5 Games I Play When Traveling

I travel extensively, which is one of the reasons I love to have a collection of games for my travel and tours. Right from killing boredom to keeping me entertained, these games have proved to be my loyal partners in crime over the years. Being an adult, there are a series of games one can play over their journey. Since I travel extensively by road, these are a series of games I prefer playing on the road. These games are inexpensive, and help pass the time till I reach my destination.

21 questions: 21 Questions is a timeless classic and an ideal game for people who want to play a linking game. Since the game is perfect for people of almost all ages, 21 questions is an exciting addition to your games list. During your travel, you can think of a person, a place or even an object. Once you have zeroed down on what you want to talk about, you start throwing hints, which the people in the car need to guess. But remember, they have to guess the name of the person, place or object by using 21 questions only. So ask them to make the questions count.  

Don’t say it!: How many times has it so happened that we end up doing exactly what we are not supposed to say or do? An endless number of times, right! It’s almost as if our mind and body is trained to do exactly opposite of what we are told to do. “Don’t say it’” is one such game which does exactly what you are not supposed to say. There are a series of words the travelers need to decide not to say; if any one of you says it during the trip, you will be penalized in some way. The punishment can be decided beforehand.

Online slot games: Although, not a group experience. I do like to play slot games occasionally if I am traveling solo. Now, before you think I have an issue with gambling I don’t! Slots are good fund and many of them are available for Free to play. They are a good way to pass the time and require little or no thinking which is just what you need. At the moment I am playing a game called Fruit Blast, its similar to candy crush and very addictive. There is a whole world of slot games out there. Defo worth checking out when traveling alone.

Fictional families: While travelling by road, you might come across a lot of fellow passengers in other cars, who might be heading out on the same route as yours. What would be better than to start weaving a familial story around these people, and make your life more interesting? Remember the occupants of your neighboring car and start spinning them in a fictional story; involve every one of your fellow travelers and see how things begin to take an exciting turn.

Charades: An age-old game, Charades is an excellent game for people who are spending some time on the road. If you are a movie buff, this is your time to showcase your inborn talent. The more you hone your acting skills, the better your chances of winning the game. Charades is all about acting out some famous (or not so famous) movies, and the participants will be required to decipher the name through your actions.

Traveling is awesome but it’s not just the sights and experiences that make it. Sometimes it’s the fun on the way to destinations with friends or even on your own. Games are a great way to pass time and make those long distances between destinations a lot more interesting.

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