5 of The Best Gifts for Travellers

Travel Gifts

Do you know someone about to hit the trail soon? If you’d like to see them on their way in style, but you’re not sure how to do so, then this list of the best gifts for travellers will be sure to provide plenty of ideas. Whether you want to get them something practical, something that will help them make a positive impact on their journey, or something truly inspirational, these travel gifts are definitely not going to be left out of the backpack!

1. A Gift Experience

Not all travel gifts need to take up space in a backpack. A gift experience can be emailed to someone while they’re already on the road, and is sure to put a smile on their face whether they’re in London, New York or Timbuktu. Because gift experiences for travellers open up a whole world of adventure. Cookery classes. Helicopter flights. Skydives. Luxury spa sessions. Half the fun is simply choosing what to do, and the memories last a lifetime. What other gift gives that kind of satisfaction?

2. Packing Cubes

The invention that made packing a suitcase fun! Sort of, anyway. Packing cubes are the well-kept secret of every regular traveller. They keep clean and dirty clothing separate, help squeeze twice as much into a bag as you think possible, and make it easy to find underwear, or a favourite bandana, in a dark hostel dorm. This is one of those gifts where the recipient might give you a weak smile when they open it, but when they get going on their trip and recognise the cubes’ value, they will shower you with gratitude. Seriously.

3. Mini Drone

Now, if you’re feeling really generous, you could splash out on a cool piece of kit such as a mini drone. Many travellers nowadays want to share their experiences on Instagram or personal blogs, and naturally they want to capture the most exciting and beautiful photography to do so. The selfie stick is a thing of the past. A mini drone lets them snap amazing aerial pictures, and can fold up small enough to fit snugly into a daypack. With a harness attachment, it can also be used to fetch fresh cocktails to the beach!

4. Travel Pillow

“Wait!” you cry – “how is a boring old travel pillow supposed to get anyone excited?” Well my friend, because we’re not talking any old travel pillow here. As anyone that’s ever taken a mahor flight or bus journey will know, a little extra comfort goes a long way, and your average travel pillow just isn’t up to the job. We suggest taking things up a level and going for a pillow made of memory foam. They’re bulkier and more expensive than a traditional inflatable pillow, but so much more luxurious and, yes, comfortable. Worth every penny. Some have removable, washable covers, and even hidden pockets where you can safely tuck away a phone or wallet (tip: remove phone or wallet before washing!).

5. Reusable cutlery

“What the…!” – No wait, seriously. This is a great travel gift idea. We all know the incredible environmental problems caused by plastic. And we also know that we all of us have a duty to reduce our plastic waste. Now your travelling friend can make a big impression in restaurants, cafes and bars around the world by whipping out a bamboo knife and fork, or a metal straw. Reusable cutlery is the way forward and should be an essential piece of kit for any responsible traveller.

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