6 Tips for Renting a Yacht in Croatia to have the Best Holiday of your life


Croatia is a gorgeous country and one of the most popular sailing. A crystal clear sea, islands, beyond appetizing dishes, historic towns… are just one of the few things that would describe Croatia. The best way to experience it all and see most of it is by yacht but before making any bigger steps forward to your holidays here are a few tips you need to know to make your holiday planning much easier in many ways!

  1. Pick the perfect yacht

One of the most demanding tasks if finding the perfect yacht and to do that in the best possible way first you must know what you are looking for. The best way to book a yacht is first to educate yourself about the product and decide who are the people you want to cruise with, is that your family, friends or loved one. After doing that it is important to communicate your wishes and expectations until you find common ground. After you have got an idea of what you would want, you can check for different budget ranges, yacht sizes and compare and see which one would suit your group the most or seek expert advice that will come back to you with suggestions on what might be ideal for you.

  1. Define your max budget

It is the best advice to design your max budget with your group on the start and see how flexible it is so you can know better what to expect. For example, if you wish to cruise solo, cabin charters might be the best option for you where you can get the best value for your money. However, if you wish to have private charter experience then renting a whole yacht is the best option, just think about would you like to rent standard, luxury or deluxe yacht. In different destinations, the prices are calculated differently. In Croatia, a number of the yacht is limited when compared to some other destinations. A Smaller number of yachts is one of the reasons why Croatia is a bit more expensive, along with higher prices of food and drinks in Croatia. This is why it’s good to know how big or flexible your budget is.


  1. Pick the right crew

All yachts usually come with a crew on board, and that crew can make or break your experience onboard. Having an excellent crew on board is important because they can make the whole experience more enjoyable overall. Important things to look at are that the crew speaks good English, that they are experienced, friendly and reliable. Having an experienced and knowledgeable captain who is also flexible will provide you with the most amazing experience. Having strict, not flexible and reliable crew could turn your cruise experience in an absolute nightmare, so be mindful of who you cruise with.

  1. Choose the right date

Every season brings its specific weather conditions so when choosing the period of the cruise, define to which of the following factors you care the most.  Off-season, May, and October are the best months if you don’t like crowded places, big groups of tourists and you are just seeking privacy. High-season July, August has the least probability of any unpleasant bad weather surprises. Towns are lively, the sun is shining but the sea temperature is still refreshing. However, if the price is the crucial factor then try to skip the months of July and August because they are the most pricey. June, September the mid-season is best for cruising because it has a perfect mix of both high and offseason. It is a great time for exploring cultural and historic sites, lying on the deck or swimming in the sea.


  1. Find the best route

Where you cruise is very important and depends again strongly on your wishes and expectations. For example, one of the best routes for explorers and adventurists who want to stay active and on-the-go is the Central Dalmatian Islands (Hvar, Vis, Brač). Most action is happening there where every day you can explore new destinations. For those who like to be in the center of hotspots, it is best to visit Dubrovnik and some nearby islands and villages. If you don’t mind being “tourists” from time to time then definitely choose this route. All history enthusiasts and families with kids should visit Šibenik and Zadar regions, while nature lovers should include part of island Mljet, national parks such as Krka, etc. So Croatia truly offers something for everyone, just take into consideration your wishes demands. Combinations are truly endless!

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