5 things not to miss in Valencia, Spain

While it might not have the same profile as its Catalonian counterpart or more resort-oriented destinations like Costa Blanca, Valencia’s star is on the rise these days.  Being Spain’s third largest city, this center mixes ancient history and traditions with a relentless march towards the modernity emblematic of the 21st century.

If you plan on visiting this amazing metropolis this fall, be sure to check out these five things not to miss in Valencia…

city of arts and sciences in Valencia

1) Relax at a sidewalk cafe

Since you might not be in the mood to explore much as your jet lag wears off, something worth doing while you are groggy and out of sorts is to hit up many of Valencia’s many well-regarded cafes.

If you are planning on catching up on news from home while you wait for your cuppa, note well that the WIFI for tourists in Valencia with an AlldayInternet device is significantly better than relying on an unpredictable signal that one might have to endure in some cafes, so be sure to pick one up shortly after arrival.

With that problem sorted, feel free to sit back and watch as Valencia’s sharply dressed citizenry walks by as you cradle a Spanish coffee and a churro, all while you take mental notes on how you could improve your wardrobe game.

2) Wander through the City of Arts and Sciences

While Valencia and other Spanish cities have a wealth of historical attractions, this city has its gaze fixed on the future as well.  The City of Arts and Sciences contains a science museum, an aquarium, an arboretum and a covered square among other spectacles. If nothing else, its futuristic architecture will be sure to impress you.

3) Explore and ponder its historically significant sites

Once you have finished taking in the modern aspects of Valencia’s character, indulge in its history.  Start by walking the former silk trading grounds of La Lonja de la Seda, and then follow it up by seeing the Torres de Serranos, the best preserved gate remaining from this cities’ former city walls.

End your tour off at the Valencia Cathedral, widely thought to be the home of the Holy Grail from the Last Supper of Jesus Christ.

4) Search for a deal at Mercado Central

If you have a knack for haggling, then a day spent cutting deals at Mercado Central will likely appeal heavily to you. Souvenirs from artisans in the region can be found in abundance here, and gourmands will love the fact that high-quality meals of the street and restaurant variety can be found through the building.

5) Take in a Valencia Club de Fútbol match at Mestalla Stadium

Finally, don’t depart Valencia without joining the locals in cheering for the home team at Mestalla Stadium.  Valencia Club de Fútbol plays in La Ligue, Spain’s premiere league for football action, ensuring an athletic contest of the highest quality that will leave you on the edge of your seat!


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