7 Helpful Tips for Beginner Surfers 

If becoming a proficient surfer is your passion, you must learn the art of surfing. People of all ages flock to different beaches to learn how to surf, and honestly, it can be quite challenging. Experienced surfers today at some point spent hours in the water mastering their skills and techniques. 

Surfing is one of the most popular sports out there and no one ever just picks up this sport. But if you want to be good at surfing you need to learn everything about it. By doing so, even before you reach the ocean on your board, you will be well prepared to navigate through various situations. The best thing to do is research on various elements of surfing and this website has more details on it

As a beginner, here are a few tips that will help you while surfing and enhance your surf experience. 

Never Learn By Yourself 

Yes, there are people who learn by themselves because surfing looks easy but it is a complex sport. Remember the ocean is quite predictable and if you do have knowledge about the ocean it could lead to injuries or even accidents. The easiest solution is to take surf lessons from professionals who can guide and direct you the right way of learning. Surfing with the right technique will also enable you to surf your wave much quicker.

Soft Top Longboard 

When it comes to choosing a surfboard, many newbies make mistakes by selecting the ones that look stylish. We all want to look good when riding a wave but as a beginner it is important that you choose a soft top longboard. It will help you get the right balance which will help you surf the wave better. As you grow in your surf abilities, you can then opt for different variation boards for bigger waves

Surfing Equipment 

Along with your surfboard it is important that you also get a wetsuit, leash, and surf wax that will help you have a pleasant surfing experience. A wetsuit will ensure that your body is protected from the heat, climate, and also enable you to get proper balance on your board. Surf wax is another important asset so that you won’t fall off the board because water can make the surface of your board slippery. And lastly, a leash will ensure that you never lose your board or waste time finding your board when you get wiped out by a wave.

Beginner-Friendly Wave 

As a beginner surfer it is important that you look for the right surfing spot as it will only enhance your learning experience. Surfing waves on unfamiliar waves is dangerous because the power and size changes on each wave. The simplest solution is to find surf spots that are beginner-friendly as they are smooth flowing, and unfold longer than usual waves. In order to do that you need to understand waves, read the next point. 

Know Your Wave 

One of the most important steps in your journey of learning to surf is to understand the different kinds of waves out there. These waves vary from location to location and last anywhere from 30 to 120 seconds. Most people dream of surfing big and massive waves but for that you need to learn the techniques of the sport. And the best place to perfect your skills is on beginner-friendly waves. If you are looking for some beautiful waves to surf, Salvador, Brazil is a great place to start surfing


Before you enter the water on your board it is important that you warm up or stretch your muscles. Surfing requires you to get into several different positions or stances so that you can ride your wave better. When you warm up before you surf, you loosen up your muscles which makes you more flexible riding your wave. 

Master the Pop-Up

The most important part of your surf training is to learn the pop-up, where you get your feet on the board while the wave breaks. The best place to practice this move is on land first because when you practice on a solid ground you will be able to get to your feet more efficiently. Once you learn how to balance your weight on land you can then practice it in the water. Keep in mind that falling is part of the sport so if you take time to master the pop-up, it is absolutely normal. 


While these tips can be very helpful and effective, every person learns at their own pace. And these tips are mere guidelines that can improve your surfing experience. If you have a surfing coach, make sure you listen to their instruction because they will understand your ability better. Now if you are looking for other ways to enjoy your time in the water, here are some amazing sailing destinations for you.

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