently. There is nothing like all that added stress because something important was left behind or getting where you are going realizing you haven’t made reservations at the right restaurants, or maybe not at all when they are required! If you travel often, these four tips can help you travel more efficiently so that you can enjoy your vacation or get more accomplished on your business trip.


1. The Art of Packing

Long before you even think about packing your bags, take time to see if the luggage you own is the best for your needs. Sometimes we outgrow our luggage because our needs are different than they were just a few short years ago. Get luggage that is sized according to your needs and with a shell that has enough protection to guard against damaging your clothing and other items you’ve checked through baggage at the airlines. You can find great luggage and packing tips at the Luggage Council so make sure to check often as new tips are added regularly.

2. Traveling by Car

One of the modern wonders of the 21st Century is innovative GPS technology. It is cheaper than ever before and many times state-of-the-art technology comes with your cell phone. Take time before you leave to plug in all destinations, including sights you’d like to see and routes you will be taking. In this way you will not need to waste time on the road or at your destination. Everything will already be saved into your GPS and all you need to do is call up the pertinent destination and hit the drive button.

3. Look for Favorite Spots Frequented by the Locals

This may sound like an odd tip but it really does make your trip more efficient! If you are wondering why, it is all about the extra care you are given when they know you are a traveler from out of town. Everything takes longer as they want to make an impression. From the service to the way in which they present your plates, dine where the locals dine and you’ll get fast, reliable service and probably food that tastes better and costs much less. How’s that for efficiency?

4. Do a Bit of Comparison Shopping Before Booking Your Trip

In this day of the Internet it is amazing how many people pay top dollar for the exact same amenities you get because they took the time to do a bit of online comparison shopping. From airfare to the hotels you book and the things you’d like to do while out of town, a few minutes spent searching can yield discounts often equivalent to half what you would have paid otherwise. Being efficient with your expenditures should be a top priority! Get more done with less.

With a little advance preparation, you can learn to be more efficient when you travel so start early, follow these tips and then you’ll have more time (and patience!) to enjoy your trip. Whether traveling for work or pleasure, the more you can do in advance, the more you can do when you arrive.

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