5 Cheap Long Haul Holidays Uncovered


Discover Hidden Gems

Travelling during the holiday season is always a bit pricy, especially if you have your heart set on travelling some distance. That’s why it pays off to do a little bit of research when it comes to long haul holidays in order to find the hidden gems. The time you spend searching for the perfect destination will definitely be worth your while – but it might be nice to have some good suggestions to start you off.

You probably already have a fair amount of destinations on your travel bucket list but when it comes to travelling there is always room for more. No matter how often or how far you travel there are always more destinations for you to discover.

That’s why it’s great to have some advice when it comes to narrowing it down to a few contenders for your next long haul holiday. All you have to do is to decide whether you want city excitement, relaxing days by the beach, a great hiking adventure or perhaps a combination of all three.

To set you off in the right direction, here are five affordable long haul destinations perfect for your next travel endeavour.

The Five Contenders

  1. Dubai– It’s exciting, it’s epic, it’s over the top, it’s the perfect combination of modern and ancient. Who wouldn’t want to travel to a destination where sunshine is guaranteed and the skyline will leave you breathless? The food is fantastic and the nightlife is incredible. Make sure to not miss the view from the Burj Khalifa, the tallest building in the world, or, if you are looking for something really out there, the indoor ski experiences at the Mall of the Emirates is not to be missed.

    2. New York– The city that never sleeps leaves no one disappointed. This long haul flight destination caters to the city buff. There is almost too much to see and do once you arrive in the Big Apple so make sure you are going to be there for long enough. Influences from all over the world are mixed together here, which is reflected in everything from the culture to the food to the city architecture. Broadway, Fifth Avenue, Central Park and Times Square are all a must… and that is not even scratching the surface.

    3. The Dominican Republic – This is the destination if you want it all. The geographical location of the Dominican Republic makes it the perfect choice if you have hikes in nature, golf, shopping and relaxing days at the beach in mind. The country has a rich history as well as an intriguing culture and you will be hard pressed to find another place in the Caribbean that is as diverse as the Dominican Republic. Here you will find both ecotourism and delicious gastronomy as well as a lifetime of memories.

    4. Bangkok – The capital of Thailand is a popular destination and for good reason. It’s busy, hot and you most likely will get lost a time or two… but all will be forgiven as soon as you taste some of the delicious cuisine or cooling local beverages. Bangkok ignites all five senses and will leave you craving more. Thai culture is fascinating and a visit to one of the city’s many temples are a must. The large golden Buddha or perhaps one of the national museums are always a treat as well.

    5. Jamaica – The rhythm of Jamaica is impossible for anyone to resist… after all, there is no mellower place in the world. Here relaxation is part of the locals’ DNA and a visit here will be a unique experience for many reasons. Beautiful colours blend perfectly with glorious sounds and you can almost hear the reggae drums with each step you take. The island is packed with activities and you can explore the island from morning until night if you want. Make sure to visit the home of Bob Marley while you’re there! Jamaica is more than reggae though and that’s why a visit to the cosmopolitan city of Kingston is a must.

Far but Worth It

Long haul flights don’t need to cost a fortune and there are several destinations that are definitely worth taking an extra look at. The ones mentioned here are simply the tip of the iceberg and merely represent a few choices. Whether you want to spend time in nature, make your way through the crowded streets of New York or simply spend your holiday in zen mode you will be able to find an affordable long haul flight to take you to your intended destination. Bon voyage!

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