5 Reasons Why Cruising is a Great Way to Experience the Caribbean


Sightseeing, making new memories, and traveling to different areas to have a vacation is definitely on the bucketlist of many people nowadays – but it doesn’t mean we have to deprive ourselves the sense of luxury and comfort to enjoy, does it? It’s a fact that the Caribbean is home to thousands and thousands of islands and what better way to enjoy traveling, getting a sneak peak of the many islands, and all the while in comfort and luxury than a Celebrity Caribbean cruise? Below, you’ll find a few of the many reasons why cruising the Caribbean is always a great idea.


The price to pay is often one of the most important thoughts we have to consider when going on a vacation. If you were to visit the Caribbean and wanted to see and experience all the islands one by one, it would have been a more sound and reasonable choice to have gone on a cruise since: it gives you the chance to experience multiple islands without the hassle of booking a hotel on each one, plus cruises are often priced affordably so that you can enjoy and get the best bang for your buck.

A Floating Hotel

Speaking of the hassle of booking hotels on each island, the cruise is literally a floating hotel where you can enjoy a variety of different locations in the Caribbean all the while being able to enjoy the luxury and comfort of being in a hotel. This will definitely save you time and the cruises often have activities in the ship you can enjoy when you’re not stopping by on islands or traveling from one place to another to keep you entertained.



Each cruise has different, luxurious and unique itineraries depending on the location of the cruise itself and sometimes it gives you a chance to go to locations you would’ve normally had to spend an extra amount for just to get to. The itinerary itself adds another dimension to the luxury of the cruise since there are instances when the ship would stop at a specific location in the Caribbean where the passengers get the chance to dive and snorkel coral reefs rich with sea life, and even be able to climb up waterfalls and more.

Tons of food

The amount of food you get to enjoy on a cruise is massive and the fact that buffets are available most times of the day will make any foodie in love. The dishes can range from fish such as mahi-mahi, grouper, kingfish, red and yellowtail snapper, chicken, pork, and duck served fried, grilled, or roasted, empanadas and more. Basically, you get to eat all you want and be able to enjoy a vacation the way it is meant to be enjoyed – with a full stomach.

The people you get to meet

Now going on a vacation with family and friends is a great way to make memories together – that I can’t argue with. But on a cruise, you have the opportunity to meet a variety of people from different countries all with different stories to share. Plus, on a cruise ship, you’re bound to meet the same people you had fun drinking and chatting with the night before – definitely a fun way to make new friends.

“So I’m paying for a reasonable price, getting the sense of comfort of being at home all the while in luxury, get to eat plenty of amazing food and get to see the most beautiful places in the world? Is this a fantasy?” It may seem like a fantasy but a cruise is a sure way to get to experience all these things at once. The bigger picture we seem to be missing is that the cruise is ultimately one of the best ways to unwind, relax, and enjoy life the way it was meant to be enjoyed.

Disclosure: This post was done in partnership with Celebrity Cruises but all opinions are my own.

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