5 Things to Do in The Dominican Republic

Lately, you have been wading through travel brochures and websites searching for inspiration during the process of planning your annual getaway this winter. This year, the vistas and paradisaical beaches of the Dominican Republic have captured your attention.

You have basically decided to make this island your focus on your upcoming trip, but the only matter left to resolve is on the question of accommodation. A great option for a holiday here is to look into checking out all-inclusive Dominican Republic hotels  before coming here, as staying in one of these compounds will allow you to not worry about your food and drink costs, while granting you a supremely luxurious experience per dollar spent compared to a similar hotel in the developed world.

While being on vacation in a resort that waits on you hand and foot sounds amazing, you’re also the type that gets antsy if you sit still for too long. What attractions are worth your time in this amazing Caribbean nation?

These five things to do in the Dominican Republic will keep you suitably busy when you can’t bear to spend another moment laying around in your sun lounger.

beach in the Dominican Republic

1) Go beach hunting

Without question, people from around the world flock to the Dominican Republic to revel in their pristine beaches. While your resort’s house beach is sure to be amazing, make time to discover Playa Bavaro, a seemingly endless white sand beach where you can find your piece of paradise, or Playa Blanca, which is walled off by resorts (shallow, kid-friendly and peaceful) but is accessible by leaving your ID at the gate.

2) Go chasing waterfalls

In the Dominican Republic, feel free to ignore the unsolicited advice of the girls of TLC, as the waterfalls in the area are truly divine. Take your swimming gear and your sense of adventure to Jarabacoa or Damajaqua Cascades. While it makes for a long day trip or even an overnight in some cases, the refreshing torrents of water in the midst of verdant jungle will make it worth it in an instant.

3) Check out the oldest cathedral in the Americas

The Basilica Cathedral of Santa María la Menor ranks as one of the most important Catholic churches in the Western Hemisphere, so if religious sites appeal to you, dropping by to view its silver altar, and the Gothic architecture carved out of coral limestone will duly impress you.

4) Visit Altos de Chavon

Situated in the hills near Punta Cana is Altos de Chavon, a Mediterranean-style village that takes its inspiration from the 16th century. Many artists call this place home, so galleries, craft shops, amphitheaters and more can be found here, as well as many delicious restaurants.

5) Explore the colonial city of Santo Domingo

Near Punta Cana is the first permanent base where the Spanish began to establish its presence in the Americas. This fact has made Santo Domingo an UNESCO World Heritage Site. While wandering these streets will yield many amazing discoveries, be sure not to miss Alcazar de Colon, the palace where Christopher Columbus’s son Diego ruled over his New World fiefdom.

If you have any other great suggestions for things to do in the Dominican Republic, please share them below!



  1. Wow, this is great, we are leaving for the Dominican in a couple days and have been searching for a few things to do while we are there. It is always great to get ideas from other people as to what they found interesting or the must see places to go. Hopefully we will be able to check out a few of these, thank you for the ideas!

  2. Great suggestions on what to do in the Dominican Republic! There are so many places to be discovered so beach hunting could turn up something really special. Thanks for the ideas.

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